Timeful MVP: Sara Wedeman

Name: Sara Wedeman

Lives: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Consulting


What’s your favorite day of the week? If you could plan a perfect one, what would that day look like?

Friday. I like Fridays because I know I won't have to get up early the next morning. This is non-trivial because my biological clock and the traditional American work schedule are poorly matched. I loathe getting up when my body is not done sleeping!

A perfect day starts with me sleeping until I am ready to get up, then following the rhythms of my internal clock, not the one on the wall. That said, I absolutely love getting things done. My best days are those on which I do what I intend to and, by day's end, have accomplished one or two things that are important to me... with time left to chill before going to bed (when I am actually sleepy).

How have you used Timeful in your work life? 

I love to write 'to-do' lists, then cross things off when I finish them. However, most meaningful goals (e.g., "write dissertation" or "learn social network mapping") cannot be accomplished in one day.

Timeful, by virtue of allowing me to repeat an activity each day for a number of days, has allowed me to simultaneously have that instant joy of checking an item off my list for that day, then having it pop up again at measured intervals. That prevents  me from giving up too soon but preserving my awareness that it continues to need my attention.

My sense is that I have been, overall, much more productive as a result.

What about in your personal life? Have you used Timeful to conquer tasks or develop new routines?

In relationships, my Achilles heel is punctuality (actually, the absence thereof). People get really angry at me when I am late, and it is not good professionally either.

Timeful gives me an easy way to be realistic about how long it takes to get from 'here' to 'there' and reminds me when I should be doing what. Since I started using it, my track record has definitely improved. I hope and expect this will continue.

How would you describe Timeful to a friend?

I loathe the concept of time management. The human life span is but a speck in the sea of time. The best we can do is to find our own wave and learn to ride it well.

Timeful allows a person to simultaneously experiment, using tested principles of behavioral economics, and to learn which wave works best for them.