usb-creator damage


i have accidentally wiped an usb hd using ubuntu's usb-creator. no tool i have found (including testdisk and other partition management/rescue software) allowed me to recover the content, and the only solution to me is to recover the partitions - not the individual files.

however, judging from some of the discussions on this forum it shouldn't be impossible, but needs some knowledge that i believe you can share.

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Hi Antoni. The filesystem

Hi Antoni.

The filesystem was probably formatted. USB-Creator doesn't do this by default, you have to click the "format" button.

If there is a lot of empty space on the drive now, you should be able to use file-carving software to recover a lot of the files that were there before.

Run Photorec on the drive.

hi sorry for delay, i had


sorry for delay, i had trouble with automatic spam filter here, and then no notification about the reply. i appreciate your support a lot.

indeed it seems i have hit the button called "erase disc contens" (i think - i use polish version) (not "format"), since it was the only way to go on - without it, and with non-empty disk, it doesn't allow click either persistence option nor create startup disk.

anyway as far as i remember it didn't do the "full" format, just the "quick" one, merely replacing the mft data. at least it seemed so, since it was really *quick*, and the disc in question is 40gb.

i need to "un-format". just recovering the files is not enough in this case. but it seems it should be possible if there was no full format, given usb-creator doesn't format using some unique method. am i right?

thx in advance, antoni.

Hi Antoni. What filesystem

Hi Antoni.

What filesystem was on the drive before this happened?

hello andrew, sorry for

hello andrew, sorry for looong delay again.
if i'm not mistaken, there was a ntfs partition (no boot, consisting of my archived files), as well as an ext* portition, containing an ubuntu installation clonezilla'ed from another disc.
thanks again