Error Booting from CD


Following the recent crash of my WD MyPassport drive, I need to get through to procedure of Imaging my damaged device and then Extract Individual files. The package Ubuntu Rescue Remix seems to provide me the tools to do so.

Imaging the damaged drive: with dd rescue
Extracting individual files: Testdisk or Photorec (Which one to choose then?)
(Please correct me if I am wrong)

Following URR instructions online, I have burnt the downloaded image file on a CD that I use to boot my Ubuntu computer from. But it seems then that I have the same error every time I try:

panic occured, switching back to text console
Kernel panic-not syncing: Attempted to kill Init!

I am not used to work with Ubuntu, can you provide me some info regarding this error


Hi Vincent. I don't know

Hi Vincent.

I don't know what the problem is. I get a very small number of reports of the disk not booting. I assume that since it uses the same kernel as the Desktop version of Ubuntu, that any problems botting the Rescue Remix would be reproduced on the Desktop.

Since you are already running Ubuntu, and the drive you need to recover is portable, why not just install the ubuntu-rescue-remix-tools metapackage on your Ubuntu computer and do the recovery from that? The live CD is useful when you need to perform a recovery from a Live system with low ressources. If this is not the case, then don't use the live CD.