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Illegal Signs
Sign RemovalReport an illegal sign
If you have an immediate safety concern regarding a sign that poses danger to the traveling public, call (253) 798-6000, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To report signs that do not pose an immediate safety hazard, fill out an online Request for Action.

Missing a sign
Illegally placed signs that are picked up by a Public Works and Utilities crew are held at the Central Maintenance Facility for a minimum of one week or until the volume of signs collected warrants a trip to the recycling center.

If you believe your sign was improperly removed by a Public Works and Utilities crew, you may file a Claim for Damage with Pierce County Risk Management.

Level of service
  • Any sign in the Right-of-Way (ROW) that poses a hazard to the traveling public will be removed as soon as possible once Road Operations becomes aware of it.
  • The top 10-15 intersections affected by illegal sign placement will be addressed regularly (monthly or quarterly) to clean the intersection and to discourage future placement of signs.
  • The county's high volume arterials will be swept quarterly to clean the roadside and to discourage future placement of signs
  • Sign-related service requests (RFAs) will be addressed coincident with the above mentioned sign removal activities.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a letter informing them that their signs have been removed and explaining Pierce County sign laws.

Determining Right-of-Way
The only 100 percent reliable means to determine a ROW boundary is to conduct a legal survey and to apply the laws of land surveying to any existing prescriptive maintenance rights/responsibilities. Because of the resource requirements and costs, it is not realistic to conduct land surveys countywide in support of a sign removal effort.

Crews instead identify the ROW boundary by the roadside features that are consistently placed at this boundary (i.e. utility poles, phone pedestals, electrical vaults, etc.). If these features are not immediately present, then the apparent edge of maintenance may be used as a guide.

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