Established in Brasil in 1955, in the city of Belo Horizonte, the Pohlig-Heckel do Brasil Ltda is structured in a solid foundation of a great and respected company, which comes from an even older historical background.

phbfounders.jpgIts roots are in 1874, in Germany, when Adolf Bleichert, from the city of Leipzig, and Julius Pohlig, from Colony, founded two companies that worked in the same business: the manufacturing of cable cars and the transportation of equipments. In 1905, an engeneer by the name of Ernst Heckel, establishes a company, also in the same field of the Pohlig and Bleichert’s companies, in the city of Rohrbach.

Those three companies, after the Second World War, have joined themselves and formed a great company with its headquarters in Colony: The PHB – Pohlig Heckel Bleichert AG.
In 1955, the brazilian steel industry Belgo Mineira, requests to the PHB to provide a 50km cable car railway in Monlevade, MG, including 10 years of technical support. With such an important project, and other big accounts ahead, it was established the branch office of PHB – Pohlig Heckel do Brasil S.A, in Belo Horizonte.

phbhist.jpgIn the following years, other projects of great importance in the country were developed by the brazilian branch office in strict cooperation with the German headquarters, leaving PHB, for decades, as the absolute leader in the transportation of equipments and material handling sectors. Several big mining industries, steel industries, harbors, cement industries, vehicle plants, amongst others, are proof of the great development of PHB and, a consequence of its success. Unsurprisingly, while its head office was making a fusion with another company, Wesenhütte, the greatest German company in the business at the time was being born, the Pohlig Heckel do Brasil conquered a gigantic success, contributing with competence and strength in the brazilian industrial growth.

After the reagroupment of the european conglomerate, the stock majority of Pohlig Heckel do Brasil had transferred, consequently, to national investors, always keeping phbhist33.jpg the important technical and commercial cooperation with Germany.

In the year of 2005, Pohlig Heckel do Brasil celebrated, with great pride, its 50th anniversary, keeping it solid so that, with its wide know-how, it will be able to attend the technical challenges of this new century.

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