Bipolar Roundup 4

Bipolar Roundup 4

Bipolar Hip Hop:
Scarface – Born Killer
Krizz Kaliko – Bipolar
Jitta on the Track – Bipolar
GabeDay – Green Auras

More bipolar brain damage:
Patients with bipolar disorder have significant dendritic spine loss in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), postmortem findings show. more

Interview with Juliann Garey:
There are days when I wish that I had access to that depth of emotion, and there are times when I’m terrified that I will again have access to that depth of emotion. more

What Desjarlais’ account suggests is that being diagnosed as insane or schizophrenic or some other medical condition can, through a process that is as much sociological and economic as it is medical, lead a person to become homeless.  In the process, the day-to-day reality of the individual becomes increasingly slippery, increasingly challenging — for a mentally ill individual, this transition might make recovery virtually impossible as they are shorn of all the material supports of normal personhood and pushed into an alternative reality that would severely test the healthiest among us.

Here’s a completely contradictory article about someone who says sex fixes bipolar. Much stupidity.

19 thoughts on “Bipolar Roundup 4

  1. To be fair, that IS a red top tabloid. Not like there’s ever going to be anything of actual newsworthy value in there.

    Also, if it was true, I would have been THE happiest little slag back when I was in the Air Force. (Un)Surprisingly, I wasn’t. :D

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  2. I am glad you show little discretion in your relationship with Google. And as for that last gem, hypersexality is a common symptom of mania. If you think it’s a cure, you have an addiction, that’s a different mental disorder.


  3. Hi. Do you know Claire of Pills and Spills and Clairodactyl personally? She just posted a suicide note and I’m hoping to get in contact with someone who can do something. Like contact her or her family. If not, please leave a positive message on her blog. Thanks.


  4. Yes the comic .. I bet that is true of many of us.

    As to brain “injury” (perhaps) due to bipolar, I definitely have some cognitive deficits I did not have before. Realizing this moment by moment (ie, “There it is again!”) leads me to these mini-panics through which I can’t work at a job anymore, it seems. Is it the bipolar? Is it the medicatation/medications?

    I am seeing my shrink next week and asking for some neuroassessment/screening/ memory testing, but ever since I decided to do that, my mind seems “fine” lol…

    Hate this …

    Thank you for being real. I am so upset that I can’t be honest and just write this stuff. Almost like a fear that the more real I am, the more alone I will be … and I’m already pretty alone, “accidentally on purpose.”


    • Please let me know what your shrink says.

      Um well … I’ve always blogged and always shared too much, according to my nearest and dearest. Maybe the ideal is halfway between your approach and mine. Who knows. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with n0t spilling your guts. And you’ve always given me incredibly real dialogue/comments.

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      • AwwWW! (I’d give you a sound byte but just imagine a little singsong-y uplift at the end of the aw, lol).

        Dear Shrinky said that the cognitive and memory deficits seem to be directly proportional to the amount of stress/anxiety/depression I am having, and I concur, because I have definitely had improvement in all of the above. :)

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  5. Reblogged this on kbailey373 and commented:
    This blog really struck me, so many people with bipolar who are out there being so honest about what they experience, and I don’t seem to be able to. My comments will follow …


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