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Water: Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure Northeast Case Studies

Frederick County, Maryland: Pembroke Woods: Lessons Learned in the Design and Construction of an LID Subdivision (PDF) (9 pp, 284K, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer
Techniques: bioretention, grass swales, dry wells, filter/buffer strips, rain barrels, cisterns, and infiltration trenches, site fingerprinting, reduction in impervious area, disconnection of impervious areas.
Benefits: stormwater management
Scale: neighborhood scale

New Hampshire
Pelham and Greenland, New Hampshire:
Cost-Effective LID in Commercial and Residential Development
Techniques: porous asphalt roads and driveways, infiltration systems, and treatment wetlands
Benefits: stormwater control and cost effectiveness
Scale: project scale

Lancaster, Pennsylvania:
The Economic Benefits of Green Infrastructure: A Case Study of Lancaster, PA (PDF) (20 pp, 1.2MB, About PDF)
Techniques: bioretention, permeable pavement, green roofs, trees, water harvesting
Benefits: CSO reduction, stormwater management, reduced gray infrastructure costs, improved air quality, reduced energy use, enhanced CO­2  sequestration, reduced CO­2 emissions
Scale: city scale

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Implementing a Multi-Faceted Approach to Stormwater Management Exit EPA Disclaimer
Techniques: regulation, stormwater rate
Benefits: CSO reduction, flood control, meet NPDES permit requirements
Scale: city codes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Porous Asphalt Pavement with Recharge Beds 20 Years and Still Working
Techniques: porous asphalt pavement on top of recharge beds
Benefits: stormwater reduction
Scale: project scale

Southeastern, Pennsylvania: Regional BMP Database Exit EPA Disclaimer
Techniques: constructed wetland, bioretention, subsurface infiltration bed, pervious pavement, green roof, riparian buffer
Benefits: stormwater control
Scale: project scale implementation

District of Columbia
District of Columbia:
RiverSmart Homes - Success Stories
Techniques: incentives, downspout disconnection, rain barrels, rain gardens, shade trees, pervious surfaces, native landscaping
Benefits: stormwater reduction
Scale: city scale

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