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MRCS International Dance For Humanity

“Together for International Peace & Harmony”

TIME: 1.00 – 5.30 P.M.


Malaysian Red Crescent, Miri Chapter is planning to organise an event of cultural and traditional dances with the event title of “International Dance For Humanity”  It will be a 5 hour non-stop performance of dances.

MRC Miri Chapter had organised in previous years the ‘Dance for Humanity’ as a fund-raising event through the kind patronage of supporters and well-wishers.  Local dancing troupes representing various social, ethic and cultural groups took enthusiastic participation to showcase their performance during the event that brought about a great educational-entertainment.

Organising Committee

The organising committee led by a Red Crescent Officer will consist of Red Crescent members and representatives from various organisations, government departments and agencies.


  • To promote “Peace” and “Harmony” through local, trans-national and socio-cultural exchanges
  • To promote international friendship and understanding through the participation of National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies to amplify the principle of UNIVERSALITY
  • To enhance racial and cultural harmony and unity in our diversified society through cultural activities
  • To inculcate the spirit of CARING society through harnessing the support from the local and private sectors


 “Together for International Peace & Harmony”

 Mode of Fund Raising

Donation cards will be distributed to members, organisations, agencies to solicit donations.  A donation of RM10.00 and above will be entitled to a Lucky Draw coupon.  

Lucky Draw prizes: 3 grand prizes and many consolation prizes.

This is not a dance competition and no prizes will be awarded.

Further/detailed information and updates are available at:

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