SAIC president Chen Hong took over as chairman Hu Maoyuan retirement

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May 23 evening, SAIC announced: former chairman Hu Maoyuan due to the age of retirement, resignation of the fifth Board Chairman, Board of Directors and Director of the Strategic Committee member, Committee member.

Chen Hong, vice chairman of the company's election as chairman of the Fifth Board, which no longer serve as president.

Chen Zhixin, executive vice president of the company appointed as president for a term consistent with the term of office of the current Board of Directors.

SAIC personnel changes already overwhelmed license evident since the beginning of the second half of last year, about the Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd., Hu Maoyuan retiring reported on frequently hit the newspapers.

Until April 28 this year, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department issued a 'aspiring SAIC president Chen Zhixin,' the announcement of Shanghai city management cadres mention before their appointment, and finally opened the floor steam senior big takeover prologue(

Nearly SAIC senior sources: May 23, Shanghai SASAC or officially announced: the party secretary Chen Hong SAIC SAIC took over the post of chairman, and former executive vice president of SAIC SAIC Chih-Hsin Chen then took over Officer.

According to industry insider analysis, the changes will not stop SAIC senior With the arrival of the 'double-Chen era', or will face a new round of SAIC, further adjustments, personnel changes are expected in this range will include Executive Vice president, vice president, deputy party secretary, chairman of the union, such as a public SAIC senior With SAIC senior personnel updated launched a large-scale, three major automobile companies under SAIC Motor, Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM and other senior or consequent greater change.

In recent years, with the continuous development of SAIC, which has for many years beyond the FAW Group, China's largest auto group, while the last 2013 is hitting new record sales and achieve sales of 5,105,800 cars, up 13.7%, of which Shanghai GM annual total sales of 1,575,200, an increase of 13.11%, Shanghai Volkswagen annual total sales of 1.525 million, an increase of 19(Automotive News, SAIC-GM-Wuling in 2013 achieved sales of 1,600,600, an increase of 9.76%, multiplied by SAIC Car branch in 2013 achieved sales of 230,000, an increase of 15%.

Chih-Hsin Chen was born in May 1959, specializes in marketing and Chen Hong different, Chih-Hsin Chen longer than the technology. SAIC representatives as 'technical school' before the charge of their own brands, Chih-Hsin Chen has worked for SAIC's joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen from 1986 In 2002, Chen Zhixin start by the Chief, served as Branch Manager, Department Manager, midway transferred to Shanghai in addition to ZF Steering Machine Co., Ltd., general manager in 1997 and 2000, the Chih-Hsin Chen in Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen has done a total Manager, Shanghai Volkswagen Board of Directors. while in 20 years as the general manager of Shanghai Volkswagen before, Chih-Hsin Chen also grow as a proficient automotive engineering engineers and managers In 2002, under his leadership, the Shanghai Volkswagen products in sales topped 30 million.

After he moved to autonomy, Chih-Hsin Chen SAIC also has its own 'routine' on passenger car development. Been in charge of its own brand business, Chih-Hsin Chen emphasis on product quality, technology development and technology value-added services such as content which, SAIC recently introduced passenger cars self-powered hand is concentrating on the overall achievement Chih-Hsin Chen. This independent powertrain project, the future will effectively compensate SAIC short board in powertrain technology, and further enhance the Roewe and MG brand premium capacity, power passenger SAIC the overall size of the car on to a higher level.

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