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He was president during the War of 1812 which his critics dubbed "Mr. Madison's War."
He was a central figure in the development of the United States Constitution and kept the most complete notes of anyone at the Constitutional Convention.
Both of his vice presidents died in office.
Madison stood close to five feet five inches and weighed one hundred pounds.


Key Events in the Administration

James Madison
(March 16, 1751 - June 28, 1836)

Life Facts

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First Lady: Dolley Madison, Wife
Wife's Maiden Name: Dolley Payne Todd
Number of Children: None
Education Level: College
School Attended: Princeton University
Religion: Episcopalian
Profession: farmer, planter
Military Service: Colonel

Public Service:
Dates of Presidency: 3/4/1809 - 3/3/1817
Presidency Number: 4
Number of Terms: 2
Why Presidency Ended: End of 2nd term
Party: Democratic-Republican
His Vice President(s): George Clinton, Elbridge Gerry
Cabinet Service: Secretary of State (Thomas Jefferson, 1801-1809)
House of Representatives: Virginia (1789-1797)
Colonial Government: VA House of Delegates (1776-1777), Continental Congress (1780-1783)
Other Offices: Virginia House of Delegates; Delegate to the Virginia Convention; Member of the Council of State; Delegate to the Annapolis Convention
Methodology and Resources

Presidential Places

Birthplace: Conway House
Gravesite: Montpelier
Museum: The James Madison Museum

Reference Material

Inaugural Address
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