John Kricfalusi Makes ‘Squidbillies’ Promo For Adult Swim


Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi has delivered a new Squidbillies-themed promo for Adult Swim called “Turtle Shell.” Watch it HERE.

The 30-second promo feature his own characters Slab ‘n’ Ernie. Kricfalusi has made a number of Adult Swim promos and bumpers since 2011. He collaborated last year with Miley Cyrus on animated visuals for her “Bangerz” concert tour.

  • Homeslice

    Slab getting punched in the face perfected the entire promo.

  • Matt Dean

    I’m glad Kricfalusi continues to find work, but what ever happened to Cans Without Labels??? I hope it sees the light of day eventually.

    • cartoonguy

      I’m wondering that myself. Based on what I’ve read on the internet, it appears good ol’ John K spent the money, occasionally cranks out a few sketches for his Kickstarter backers, and….? Maybe he’s working on it in secret.

      • Christian Bermejo

        No-no. Fear not. Cans without labels is basically finished. He presented a very advance copy at a Festival in Mexico last fall. He also mentioned that he was overwhelmed with all the kickstarter rewards he had to do. But the point is the project is ongoing.

    • Nate DeDeurwaerder

      Someone posted a video of a screening at Long Beach Comic Con. It’s unfinished, but it’s definitely a work in progress. Here’s the video

  • Jonathan Wilson

    I knew I wasn’t hallucinating when I saw this! It’s still great to see John still in the business.
    I still wish he make a show for them already. He’s working with (adult swim) for about a few years and they haven’t offered him anything yet?

  • JoeWoe

    Honestly John seems way past his prime. Its nice to see things like this pop up from him and I am glad he’s getting work, but gone are the days of beautifully produced animation and here are the days of weird flash tweens.

    • Fried

      It’s weird how much he criticizes modern cartoons for certain things, but then tweens his own animation and finds an excuse for, “Oh but for me, it works!”.

  • Gene Vandervoort

    Squid Billies is probably the worst so called cartoon I have ever seen,
    John K’s work would make into something worthwhile!!!

  • Googamp32

    Why is it that this 30 second promo has more love and care put in to its animation and story than the entire series it’s advertising?

  • Lucky Jim

    There’s something ironic about the fact that John K. Is now reduced to creating promos for TV shows that undoubtedly break all of his animation theories.

    Having said that, Squidbillies is a stone-cold masterpiece and the fact that so few people talk about it is a travesty.