Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Do Beauty Marketers Understand Me At All?

Time: 14:20 - 14:40

Location: Room D

Demographics, socio-economic groups, psychographic segmentation…  Market researchers fit target audiences into pigeon holes to make them easier to market to. However, once you get to know women individually at a deeper level, there are some values that cross all boundaries. Understanding these could challenge the way beauty marketers communicate with their target audience.

In this seminar Sindy will give an overview of:

  • 4 stages of a woman’s life, & how she relates to beauty at each stage.
  • A key insight from her current work as a life coach & makeup artist that the industry needs to know.
  • How beauty marketers can make positive changes to strengthen the relationship between women and the beauty industry.


  • Sindy KaurSindy Kaur Founder (Challenging Perceptions of Beauty) - Challenging Perceptions of Beauty

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