Urgency of vision and mission

Urgency for action in the sanitation sector

Despite intense activities and great achievements in terms of reaching the Millenium Development Goal (MDG) on safe drinking water and basic sanitation, the MDG on safe drinking water and basic sanitation is not going to be met by 2015. There are still 2.5 billion people in the world that lack access to improved sanitation and around 1 billion people are still practicing open defecation. The number of deaths that can be attributed to sanitation-related diseases is still hovering around 2 million per year of which children under 5 years are the most affected group.

SuSanA's vision

SuSanA's vision of sustainable sanitation which defines sustainable sanitation and includes the five SuSanA sustainablity criteria, unifies all members of this international alliance to work along the same lines towards creating sustainable sanitation for all. SuSanA is open to others who want to join and be active in understanding and promoting sustainable sanitation systems. SuSanA invites all stakeholders of the sanitation sector to join the alliance to exchange and to contribute ideas, and to become active members of the working groups and discussion forum.

Available for download the full SuSanA vision document.

SuSanA's mission

SuSanA is an open international alliance with members who are dedicated to understanding viable and sustainable sanitation solutions. It links on the ground experiences with an engaged community made up of practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and academics from different levels with the aim of promoting innovation and best practices in policy, programming and implementation.

The overall goal of the SuSanA is to contribute to the achievement of current and future international development goals (MDGs, post-2015 process, SDGs) by promoting a systems approach to sanitation provision taking in consideration all aspects of sustainability.

For more information please read the SuSanA roadmap discussion.