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Census 2011 - Headcount and Household Estimates for Settlements

Headcount and Household Estimates for Settlements in Northern Ireland (published 26/03/2015)


Headcount and Household Estimates for Settlements (Excel 41 KB) direct link to table on NINIS

Review of the Statistical Classification and Delineation of Settlements

A subgroup of the Statistics Coordinating Group (SCG) was formed to take forward the review of the statistical classification and delineation of settlements. All Northern Ireland departments were invited to participate in the subgroup, which was chaired by a NISRA Board Member.

This report, published in March 2015, represents an initial report from the subgroup to SCG. It makes a recommendation about a new classification of settlements, and includes a proposed line on an urban-rural classification.

Please note a range of supporting materials, including look-up tables and 2011 Census Key Statistics for Settlements, based on the classification recommended here, will be published when available.

Please see the Output Prospectus for information about future release plans.

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