Japan Times: Over 150 dolphins wash ashore at multiple locations — 50 miles from Fukushima border — Could be largest mass stranding ever reported in nation’s history — Govt’ Expert: “The dolphins may have had psychological problems… We don’t see any immediate signs of cancer” (VIDEO)

Published: April 11th, 2015 at 3:08 pm ET
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NHK, Apr. 10, 2015 (emphasis added): About 160 dolphins washed ashore on a beach in Ibaraki [50 miles south of Fukushima border]… A local aquarium says this type of dolphin… is usually found in deeper waters. It says it is unusual for so many to be washed ashore.

Japan Times, Apr 11, 2015: 149 melon-headed whales [washed up] in Hokota. Seven more were stranded in nearby municipality of Kashima.

AFP, Apr 10, 2015: Television footage showed several animals from the large pod had been badly cut, and many had deep gashes… “We see one or two whales washing ashore a year, but this may be the first time we have found over 100 of them on a beach,” a coastguard official told AFP… Several animals were writhing in a futile effort to move.

Inquisitr, Apr 10, 2015: A Japanese coast guard official has said that he is witnessing this phenomenon for the first time in his life… According to BBC News, these species of dolphins are usually only found in the deep waters of the ocean. It is extremely rare for them to show themselves up on the beach… this might be the biggest single case of mass beaching of dolphins that have been reported from Japan… This case of dolphins beaching themselves is eerily similar to another phenomenon that has been noted recently… young sea lion pups ending up on the beach – starving and dazed.

Mainichi, Apr 11, 2015: Kashima Coast Guard station transported and released three of the melon-headed whales… but most of the dolphins died and were buried on the beach… According to Toshiya Kishiro, head of the whale resources group at the National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries… a possible reason for this most recent beaching is that the dolphins had parasites in their inner ears.

AP, Apr 10, 2015: Tadasu Yamada, a cetacean expert at the National Museum of Nature and Science [said] the dolphins may have had a physiological or psychological problem and faced an unknown threat and panicked…

Yamada: “We don’t see any immediate signs of diseases on their bodies, such as cancer. We want to figure out what killed these animals.”

Slate, Apr 10, 2015: Many animals that become stranded are later found to be ill.

AFP, Apr 11, 2015: The mass beaching… has fuelled fears of a repeat of [the 2011] earthquake… a flurry of online commentators pointed to the appearance of around 50 melon-headed whales… six days prior to the monster quake… More than 100 pilot whales died in a mass stranding on a remote New Zealand beach on February 20, 2011, two days before a large quake… Japanese officials nevertheless tried to calm fears and insisted there was no scientific data to prove the link.

Watch NHK’s broadcast here

Published: April 11th, 2015 at 3:08 pm ET
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572 comments to Japan Times: Over 150 dolphins wash ashore at multiple locations — 50 miles from Fukushima border — Could be largest mass stranding ever reported in nation’s history — Govt’ Expert: “The dolphins may have had psychological problems… We don’t see any immediate signs of cancer” (VIDEO)

  • from a distance

    The word "Fukushima" is censored !

    Was trying to post a comment about the dolphins in another article and it gave me this message:

    "Your comment text contained a form of the censored word 'cFukushima' and cannot be posted."

    REPEAT: the censored word Fukushima

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  • Heart of the Rose

    In the robotic view there is crosshatching that goes all the way across including the rock.

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  • Nick


    “Expectations are incredibly high for the robot snake after earlier efforts and errors produced little success and caused a series of accidents, the New York Times reported. “

    ““In Fukushima, what we found out, is that there were many vehicles, and there were a lot of rescue workers, a lot of tools available. And if, in the first few hours of the accident, you could turn off these valves, or close these switches, or connect hoses, then the impact of the disaster would have been much less. Because the radiation was so dangerously high, they could not put people there… Where were all the robots? …Why weren’t they good enough to just turn off a valve? It became a kind of learning moment for us.”
    -Professor Paul Oh, Drexler University
    DARPA Robotics Challenge HUBO Team Leader”

    So, let me get this straight, Japan has welcomed a “renaissance” in robotics, with firms scrambling over each other to invent the as yet to be invented rad hardened robo-nuko-boy. Yet the reality is, even robotics are not enough to “solve” TF2. (The Fukushima Fiasco)

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  • Negative Effect Of Man Made Radiation On Human Eggs, Embryo, Sperm, Fetus, And Newborn – Dr. Caldicott MD

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  • American Phoenix57

    "Contained?" Robot Dies 3 Hours After Entering Fukushima Reactor


    The robot is dead and so is half of Japan.

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    • Bungalow Phil Bungalow Phil

      Your in the wrong forum. The dead robot forum or for that matter the forum dealing with dead robots and or technical shit is the General forum. The ones trying to battle the fucking beast and keep up on the latest news about the critical errors and concealment is in the General forum. If you have any thoughts on that then go there.

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  • bo bo

    Albino dolphin in Japan-the BIG BREAKING NEWS is…a marine biologist actually UTTERS Fukushima radiation as a possible cause in this article.

    I think the last time that happened was back in 2012 when Dr. Dasher of U of Alaska publicly hypothesized Fukushima MIGHT be the cause of sick ring seals, then subsequently punished with no funding.


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  • Nick

    TF2 is the reason behind TFE due to the TATAL nature of the event, hence expect GMI to sweep across the globe.

    If you don't get my acronyms, guess.

    Besides, does it really matter whether you "get it" or not?

    I am off to soak up harmful UV rays from our nearest star.

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  • razzz razzz

    'Japan Defies Obama — Plans On Building 43 Coal Plants'

    "As Japan promises the United Nations it will cut carbon dioxide emissions, the country simultaneously plans on building 43 coal-fired power projects to make up for shuttered nuclear power…."

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  • Need help, info Doc …anyone. G-daughter's in hosp. Low blood platelet is all they say.

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    • If I know which isotope fks most with, and replaced what in her body I can get her mom to go get correct quick supplements to her to add to her system. Thanks! Gawd…spokane worst place to be stuck in sick. High gamma, etc there always. SH*T!

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    • Time Is Short Time Is Short

      Our prayers are with you, Teri. Good luck to all.

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      • Thank you, so sounds like hosp has been giving her IV's of immuno globulin (SP) for 3 days…and my nurse daughter believes the hosp would already be doing the basic nac bid stuff too from what she's been around in her hosp jobs through the years. She's going to talk to the mom, see if she can get any details.

        Such a sign of our times now to see our young people getting so whacked by stuff that shouldn't happen. It scares me for all of them and I wish everyone else good luck too with the friends and relatives going through similar phone calls lately.

        I can't begin to be pissed enough about how much of our forum is wasted on caring what shills say or think. It's super hard now to go through a long interrupted thread and even find replies to our current questions.
        Ya, I'm in a bad mood, and with good reason. And good to have good enews friends too….pulls me back to being grounded.

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        • At teri.

          Typically I try to avoid health questions, as I feel this field is beyond my ability to leave advice. However with love from your southern neighborhood. I wish you hope, peace, luck and good will.

          If there are any pharmaceutical questions regarding medications My daughters mother is a practicing Lab technician and can help you with suggestions / advice on alternatives, should you "feel" reason to have any concerns. I too fear for my daughters future. Our Endocrinology Dr. (thyroid specialist) / friend in Seattle, WA. (Seattle cancer care) Literally evacuated 2 years ago.

          Ironically he did that without even ever talking to our family about the crisis. "according to a mutual friend" It was over the results that had been postulating in his office.

          So I pray for you and yours.

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        • bowling bowling

          its autoimmune throbocytopenia. give her lots of good clean sour krout type probiotics and high dises of vitamin c

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          • She's going to have to make it thru the hosp stuff first, get released and I don't even live near her anyway. Her fam does the umoboshi plums, etc, probiotics but enough to help a kid? IDK.

            Hosp just now diagnosed & told her ITP. I'd read about it since her symptoms matched.
            *Immune thrombocytopenia. This type is caused by autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys platelets. If the exact cause of this condition isn't known, it's called idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. This type more often affects children.
            Platelets are produced in your bone marrow.
            (This part is from an AMA document on cancer treatment patients)-> "Low blood cell counts occur because of radiation's effect on the bone marrow where blood cells are made. This usually only occurs when high doses of I-131 are given."

            I've read a ton of stuff now. I hope the hosp doesn't delay transfusion.

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            • bowling bowling

              get her 300 mg n acetyl cysteine from source natural.2times a day. she has to start doing sour krout kim chi and the.plums. i dont trust hardly anything anymore im sure pharmaceuticaks vegeis supplements somewhat contaminated. i have my.own.green house with a hepa filter. i use my own.purified water. she has to get spleen cleaned out maybe see a naturopath. astragolis and thistle uncontaminated

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              • bowling bowling

                lots of uncontaminated water. a sauna a week. exercise.routine to get lymph going to clear spleen maybe a 2 mile bike.ride twice a week. change the thistle to stinging nettle for liver and spleen sorry. astragulis to tone immune system if you trust herbs and think.they are uncontaminated. i would not use kelp. find some clean iodized salt

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                • thnx.. yup cleanout and metabolic stuff too. her mom is a pretty good cook and herbalist but kids aren't at home as much when school's on. She's always been a ball of fire activity over doer every day actually, inactive in a hosp bed is going to be rough physically on her. I'm praying the stupid drs don't go for easy thing for them and remove her spleen. :(

                  Last year a dr didn't check her throat illnesses thoroughly IMO when I heard about it or mention thyroid, just peered in her throat when she finally got in and said welp…going to have to remove those tonsils one of these days.

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    • Gentle Giant Gentle Giant

      I was just reading "Curing the Incurable" by Thomas E. Levy, MD,JD
      "Ionizing radiation has also been reported to decrease the production of prostacyclin. Prostacyclin is the most potent known inhibitor of blood platelets sticking together, an event that usually initiates blood clotting." pg 275 " Based on Klenner's work with very high vitamin C dosages, it would seem prudent for anyone with a significant radiation exposure to dose with IV Vitamin C as soon as possible." pg 278 Dosages are up to 100,000mg daily for a 200 pound person. I would also add to that a high quality multi-vitamin and four ounces of colloidal silver, one ounce taken orally four times throughout the day. The colloidal silver, in synergy with Vitamin C, will help boost the immune system in many ways. Click on the "Free CS " tab at GOTENERGY4U.COM to find out why it works so well.

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      • Sickputer

        GG typed these pixels of light: "it would seem prudent for anyone with a significant radiation exposure to dose with IV Vitamin C as soon as possible"

        SP: I admire Levy very much for his stance on Vitamin C.

        But good luck finding a doctor in America who can provide IV Vitamin C when you need it. Second best bet is make your own liposomal Vitamin C.

        The feds have the medical industry running scared and Big Pharma dictates hospital and clinic policy.

        So unless you have the resources of Warren Buffett you are very unlikely to get any high potency Vitamin C IV therapy and as you lie wracked in pain good luck in finding any pain killers in America. Unless you are a doctor yourself and get plenty of free samples. Many GP doctors now have disclaimers on their patient information sheets that they WILL NOT prescribe painkillers. Can't blame them when the feds are mad dog trying to nail them for prescription abuse. Why risk all the time, sweat, and money in becoming a doctor to be destroyed by the feds?

        Despite all the hysteria of the feds and the main stream media, this country is NOT over-medicated. Just the opposite. People are in pain.

        But at least some Americans in two states (and DC) can buy thousand-year-old herbal pain relief…for a price.

        Everyone else can just sympathize with the outcasts in Easy Rider:

        Jack Nicholson: "You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong with it."

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    • Natural Radiation Chelation Methods And Supplies – Air/Water Purification, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Such As Pectin, Zeolite, Kelp, Iodine, Alginate

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    • I did find this synopsis:
      Decreased production of platelets

      Platelets are produced in your bone marrow. If production is low, you may develop thrombocytopenia. Factors that can decrease platelet production include:

      Some types of anemia
      Viral infections, such as hepatitis C or HIV
      Chemotherapy drugs
      Heavy alcohol consumption

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    • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

      Our Prayers to your family that it doesn't turn out to be any of the bad things associated with symptoms such as those you described LC Teri! I'm glad our peeps are providing good info to put to good use in getting her healthy and allowing you to catch a break from the godawful stress you must be under! :( I might not have remembered to acknowledge & report back to some of those same fine folks responding to your post,but I did try many things suggested by 'newsers and I had a good run during which my wife was making amazing progress for the 10 months I was able to afford it thanks to another 'newsers kindness! I'm kinda "stuck spinning my wheels & going nowhere" right now and have to look really deep & hard to find the reason to muster the energy to pull myself up by the bootstraps & go on every day,& I know one of these really bad "spells" she's going through will be her last soon the way they keep getting worse in severity,duration and the toll it's taking on me trying to keep up with it while not doing too hot myself..Whatever happens I Pray that your grandbaby's blood count issues are resolved without any potentially serious diagnosis's & harsh treatment plan called for! You're a sweetheart and a good soul and I wouldn't want you to EVER become as bitter and lost as I've become over the past couple of years and I wish my Internet service wasn't getting cut off between midnight tonight & tomorrow so I could find out how things turn out[?] :(

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      • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

        p.s., I got cut off!, Many HUGS & PRAYERS 2 U & the Family for good news & a full,rapid recovery!! :) Take Care Teri!

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        • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

          That goes for EVERYONE else I've been finding out is or has been sick now! I apologize for not digging deep into wretched carcass to find any good vibes left in me to send out to the growing list of 'newsers getting cancers or displaying worrisome symptoms from ANY health afflictions/issues you guys & gals are going through!! It's not that I haven't taken notice of each one of you,it's more like my scatterbrain is all over the place and I wind up distracted too easily by the harrowing stuff evolving every day,whether a new headline/thread from ENE Admin,or the plethora of other news & issues brought to bear by other 'newsers in these threads! The other day during a conversation with someone who was quietly skeptical & probably critical of my assertion that 311/Fukushima was/is an ongoing & IMO,a slow-moving ELE-grade catastrophe like no other before it!!When asked why they found only negative,gloomy headlines & comments by the regulars from "The Group" compared to the other sites they were led to before ENE was found in their google,etc. search results that took them to propaganda sites full of "hormesis,bananas,Radon,"how the worst-case scenario was heroically avoided at Fukushima,which was brought to a successful close with "dilution" of "trace" amounts found in the USA & EU,etc.", I said,"because 'newsers are REAL & choose reality & truth over liars & lies concocted to best serve TPTB agenda & profits,NOT your well-being,safety & long,healthy…

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          • Johnny Blade Johnny Blade

            lives"!! 'NUFF SAID[??!!] :( My message to that person is;"Stick around,read,listen,learn and when you feel like jumping in and asking or making a statement,feel free to do so"!! No worries!!
            Some of the best people I've ever known or ever will are 'NEWSERS!! Catch ya later!! [HMU at home if my Internet's shut off though,k?]
            TTYL ALL!! BLADE OUT

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            • That is all you can do Blade..

              Some people cannot handle the truth.

              Be gentle with them. They are stuck in the Matrix and it often takes many years to wake up even a little bit.

              One has unlearn much.

              One has to learn to seek sometimes very painful truths rather than settle for pleasant sleep/denial inducing lies.

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        • Hey thanks JB and I know I haven't covered everyone personally to thank…now I'm the one filling up a thread. (sorry) You all are the absolute greatest…so much compassion and understanding here! The health info can help all of us as more of the people we love need back-up. I wish all of us luck and tenacity. Long distance travel required to help dear ones sure sucks.

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  • bowling bowling

    @teri 600mg nac bid c distilled water

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    • What's nac bid mean as far as what she'd ask for at the big health vitamin store there? thanks bowling. (and we're talking with her mom there soon) My nurse daughter's calling me back right now too. geez sorry, it's got me in a bit of panic…I don't trust the hosp there much.

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      • bo bo

        LC.. sorry to hear of your granddaughter. I don't know much about the condition but all I can say is make sure to get second third opinions don't let one doctor run everything.. once you're in the system it's like there's no stopping with them.. hope you find a good doctor. Talk to HoTaters here on ene for alternative suggestions. Xoxo

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  • What supports the immune system, blood building?… +++++

    Get quiet, meditate?, ask/pray what is best to do, wait for the answer, from long laundry list of potential things she can do…

    Only a few things are realistically possible.

    Do you trust your intuition? Intuition is just as important as what is actually done.. on both your parts. You may get a picture, hear, or feel what is best.

    What is she willing and able to do?

    Does she have will to live?

    Will to live is the most important and FIRST ingredient of self healing…

    There are lots and lots of good suggestions in this forum…

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    • I've absorbed so much info in the last half hour just from a g-search. Mayo overall was a good first read.
      We're hoping her blood count is a simple mistake of bad phone communication. (Her supposed 2000 per microliter would demand instant transfusions among other things. Normally, you have anywhere from 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of circulating blood. Because each platelet lives only about 10 days, your body continually renews your platelet supply by producing new platelets in your bone marrow.

      Doc I'm re-reading all in your blog…most I know and do, but can't control how her mother actually perceives "taking it serious" to hear further advice. That's the worst part. Will try to communicate with her mom about –>at home after the hosp. So far they *say* they do lots of OG natural iodine rich intake, but it if it was my kid, well, you know…I would do more than sprinkles of kelp pdr, etc if that's all they do.

      Anyway, thanks everyone for pitching in to help. She went to ER because of a typical trombocytopenia symptom: Superficial bleeding into the skin that appears as a rash of pinpoint-sized reddish-purple spots (petechiae)

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  • Jebus Jebus

    Sad to no end…

    Another victim.

    One year old and died of natural causes? WTF?

    Dead humpback whale washes ashore south of Westport – April 13, 2015

    WESTPORT — Oceanic and marine life scientists are trying to find out what killed a humpback whale that washed ashore over the weekend just south of Westport.

    Cascadia Research Collective of Westport said the 25’8″ female was just over a year old.

    Officials are unsure how the whale died, but it appeared to be natural based on recent tests. The blubber was thin with little oil, officials said, but it appears to have recently fed on small fish.


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  • rogerthat


    by Stefan NicolaReed Landberg
    9:00 AM AEST
    April 13, 2015
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    Sitting in a control center that helps ensure uninterrupted power for 82 million Germans, Gunter Scheibner is proving that renewable energy from the sun and wind can be just as reliable as fossil fuels.

    Scheibner, in charge of keeping flows stable over 6,200 miles (9,976 kilometers) of transmission lines in eastern Germany, must keep power from solar and wind in harmony whether it’s sunny or overcast, windy or still.

    In doing so, he’s overcoming the great challenge for renewable energy: how to keep supplies steady when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

    The system Scheibner manages has been so successful that Germany experiences just 15 minutes a year of outages, compared with 68 minutes in France and more than four hours in Poland.

    The model in Germany, the biggest economy in the world to rely so heavily on renewables, is being copied from California to China as wind and solar displace traditional fuels such as nuclear and coal. …

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  • rogerthat


    Mon Apr 13, 2015 12:00pm EDT
    Japan court to decide on nuclear plant, crucial to atomic future
    (Reuters) – A Japanese court will rule later on Tuesday on an injunction request against reactors owned by Kansai Electric Power, in a case that could derail Japan's slow return to nuclear power after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

    The ruling will have ramifications for attempts by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a strong proponent of atomic energy, to revive the world's third-biggest economy after two decades of anaemic growth.

    A panel of judges is due to rule on the injunction request against Kansai Electric's Takahama reactors west of Tokyo at 0500 GMT.

    The head of the panel, Justice Hideaki Higuchi, is regarded as a maverick in the highly conservative judiciary and already ruled against the restart of another Kansai Electric plant in May last year.

    Legal efforts by Kansai Electric to have Higuchi and the two other judges on the panel removed failed last week, when a high court rejected an appeal to overturn a lower court's dismissal of a move to unseat them. …

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  • rogerthat


    By Paul Brown
    A new generation of giant reactors, meant to provide fresh hope for nuclear power in Europe, has been found to have a serious safety problem.

    LONDON, 13 April, 2015 − The future of the world’s biggest nuclear reactor, under construction at Flamanville in northern France, is now in doubt after a serious flaw was found in its steel pressure vessel.

    Examination has shown that the steel contains too much carbon, which can weaken the vessel’s structure and breaches safety rules. The Chinese, who have two similar 1,600 megawatt European Pressurised Reactors under construction, have been warned that they too may share the potentially catastrophic problem.

    Investigations are continuing to check whether the problem can be rectified, but whatever happens it will add more delays and greater costs to the already troubled projects.

    The problem also casts doubt on the much-heralded nuclear renaissance in Europe, where EPR reactors are being built not only in France but also in Finland.

    Four more are planned for Britain, where they form a cornerstone of the UK government’s policy to fight climate change. A decision on whether to go ahead with the first two in the UK has already been postponed twice, and this revelation will cause further delays.

    The French nuclear engineering firm Areva, involved in the EPR’s design and development, found the flawed steel …

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    • rogerthat

      and reported the problem to the country’s nuclear regulator, ASN, which has ordered an investigation. The French energy minister, Ségolène Royal, says the results of tests to check the extent of the problem will be released in October.

      Serious blow
      It is understood that the maximum allowable carbon content of steel in the pressure vessel is 0.22%, but tests have shown 0.30% in parts of the Flamanville vessel. This could render it subject to cracking in operation and shorten its intended lifespan.

      The discovery is another serious blow to the French nuclear industry, which already faces severe financial problems, partly because of existing delays to the reactors at Flamanville and at Finland’s Olkiluoto site. The Finnish reactor, which is not affected by this problem because its pressure vessel steel comes from Japan, not France,, is already nine years behind schedule for other reasons and has more than doubled in cost.

      Following the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan any compromise on minimum safety standards would be hard to sell to the public, especially since nuclear power has fallen out of favour with the French government, which wants to invest heavily in renewables.

      France is already considering merging Areva and Électricité de France (EDF), the two nuclear companies in which it owns the majority of shares. Areva is building the Flamanville reactor on behalf of EDF, Europe’s largest electricity producer.

      EDF recently estimated …

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      • rogerthat

        the construction costs of Flamanville at €8 billion (US$8.7bn) compared with an original estimate of €3.3bn, and that was before this setback. The plant was due to have been working by now, but its start date had already been put back to 2017 – which is now looking optimistic.

        It is understood that the parts of the pressure vessel found with excess carbon were manufactured in France at the Creusot Forge, in Burgundy, owned by Areva. It was this same company that made parts for the two Chinese reactors, hence the fears that they too will contain carbon above safety limits.

        Large subsidies
        One problem is the pressure vessel’s sheer size and the fact that it was already in place when the fault was detected. The vessel weighs 410 tonnes and cannot now be removed, and it is hard to see how it could be repaired or modified.

        The problem was discovered in December but made public in a low-key website announcement only on 7 April.

        One knock-on effect might be to seriously damage the British government’s own energy policy, which relies on building four similar reactors in England. Work has already been completed on preparatory works for two at Hinkley Point, in the west of England, using the Flamanville design.

        The UK government has agreed large subsidies to support the projects, but EDF has repeatedly delayed signing a final deal to build them, because of a lack of investors. Two Chinese utilities were negotiating to back the project financially, but …

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        • rogerthat

          the discovery of a flaw at Flamanville may complicate matters.

          In any event, the decision on whether to go ahead with the two reactors at Hinkley Point had already been postponed until the summer and now seems certain to be postponed yet again until the issue of the safety of the French and Chinese pressure vessels has been resolved.

          The UK government has repeatedly said that the expansion of nuclear power is vital to its energy security and its ability to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets. The country is currently in the middle of a general election campaign. Whichever government gets into power may have to rapidly rethink its energy policy. − Climate News Network

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  • radiophobia

    Breaking: Robot dies of radiophobia

    "Tepco announced they gave up collecting the robot. They will cut off the cable and will not send the second robot until they figure out the reason why the robot went out of order." (Text s. link rogerthat at 01:57)

    No cancer detected – death by radiophobia: TEPCO, advised by SARI-experts and Prof. Wade Allison, refuse to send in second robot for fears of radiophobia-contagion. Mandatory robot vaccination against radiophobia now fast tracked. Quarantine in place for about 30 000 generations …

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  • rogerthat


    Unhappy birthday for UK's nuclear white elephants

    By Paul Brown
    A state-of-the-art British plant designed to re-use spent nuclear fuel so as to cut greenhouse gas emissions is to close after years of what its critics call “commercial and technical failure.”

    LONDON, 8 April, 2015 − Re-using uranium and plutonium as fuel for nuclear reactors over and over again to make unlimited quantities of electricity was the nuclear industry’s ambition 25 years ago, and central to its claim to be the solution to climate change.

    Once uranium has been mined, enriched and used as reactor fuel it need not be wasted, the industry has argued. After its removal from the reactor so little of the potential energy it contains has been harnessed that the fuel can be reprocessed and used again. It is dissolved in acid, the impurities are removed, its uranium and plutonium are extracted and it starts the cycle again as new fuel.

    In the 1980s the industry insisted that investment in the giant reprocessing plants was vital because by the millennium there would be 4,000 nuclear reactors worldwide, with too little uranium to fuel them all. In fact, by the end of the century there were only 434 reactors globally, and much more uranium had been found.

    Some governments, including those of the UK, France, Germany and the US, believed the industry’s sales pitch, even though …

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    • rogerthat

      environmental groups like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace never accepted it. Critics said the cost of building the reprocessing plants was too high, and feared the consequences of producing vast stockpiles of uranium and plutonium which might never be used in reactors.

      Public opposition was so great in Europe that some countries, notably Germany, abandoned the idea, but Britain went ahead. The British plant was at Sellafield in Cumbria, north-west England.

      Proved right
      Martin Forwood, from Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment (CORE), said: “We never believed there would be a huge expansion in nuclear energy or that there was any need for reprocessing, We said the discharges of nuclear waste into the Irish Sea that it entailed could not be justified, and we have been proved right.”

      Despite many objections the nuclear industry got the UK government to accept reprocessing as essential to ensure future expansion. This spring is the 21st anniversary of the official opening of the Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant (THORP) at Sellafield, designed to dissolve both British and foreign spent fuel and retrieve the plutonium and uranium.

      It cost £2.85 billion (US$4.25 bn) to build and in its first 10 years it planned to reprocess 7,000 tonnes of spent fuel and make £500 million (US$745 m) profit.

      Contracts had been signed in advance with Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries with nuclear power stations to reprocess …

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      • rogerthat

        their fuel in England.

        But technical faults meant THORP failed to meet its targets, and after a decade only 5,045 tonnes had been reprocessed. The plant’s real profits or losses have never been disclosed.

        Despite this doubtful beginning the British government sanctioned another enterprise, a brand new factory to turn the plutonium and uranium that had been produced into new fuel. The idea was to sell it back to the countries that originally owned it, closing the recycling loop.

        Unworkable theories
        New contracts were signed with Switzerland, Germany and Japan to produce 120 tonnes of MOX fuel (mixed oxides of plutonium and uranium) annually. But unfortunately the British nuclear industry could not translate its theories into practice.

        The new plant did not work as planned, producing only 13 tonnes of fuel in ten years. Originally it was said to have cost £280m (US$415m). After Japan’s Fukushima accident it was decided to close the plant. The total loss to the British taxpayer for this failure was later admitted to be £2.2bn (US$3.3bn).

        Despite the fact there was now no market or use for the plutonium and uranium it was producing from the spent fuel, the original THORP plant has continued to operate. It was periodically closed after a series of accidents and technical failures, and had been reduced to operating at half its original throughput, but was always given permission to restart, arguing that it still had foreign contracts to fulfill. …

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        • rogerthat

          As a result Britain now has the world’s largest stockpile of used plutonium, about 100 tonnes of it British and 30 tonnes belonging to other governments. If it were all converted into nuclear weapons it would be enough to destroy all life on Earth.

          There are also around 7,000 tonnes of uranium, for which there is currently no use and which must remain under armed guard night and day for fear of terrorist attack.

          “Two white elephants don’t make for success at Sellafield”

          After years of indecision about how to deal with this unwanted surplus it has been announced that THORP should close in 2018 when all the foreign fuel has been reprocessed. Even after closure it will take years to decommission the plant and remove the waste, so not all of the 800 workers will lose their jobs at once and many will be re-deployed on other parts of the Cumbrian site.

          Martin Forwood concludes: “That THORP should have failed so badly at so many levels comes as little surprise to those of us who warned − even before the plant opened − that the economics of the highly complex plant simply did not stack up and that worldwide demand for the uranium and plutonium that THORP would recover had already evaporated.

          “Attempts to convert THORP’s plutonium into new fuel in an adjoining plant were equally disastrous…Two white elephants don’t make for success at Sellafield.”

          The British government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which runs the plant on behalf of taxpayers, …

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          • rogerthat

            have never revealed the losses it has incurred. The government has no policy on what to do with the mountain of unwanted plutonium and uranium.

            For accounting purposes, Forwood says, it is still counted as an asset, when in reality it is simply nuclear waste. The nuclear industry’s hopes of saving the planet from climate change by recycling reactor fuel have, he says, been “a complete commercial and technical failure.” − Climate News Network

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  • rogerthat


    Dozens of arrests as anti-nuclear protesters demand end to UK’s Trident sub program
    Published time: April 13, 2015

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  • rogerthat


    2014 nuclear power output at zero
    APR 13, 2015

    Nuclear power output stood at zero throughout fiscal 2014 for the first time since the country began commercial operation of its first nuclear plant in fiscal 1966, the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan said Monday. …

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  • rogerthat


    … Patrick Harvie, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party, said: “The rising costs of simply storing these hulks shows just how short-sighted Ministry of Defence thinking is when it comes to its nuclear arsenal.

    “The hundred billion pound cost of renewing Trident over the next decade seems eye-watering enough but it’s clear that it would only be the start. The long-term legacy of commissioning, maintaining, storing and then decommissioning will continue to rise as Westminster insists on building new generations of these killing machines.” …

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  • rogerthat


    Testimony on Minnesota’s Nuclear Moratorium at the Senate Energy and Environment Committee

    On Tuesday March 3, 2015 Arjun Makhijani testified at the Minnesota Senate Energy and Environment Committee hearing. The discussion was regarding two bills that would expand the use of nuclear power in the state by: repealing the state’s nuclear moratorium or allowing an additional reactor to be built at the Monticello Nuclear Power Station.

    You can watch the video of the hearing online and follow along with Arjun’s presentation.

    Related content:
    Why Minnesota should maintain its moratorium on new nuclear reactors: Testimony before legislators
    Minnesota Legislature: Discussion of nuclear power

    Renewable Minnesota: A technical and economic analysis of a 100% renewable-energy based electricity system for Minnesota

    List of more interviews and articles from 2008 by Arjun Makhijani on Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free
    San Antonio’s Bright Energy Future
    Stay up to date with IEER

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  • rogerthat


    Gulf War and Health, Volume 10: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War

    An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) will comprehensively review, evaluate, and summarize the available scientific and medical literature regarding health effects in the 1990-1991 Gulf War veterans. The committee will pay particular attention to neurological disorders (e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, and Migraines), cancer (especially brain cancer and lung cancer), and chronic multisymptom illness. The proposed study will update earlier IOM reviews on Gulf War and Health, and this volume (Volume 10) will update the literature since the publication of the 2006 (Volume 4) and 2010 (Volume 8) Gulf War and Health reports. The committee will also provide recommendations for future research efforts on Gulf War veterans.

    Project Duration: 18 months

    Contact the Public Access Records Office to make an inquiry, request a list of the public access file materials, or obtain a copy of the materials found in the file.

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  • rogerthat


    Japanese court to rule on safety of restarting nuclear reactors — four years after Fukushima meltdown

    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Monday, April 13, 2015

    FUKUI, Japan — A Japanese court will rule on Tuesday whether to block the restart of nuclear reactors in western Japan on safety grounds, in a case that could complicate Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to return to atomic energy after the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

    Local residents have sought an injunction against Kansai Electric Power Co, arguing that restart plans underestimate earthquake risks, fail to meet tougher safety standards and lack credible evacuation measures.

    Four years after a quake and tsunami wrecked the Fukushima plant, leading to meltdowns and mass evacuations, four reactors at two power stations in south and west Japan have cleared all major technical hurdles.

    Opponents see the courts as their last hope to block the revival of unpopular nuclear power.

    A three-judge panel is to rule on the injunction request against Kansai Electric's Takahama reactors west of Tokyo. The head of the panel, Hideaki Higuchi, is regarded as a maverick in the conservative judiciary. He ruled against the restart of another Kansai Electric plant in May last year.

    Legal efforts by Kansai Electric to have Higuchi and the two other judges on the panel removed failed last week. …

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    • rogerthat

      … Japan's judiciary — which typically sided with power companies before the Fukushima disaster — may be shifting its attitude. In ruling against Kansai electric's Ohi plant, Higuchi delivered a scathing critique of the risk management of Japan's nuclear industry.

      Judges are now considering injunctions that could halt the restarts and indefinitely extend the countrywide shutdown of Japan's 43 operable reactors. …

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  • rogerthat


    Fukui court blocks reactor restart
    Apr. 14, 2015

    A court in Fukui Prefecture, central Japan, has issued a provisional injunction blocking the restart of 2 reactors at the Takahama nuclear plant.

    A group of 9 citizens had filed for the injunction to keep the plant's No.3 and 4 reactors offline, citing safety problems.

    Officials of the plant's operator, Kansai Electric Power Company, said they had taken thorough anti-quake measures based on lessons learned from the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in 2011.

    At the Fukui District Court on Tuesday, presiding judge Hideaki Higuchi said Kansai Electric is too optimistic in assuming that no major earthquake would hit Takahama, as 5 unexpectedly large quakes have hit nuclear plants across Japan in less than a decade.

    The judge also said the Nuclear Regulation Authority's new requirements should be as tough as possible to eliminate any risk of disaster, but are too lax to ensure the safety of nuclear reactors.

    Tuesday's injunction takes effect immediately, so Kansai Electric will not be able to restart the reactors unless the court decision is overturned.

    Lawyers for the utility said they will consider lodging an objection.

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  • Snow Snow

    The government may have psychological problems………

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  • unincredulous unincredulous


    Japanese attempt to help, on beach, with dolphins

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