What Are the Best Practices for Restaurant Hiring?

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what-are-the-best-practices-for-restaurant-hiring-Restaurant owners have numerous decisions to make whether it's in regards to expansion, payroll, financing, or even hiring. When it comes to hiring, though, does your restaurant have the finances in place as well as a resolute system? If you're ever looking to hire more staff for your business, we can offer you a restaurant loan that can be used for a variety of things relating to your business, especially when it comes to hiring. However, just being able to hire employees is only part of the battle—you also need to make sure you are hiring the right individuals to join your team.
Making sure you're bringing the right people in can greatly benefit—or hinder—your restaurant. There are a variety of ways to go about hiring a staff, but you should make sure your consistent with your efforts and are making the right decisions when it comes to doing so.
A single wrong hire can actually have some long-term ramifications: if they treat a customer badly, your brand may suffer. Or, perhaps even worse, they may steal from your restaurant. To prevent something like this from happing, here are some hiring tips to consider while going through the process:
  • References/background check: If you're hiring a server with experience, you may be inclined to contact the applicants references to get a vibe of what kind of employee they were at their previous job. In relation to this, you will also want to perform background checks on applicants to make sure they have no criminal history and are legally permitted to work in the US.

  • Don't rush through it: For more entry-level positions like busboy and dishwasher, you can get away with hiring one of the first people to walk through the door; those are no-brainer hires. However, when it comes to a bartender or server, you ought to be more inclined to remain patient until you find the right individuals for either job. You'll want a server or bartender with the right amount of experience and possesses the right personal aura you want from someone working in your restaurant.

  • Advertising: How will potential candidates know there are opening unless you get the word out? Using print advertising is a safe bet, but also consider posting the openings on your social media pages to reach a wider audience. Also, put an ad up on Craigslist.
Aside from these hiring tips, one question some restaurant owners run into is whether or not they can afford to hire more staff. If you're thinking you may need financial assistant, our Merchant Cash Advance can provide you the funds you need to hire more hands and expand your business.
For more information on hiring advice or receiving a restaurant loan, contact us today and we'll happily get back to you.
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