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"Your Local Cousin is a meaningful & useful service - worth every penny! It gave me an insiders look into Burma - the food, culture & people - more than I would get from reading a guide book or trawling through online reviews in just 45 mins."

A.V., San Francisco

"Anna was wonderful during the call and was a wealth of information. She was very knowledgeable and advised me on the best places to stay in Cleveland. It's always nicer to chat with someone rather than to look online."

Tina, NY

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Helping Annette was a great experience. It provokes thinking about the place you live at from a different angle and also reminds you to actually revisit some of the places you recommend on your own more frequently. 

Phillip, Berlin

I had a great experience and feel that the traveler did as well. We had a valuable phone conversation in which I was able to relate with the type of activities she was looking for.

Anna, Cleveland

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Chose between Skype, Phone and Google Hangout

Receive an email summary

Ask follow up questions within 24 hours

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Ask follow up questions within 24 hours