M2M Funding

The scope of M2M program activities, and the pace of progress, will depend on the program’s ability to attract and sustain a diversified base of funding. Current and future M2M program activities are and will be funded by government and foundation research and educational grants, and grants from individuals, organizations, and private companies.

Initial start-up funding for the M2M program have been provided by United Natural Foods, Whole Foods, Organic Valley/CROPP, and Stonyfield. In addition, the Clif Bar Family Foundation has provided a generous three-year, $250,000 grant to support the dissemination of analytical systems and results via the M2M website.

Work on calculating the embedded attributes of food products has been advanced by a $25,000 gift grant from Annie’s, a company working to quantify the benefits stemming from its purchase of a wide range of organic ingredients.

If you are interesting in supporting any of M2M’s core activities, please contact the M2M Program leader, Dr. Charles Benbrook.