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Should all Virginians be treated like criminals? Should law enforcement be able to collect your personal data without a warrant and hold onto it for months even if you’re not under investigation?

This could be the reality for Virginians if Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoes a best-in-the-nation privacy bill, S.B. 965, that passed almost unanimously in Virginia’s General Assembly.

S.B. 965 would protect Virginians’ privacy by limiting surveillance without a warrant and ensuring that whatever surveillance data is routinely collected by license plate readers, unless it is relevant to an ongoing investigation, is deleted within seven days.

McAuliffe tried to gut most of the protections in the bill last week, sending it back with amendments that remove the restrictions on mass surveillance outside the context of criminal investigation. But other state leaders thought his blank check for police surveillance went too far. So they stripped some – but not all – of his amendments.

Now the Governor is deciding whether to sign or veto the bill without his amendments. He could make a decision any minute!

Tell Governor McAuliffe to set a good example and protect Virginians’ privacy by signing S.B. 965 without any amendments.


11,636 Signed 20,000 Needed

Governor Terry McAuliffe:

Set a national precedent by limiting the use of government “surveillance technology” that collects Virginians’ personal information without a warrant.

Protect Virginians by signing a pro-privacy bill, S.B. 965, without any amendments.


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