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C-130 Aircraft Reference:

Articles archived on this site:

Vietnam era C-130 airlift stories by Sam McGowan:

Articles not on this site (no guarantees on these links)

  • The Australian Involvement in Vietnam: Hercules Saga
  • The Awesome Power of Air Force Gunships, Air Force Magazine Apr 99
  • A Tennessee Loadmaster by Sam McGowan. A tribute to loadmaster Charlie Shaub, who won the Air Force Cross during a mission to An Loc in April 1972.
  • A Flight into Hurricane Luis by Jack Beven. Story of one man's experience flying into a hurricane with the 53rd WRS.
  • Catch a Falling Star by Phil Rowe: Describes the unique mission of the JC-130
  • Desert One by Otto Kreisher. Recap of the mission to rescue hostages held in Iran that ended in disaster.
  • Fire Flight at Katum 25 Jun 1968 by Britt Blaser. Excellent story of a harrowing experience of a crew flying out of Katum after their C-130 catches on fire.
  • LC-130 Aircraft Listing by Joe Hawkins
  • EC-130G and EC-130Q aircraft listing by Joe Hawkins
  • Shootdown at Katum Special Forces Camp eyewitness account by Reg Manning
  • Spectre in the Night Sky Means Trouble on the Trail by Lt. Col. James F. Humphries, Jr.
  • The Four Horsemen by Sam McGowan, Interesting story of the C-130 Aerial demonstration team in the late 1950s.
  • Special Delivery Article in Airman magazine about the 36th AS at Yokota AB, Japan
  • How many rockets can make plane land like a chopper? CNN news story about a C-130 modified with lift rockets during the Iran hostage crisis
  • Cold War Reconnaissance and the Shootdown Of Flight 60528, Description of the mission of a C-130 shot down by Russian Mig 17s September 2nd, 1958.
  • Western Wildfires Short Article in Airman magazine about C-130's fighting forest fires in California
  • Hunting Season Article about the 53rd Weather Recon Squadron at Keesler AFB and their unique hurricane hunting mission.Dec 1995
  • The Son Tay Raid November 21, 1970: By Lieutenant General LeRoy J. Manor, United States Air Force Retired

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