Best Clippers for Line Up

If you are looking for quality hair clippers for line up, the oyster classic 76 is the perfect choice. It has exceptional performance with a very powerful and heavy duty motor that cuts through any thick or wet hair in a quick and efficient way. This is unlike the normal hair clippers that may take ages to cut through well grown or wet hair. Therefore, if you want to save time, while preparing to attend an urgent business meeting, this hair clipper will not disappoint.


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Main Benefits

Before delving deep into the features, let’s take a look at what I observed as the product’s main benefits:
1. Motor power is soft and smooth guaranteeing top quality clippers from the moment you turn them on.
2. Long-lasting – with proper care and maintenance – as it has a heavy duty capacity
3. Can deal even with the thickest and toughest hair
4. Interchangeable clipper blades allowing you to get more polished cuts
5. It offers everything it claims to be


As previously mentioned, the hair clipper is powered by a heavy duty 45-watt motor. Most non-professional clippers only use 15-watt motor that may cause pulling and jamming. When you turn it on, the equipment is soft and smooth yet it could be pretty loud and vibrations can be felt especially when used by the ears. My hair is thick but the tool glides smoothly probably because of its weight, which only uses minimum pressure.


The product is available with #000 blade, which can get you nearly bald cut. It doesn’t come with adjustable blade but the blades can be interchanged easily. For instance, you can switch from #000 to size #1 blade. However, I would recommend that you get their comb kits if you are inclined to switch blades often.

Durability and Design

It comes with approximately 2 lbs. of weight, which is slightly heavier than other commercial clippers. Despite this, the design is made to last longer than most and has heavy duty capacity allowing you to use it day-in and day-out. The design has straight cylindrical with fine ribbing for better grip of the tool. The hook at the rear end of Oster as well as the cable’s entry point has a sleeve. Overall, the build quality and design is solid and compact with very durable valox plastic/resin.


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Barbers and stylists in search of standard sized clippers will find oyster hair clippers amazing. The blades come in different sizes too; if you cannot work with the metal blades, you can go for the plastic options. If you are using professional clippers for the first time, you can start with the plastic blades then move on to the metal ones, and you will realize they cut through hair easily, just like butter.

Whether your hair grows fast and requires a regular shave, it is fine, or appears thick, oyster classic 76 will work for you more effectively than other clippers. The on and off switch on the clipper is located at the back where someone cannot trip it by accident. The clipper has a long cord hence it will not hinder you from shaving a tall person seated slightly far away from the source of power.

Therefore, if you buy it for daily hair removal or as a gift for a friend who would like line up hairstyle, it works very well. The oyster classic 76 professional hair clipper is so user friendly that you can shave your own hair if there is no one else around.


A: Whats a line up haircut?
Q: Actually, a line-up isn’t a particular hairstyle, which includes various short haircuts, such as flat top, butch, crew cut and variants. As compared to the normally declining good hair styling the your forehead at the front hair line and forehead area, sharpened lines are clipped frequently going to sharpened angles on the temples and then with pencil thin, cone-shaped long sideburns that will lengthen below the ear. It does not work very well a normal hairline, malformed stubble shows up on the forehead. More details about hair guides

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