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By Aaron Gustafson | November 4th, 2006 | Filed in Action, Browsers, Bugs, DOM, DOM Scripting TF, Microsoft, Microsoft TF, Outreach

If you’ve ever wanted the opportunity to tell Microsoft what they should do with IE next, now is the time.

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The Microsoft Task Force, DOM Scripting Task Force, and the JS Ninjas have been approached to help give the IE team some direction for improvements needed in, focusing mainly on JavaScript and the DOM. Together, we’ve begun assembling a list of things we think need addressing (bugs & implementation issues, enhancements in language support, etc.). We’ve tried to keep it balanced, with some things for the seasoned JavaScript developer and some for the folks who are just starting out in the world of DOM Scripting, but we need your help to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

In the interest of time and keeping the process streamlined and organized, we’ve opted to make the wiki invitation-only, but we do need your input. Please have a look at what we’ve put together so far and leave your thoughts/ideas/recommendations in the comments below. We don’t know how soon we’ll need to get this list over to the IE team, so please don’t wait to long.

We will work to incorporate any relevant ideas into the final list, prioritize it, and pass it along to the IE team. Once the list is out the door, we will need to develop test cases for each item on it (some of which we’ve already begun), so if you are interested, please let us know that as well.

Note: We’re not guaranteed to get everything we ask for, but they are listening.

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