Understanding Society through its Records

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Author Ann Pederson


• What is a record?
• Communication
• Memory/tradition
• Recordkeeping = secret

• Reliable records
• Records as proof
• Records everyday
• Records at work

• Identity & rights
• Archives & records
• Scandals & risks
• Records in fiction & exhibitions
• Construction of culture

• Recordkeeping regimes
• Professions

• Ideas & models
• Access & management
• Infrastructure
• Knowledge & publications


Have you ever thought of records as the glue that holds a society together?

Why not take some time to explore this website and discover why records and recordkeeping are so important?

Gain an OVERVIEW of records and recordkeeping past and present.

See how records provide EVIDENCE of our lives and document our culture.

Discover how records, both personal and public, can empower JUSTICE and help to ensure a fair society.

For those who want to know more, take a comprehensive look at what goes on in ARCHIVES and the world of recordkeeping professionals, with a special focus on AUSTRALIA.

There's plenty to do, read, view and discuss as well as great sites to visit and quizzes to try along the way.

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The Book of Hours - an illuminated Medieval manuscript

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