Alex Deep

Raised from Transylvania, the land of Dracula, Alex is not the guy to suck your blood but actually the creature that will make you suck in his Deep music.Sibiu (Hermannstadt) is the place that gives inspiration to this relatively new and talented music producer and probably the connections between this old Romanian landmark is the reason for his ultimately deep tech house music that is so loved all across Europe nowadays.
Alex Deep’s creations started to rise from the belly of the dragon three years ago, when influenced by artists like Ozgur Can, Loco Dice, Steve Lawler, Marco Carola, Pawas Gupta or Gene Adnew, he bought his first music production software. He started with electro, went through techno and settled down at his own irefutable signature of deep tech tracks that grasp infuences of soul music.
Being the hardcore professional that he is Alex worked on several hundreds unfinished tracks and ideas until he decided , in May 2010 to start sending his work to labels. The shock came when, in a couple of months some recognized artists and labels in the scene contacted him and praised his music.The first actual release was a remix for a local crew of artists – AUDIOSOUND – I wanna take you.Following that, in november 2010, Gene Adnew asked Alex to appear on Toni Rios’s label Soap Digital which concluded in four of Alex’s tracks being included on the second album released by the label after going digital.In December 2010 signed for Pure Substance Digital with four EP's to be released in 2011.The first one was released in March 2011 called The Red Sound EP.Another label that got very interested soon was Sajgon Records with whom the “Out of your love” EP was released, also in March 2011.Gooseneck Records, a Proton Radio label, shared their “California Love” and interest with Alex Deep in 2011 and currently are working together on the release of 2 EP's also programmed to surface in March and April 2011.
So it seems Alex Deep’s concentrated work payed off and he was rapidly recognized as a true artist in the electronic scene. Well, he should be since from the moment he sent his first track until he got four EP's released it’s only been 10 months.He is a monster with a great sense for deep tech music and that fabulous personal own style that you feel in everyone of his silky releases.