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RSA Interview with Founder and CEO Robert W. Twitchell, Jr.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Please tell us, what is DISPERSIVE TECHNOLOGIES all about and what do you do?

CEO Robert W. Twitchell, Jr.: Dispersive Technologies™ provides software-defined solutions that virtualize routing and data storage for IP-based networks. Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks delivers data with speed, security and reliability across standards-based IP networks by avoiding congestion and man-in-the-middle attacks. Dispersive™ SDS, our software-defined storage solution, achieves better reliability, improved network performance and tighter security for at-rest data by moving it within the virtualized environment. Together, these two software-defined solutions take security to a whole new level; offering a holistic security approach that protects both parts of the data equation.

What are you launching at RSA? Or, what is your key focus at RSA.  Pls be specific with model description etc. (only one product!) 

Twitchell: We’re launching our latest innovation – Dispersive™ SDS at RSA 2015. Dispersive™ SDS is a software-defined storage platform that distributes data blocks across a virtualized storage pool. What makes this platform unique is the way it uses motion to provide security. We actually dynamically shuffle the location of data blocks across different geographic locations to radically improve data security and integrity while improving network performance. Dispersive™ SDS underpins DispersiveStorage™; this new solution works seamlessly with Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks. Together, they comprise the web-based, virtualized global infrastructure that protects data-at-rest and data-in-motion.

Who is your target audience and how do you intend to reach them? What is the biggest challenge you face right now in telling your story and winning over new clients?

Twitchell: We’re selling to both commercial companies and the US Government using a direct sales force. On the commercial side, we’re targeting Fortune 1000 companies. Our biggest challenge is convincing customers that you can have security without any performance penalty. It’s actually really fun to watch people’s reaction when they have that ah-ha moment and grasp that with our solution, speed, security and reliability can co-exist. They’re so used to security solutions that have heavy overhead penalties that they find it difficult to comprehend we’ve designed a holistic solution to networking that embraces security as a core tenet. When they learn our solutions deliver on key performance metrics while also saving them money, they’re over the moon. 

I'd be curious to hear any general thoughts you have on market trends…

Twitchell: As we see more types of devices connecting to the Internet, we’re going to see an explosion of highly creative cyber attacks with some very painful (and costly) consequences. In my opinion, cyber is the new front for all sorts of campaigns waged by nation-states, corporations intent on conducting espionage, and criminals.

What is the viral aspect of your product?

Twitchell: I think we recognized the viral aspect of our solution with our very first commercial customer. Not long after we deployed, I had a call from their IT department telling me that people were lining up to get our software. You see, word had spread that downloads using Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks were four times that of their VPN. Since then, we’ve heard all sorts of anecdotal stories about the viral nature of our solutions. One of the funniest was a recent, limited duration proof-of-concept in an international setting. Evidently, the day after the trial ended, there were some frustrated calls to the IT department asking what had happened, why had everything suddenly slowed down on the network. In that instance, the value proposition was immediately apparent.

How will you make money? What’s the business model?

Twitchell: Our solutions are available via on-premise or hosted delivery models. That way, customers can elect the model most appropriate for their environments and strategic direction.

Who are your competitors?

Twitchell: The biggest competitors to Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks are carriers providing MPLS services. We’re obviously very new to the SDS market, so time will tell who our biggest competitor is here.

How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Twitchell: One of the biggest things that differentiate us from our competitors is that we took a holistic approach to network design and developed real solutions that meet real needs.  We didn’t just focus on delivering a solution for security, or speed or reliability or one that was affordable. We didn’t ask how to extend the life of an existing product. We said, let’s start with the basic fundamentals: organizations should be able to use the Internet for communications and they should be able to store data where and how they want without fear of it being hacked. We also felt very strongly that you shouldn’t have to compromise on speed or reliability or network performance or pay some outlandish sums in order to achieve these things. This thinking led us to some real innovations, ones that protect data-in-motion and data-at-rest. Importantly, these innovations also usually allow organizations to streamline operations and save money.

How does your technology differentiate from the competition and can you elaborate on the different technology deployed?

Twitchell: Unlike other approaches to data security, we’re actually designing solutions to protect against today’s cyber threats, not yesterday’s. And we’re doing it completely in software and in ways that help organization achieve their business and network performance metrics.

Specifically, we have two platforms. The first platform is Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks. Dispersive™ Virtualized Networks are virtualized routing platforms that: (i.) Divide session-layer IP traffic into smaller non-duplicated, independent packet streams; (ii.) Send these packet streams pseudo-randomly down multiple independent paths; (iii.) Roll these independently paths dynamically; (iv.) Reassemble the data at the receiving client.

This approach avoids congestion, defeats man-in-the-middle attacks and dynamically allocates resources to areas of demand and allows us to use commodity hardware, a standards-based IP connection and our software to deliver data quickly, securely and reliably over the Internet.   

The second platform is Dispersive™ Software Defined Storage (SDS). Dispersive™ SDS: (i.) Divides data into blocks as small as one kilobyte; (ii.) Sends each block to a different device selected from a geographically disparate and virtualized pool of available storage devices; (iii.) Shuffles the locations of these blocks dynamically; (iv.) Reassembles the data at the client when queried or recalled.

This platform allows you to use commodity hardware, any combination of that hardware (including flash drives, flash memory, hard disk drives and networked file servers) and any combination of geographic locations with that hardware to store these disparate blocks. Suddenly, you’ve introduced a whole new complexity axis to the hacker’s collection problem, one that means even if a hacker breaches your first level of defense, the compromised data is only a piece of the puzzle. Without the other pieces, the data is useless.

What business or technology could yours disrupt?

Twitchell: Dispersive Technologies is disruptive in ways relevant to almost any business --- we’re transforming the Internet and the way organizations use it.

Who founded the company, when? What can you tell me about the story of the company's founding?

Twitchell: We began developing our technology in 2007 and I founded Dispersive Technologies in 2010 to bring our products to market. We were driven to develop our solutions by the cyber attacks Russia launched against the country of Georgia; during this event, Russia knocked out the whole communications network for Georgia.  It seemed to me that this was wrong and shouldn’t happen.  So I set to developing our core technologies.

What is your distribution model? Where to buy your product?

Twitchell: We have a direct sales force and are working with a few, select value-added resellers. Any one interested in learning more about our product can call our sales team at 1-844-403-5852 to get more information or schedule a demo.

What’s next on your product roadmap?

Twitchell: We have a very robust product roadmap that will bring another exciting product to market in Q1 2016. 

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About Dispersive Technologies

Dispersive Technologies™ provides software-defined solutions that virtualize routing and data storage for IP-based networks. Their virtualized routing platform delivers data with speed, security and reliability – and does it across standards-based IP networks. Their software-defined storage solution securely stores at-rest data and moves it dynamically within the virtualized environment. When recalled or queried, data delivery is quick, secure and reliable. Together, these platforms improve software-defined networking and make the Internet fast, secure and reliable. By streamlining and securing communications and data flow, Dispersive Technologies™’ solutions allow organizations to perform more efficiently and reduce costs. To learn more, visit us at:

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