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• His wife and mother died in the same house, on Feb. 14, 1884. He was so distraught there is no known record of him mentioning his wife's name again.
• He was the first president to win the Nobel Peace Prize; he was awarded it for the Russo-Japanese Treaty.
• In 1903 a stuffed toy bear was given to him which led to the naming of "teddy" bears.
• He led the Rough Riders, which were comprised of football players, eastern polo players and cowboys.


Key Events in the Administration

Theodore Roosevelt
(October 27, 1858 - January 6, 1919)

Life Facts

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• First Lady: Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, Wife
• Wife's Maiden Name: Edith Carow
• Other Marriages: Alice Hathaway Lee
• Number of Children: 6
• Education Level: College
• School Attended: Harvard University
• Religion: Dutch Reformed
• Profession: Writer, Military
• Military Service: Colonel

Public Service:
• Dates of Presidency: 9/14/1901 - 3/3/1909
• Presidency Number: 26
• Number of Terms: 2
• Why Presidency Ended: End of term
• Party: Republican
• His Vice President(s): None, Charles Fairbanks
• Vice President For: William McKinley (1901-1901)
• Governor of a State: New York (1898-1900)
• State Legislative Service: NY (1882-1884)
• Other Offices: US Civil Service Commission; President of New York Police Board; Assistant Secretary of Navy
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Presidential Places

Birthplace: Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
Gravesite: Young's Memorial Cemetery
Home: Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
Other Sites: Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

Reference Material

Inaugural Address
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