California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Marine Mammals of California

Marine Mammals Online Booklet

Marine Mammals of California

by Anita E. Daugherty
Illustrated by Phil Schuyler

Third Revision 1979, Reprinted 1985.
Electronic format rendered May 1997 by Terry Tillman and Brianne Mitchell
Department of Fish and Game.

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Tips for Viewing the Online Booklet


The California Marine Mammals booklet is divided into segments, rather than one large electronic document. This accommodates the user by downloading document chunks, relatively small PDF files which take less time to transfer.

Each segment, or chunk, has bookmarks embedded in it to help the user navigate between parts of the booklet. Set your Adobe Reader plug-in to display "Bookmarks and Pages" by clicking the appropriate button on the Adobe Reader tool bar. With this setting you can click on the bookmarks and go to the related page (or segment) of the booklet.

With the Adobe Reader plug-in set to Bookmarks and Pages, your display should look like the inset to the right.

Click on one of the bookmark topics in the left column to take you to that part of the booklet.