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David Brainard brainard at psych.upenn.edu
Thu Mar 12 19:54:50 GMT 2015

Journal of Vision Special Issue: A Dress Rehearsal for Vision Science

In late February and early March 2015, an image of a dress circulated widely on the internet. Different people saw very different colors in the dress (white-gold, blue-black, and blue-brown were among the most commonly reported); some reported that the colors changed from time to time with continued viewing.

The dress image triggered enthusiastic but informal discussion in the vision community (over 140 messages on CVNET in 10 days) concerning the marked individual differences and bi-stability reported.

Now it is time to address the dress.  What can we learn from this particular image? To what extent can we predict what individuals will see given known individual differences in color vision? Which aspects of the spatial and spectral structure of the image contribute to the phenomena? Can we develop a range of images that exhibit similar phenomena? How can we use such images to test existing vision theory?  This special issue will feature papers on these and related topics.  Particularly encouraged are studies that leverage measurements and understanding of how the dress and related images are perceived to identify and clarify general principles of color vision.

Submissions to the special issue will open immediately and remain open for some time to allow full development of novel work, until July 1, 2016.  Each paper will be published in the Journal of Vision upon acceptance, and the special issue papers will be collected together for ready access through a single indexing portal supported by the journal.

Guest Editors

Sarah Allred (white-gold)
Bart Anderson (bistable)
David H. Brainard (depends on the display)
Karl Gegenfurtner (white-gold)
Laurence T. Maloney (blue-brown)
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