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Dallas & Richardson Pre-School

Quality Pre-School & After-School Care in Dallas & Richardson

Are you looking for a safe and nurturing learning environment for your infant, toddler, or pre-schooler? Armadillos to Zebras is a nationally accredited private pre-school that has been committed for more than 29 years to providing excellent schooling and the best care possible for infants to pre-kindergarteners! Our holistic approach to childcare is enriching, educational, and fun, and our staff is dedicated to providing an inviting space for children where they are free to grow and learn.

Why is pre-school so important for children?

Pre-School Helps Children Learn How to Learn & Communicate

Pre-school is an environment where children are encouraged to develop the learning and communication processes they will need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond; pre-school's structure teaches focus and helps them to develop their learning processes. While much of what happens in a pre-school classroom appears to be simple play, the activities the children engage in are actually preparing them for future learning. For example, solving puzzles and playing with building blocks actually helps children to learn early math skills.

It's not just about academics!

While children do begin to learn skills such as reading and counting in pre-school, they also build important social skills, which are essential to their development. Our staff engages children in:

  • Role Playing
  • Discussions
  • Songs
  • Reading Aloud
  • Projects

When interacting with fellow pre-schoolers, children learn to compromise, to engage in conflict resolution, to play well with others, and to use language to engage in meaningful conversation, among other skills.

Why choose a private pre-school?

Because we are private, we are able to maintain smaller class sizes, keeping the teacher-to-student ratio low. This allows for more individualized attention for each child enrolled in our programs. A child's first experiences in the classroom shape their attitudes about learning and structure in the future, and a smaller class size with focused attention can help ensure that that your child's experience is a positive one!

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