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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-kindergarteners are children who are almost ready for school!

Here at Armadillos to Zebras, we are committed to helping children enter kindergarten with the educational and social skills they will need to succeed. In order to make this a reality, we maintain a low staff-to-student ratio, which allows us to pay individualized attention to the children in our classrooms.

Elaine Webb is our pre-kindergarten teacher. Her qualifications include:

  • More than 20 years of experience in the classroom
  • A graduate degree in elementary education from Texas Women's University
  • Certification as a kindergarten teacher

What will my children learn in the pre-kindergarten program?

Children at Armadillos to Zebras are sure to encounter an enriching, more structured learning environment. Children will be introduced to early literacy, math, and other subjects through:

  • Games
  • Play
  • Story Time
  • Other Multi-Sensory Activities

In order to more fully prepare our pre-kindergarteners for school, we also conduct the same testing that is used in the Richardson Independent School District. Ourafternoon enrichment programs are also available to our pre-kindergarten children. Call 972-231-6998 to learn more about our Richardson and Dallas pre-school.


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