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  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Over ½ Acre Playgrounds
  • Stretch and Grow Exercise Program
  • Music Programs
  • Language Enhancement Programs
  • Educational Programs for Pre-School

After School Program

Our after school program provides children with

  • a healthy snack
  • outlets for them to focus their energy through sports and play, and
  • homework help

In addition to what the Afternoon Enrichment Programs provide, which includes engaging students with music, movement, puppets and games, our After School Program gives children additional opportunities to develop their social skills, learn healthy habits and get in some great exercise. Pre-schoolers in our program are engaged in sporting activities and play with other children as they continue using up even more of that extra energy children always have. Through this added activity they will also continue to work on and develop their motor skills and coordination.

Staff members are also available to engage with children and to help them with homework assignments. Our staff members also encourage the children as they begin to develop their fine motor skills and are introduced to numbers, letters, and colors. To learn more about programs we offer, check out ourafternoon enrichment program page or call our Richardson and Dallas pre-school at 972-231-6998.

To learn more about programs we offer, check out our Afternoon Enrichment Program page.


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