The Boone County Board approved Resolution 12-29 establishing the following fee schedule to recover costs associated with developing and providing GIS data sets, map products, tax information, and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) Data to the public.

Data Type Fee Set-up Fee
Digital Parcel Boundaries, address points, and other features (shapes, lines, points, and polygons)

Commercial rate: $0.50 per geographic feature

Government and Non-Profit rate: $0.25 per geographic feature

Digital Orthophotography    
Hi-Resolution $ 35.00 per 1/4 section None
Low-Resolution $3,000 per geographic township None
  $12,000 entire county None
Digital Centerline File $30.00 per geographic township None
Labor Costs-Digital prep and Production $50.00 per hour (1/2 minimum) None
Assessment Adminstrative Data $0.10 per parcel $25.00
CAMA data $0.10 per parcel $25.00
Current Year Tax Bill Data $800.00 per year None