Constitution of the Russian Federation: With Commentaries and Interpretation

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Brunswick Publishing Corp, 1 янв. 1994 г. - Всего страниц: 83
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Стр. 24 - Everyone shall be guaranteed the right to freedom of conscience, to freedom of religious worship, including the right to profess, individually or jointly with others, any religion, or to profess no religion, to freely choose, possess and disseminate religious or other beliefs, and to act in conformity with them.
Стр. 33 - Human and civil rights and freedoms may be restricted by federal law only to the extent necessary for upholding the foundations of the constitutional system, morality, or the health, rights, and lawful interests of other persons or for ensuring the defense of the country and state security.
Стр. 47 - Citizens of the districts on the basis of universal, direct and equal suffrage by secret ballot for a term of three years.
Стр. 47 - Federation shall propose to the President of the Russian Federation candidates for the offices of Deputy Chairmen of the Government of the Russian Federation and federal ministers. Article 113 The Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation...
Стр. 70 - Office of the Russian Federation shall, if the authority which issues letters rogatory for legal assistance so requests, consider the possibility of applying procedural laws of the requesting foreign state when executing letters rogatory, if it is consistent with the law of the...
Стр. 35 - Federation shall guarantee its citizens defense and protection outside its boundaries. Article 62 1. A citizen of the Russian Federation may have the citizenship of a foreign state (dual citizenship) in accordance with federal law or an international treaty of the Russian Federation. 2.
Стр. 46 - Do you approve of the socio-economic policy carried out by the President of the Russian Federation and the government of the Russian Federation since 1992?
Стр. 50 - Treaty on the Delimitation of Jurisdiction and Powers between the Federal Bodies of State Authority of the Russian Federation and the Bodies of State Authority of the Sovereign Republics within the Russian Federation.
Стр. 22 - The state shall guarantee equal human and civil rights and freedoms without regard to sex, race, nationality language, origin, property or official status, place of residence, attitude toward religion, persuasions, affiliation with social associations or other circumstances. Any form of restriction of civil rights on the basis of social, racial, national, language or religious affiliation shall be prohibited.
Стр. 29 - Article 43 1. Each person shall have the right to education. 2. Preschool, basic general and secondary vocational education in state or municipal educational institutions and at enterprises shall be guaranteed to be accessible to all citizens free of charge. 3. Each person shall be entitled on a competitive basis and free of charge to receive a higher education in a state or municipal educational institution or at an enterprise. 4. Basic general education shall be compulsory.

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