Jews and Jewish Life in Russia and the Soviet Union

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Psychology Press, 1 янв. 1995 г. - Всего страниц: 432
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The main focus of this book is Jewish life under the Soviet regime. The themes of the book include: the attitude of the government to Jews, the fate of the Jewish religion and life in Post-World War II Russia. The volume also contains an assessment of the prospects for future emigration.

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Стр. 48 - A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.
Стр. 151 - I would like every soul to be listed and given first-category rations. There, soul, please eat and enjoy life's pleasures. Pan comrade, you don't know what the International is eaten with . . ." "It is eaten with gunpowder," I answered the old man, "and spiced with best-quality blood.
Стр. 144 - They were a priori exceptional in that as Jews they dwelt on the borderlines of various civilizations, religions, and national cultures. They were born and brought up on the borderlines of various epochs. Their minds matured where the most diverse cultural influences crossed and fertilized each other. They lived on the margins or in the nooks and crannies of their respective nations.
Стр. 204 - Because he could foresee what would happen and did nothing to stop it, the father accepts responsibility for her accident, and for everything else: And it is my fault, my judges. This is what happened to me after I left our house. I betrayed my teachers and made my only daughter a cripple. And it all came about in the course of time because the corners of our house were broken up, and dustmen and those who lived off our mold got control of us, and we were good for nothing and completely unprepared...
Стр. 204 - Under a Fence' in Medardus' statement at the end of the trial (p. 308) : "... that men of dust and similar creatures are neither men nor creatures, and merely visions, and are only born in the sick minds of hermits, and to allow oneself to be led by them is shameful, and to follow them in their paths — disgraceful.
Стр. 416 - Rossiiskii tsentr khraneniia i izucheniia dokumentov noveishei istorii (Russian Center for the Preservation and Study of Documents of Contemporary History) RUP Raionnye upravliaiushchie (District Administrators) RVS Revoliutsionnyi voennyi sovet (Revolutionary Military Council) SNKh Sovet narodnogo khoziaistva (Council of National Economy) Sovkhoz Sovetskoe khoziaistvo (State Farm) Spetschast...
Стр. 377 - The Balance of Births and Deaths Among Soviet Jewry." Jews and Jewish Topics in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 2 (18). 1992. pp. 13-26; Leonid E. Darsky, "Ferlilily in the USSR; Basic Trends...
Стр. 204 - And I mocked more than any of them, and when I told the monks off, I was wittier than anyone. And finally the sentence was pronounced: dirt and garbage that had to be burned

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YAACOV RO'I is a Professor of Russian History at Tel Aviv University. Among his books are Soviet Decision Making in Practice: The USSR and Israel, 1947-1954.

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