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The ACME Crossassembler for Multiple Environments

ACME is a free crossassembler, released under the GNU General Public License. The current version can produce code for the 6502, 65c02 and 65816 processors. It also supports some of the undocumented ("illegal") opcodes of the 6502.

The release number of the current stable version of ACME is "0.91". The release for betatesters is "0.93". In case there are problems with a release, older ones are still available (see the change log for details).

This software runs on several platforms, currently there are versions for:

Whether it will be ported to any other platforms (Apple, anyone? Atari? OS/2?) as well depends on whether someone volunteers to do the conversion. If you think you can do it, just send me an email.

ACME knows about global, local and anonymous labels, global and local macros, conditional assembly and looping assembly. It can include other sourcefiles as well as binaries while assembling, does offset assembly and much more. It even has some library files for everyone's use. And by the way: It is fast.

Amiga version

Release 0.91: Sorry, not yet

Release 0.90, with binaries optimized for 68k, 68020, 68040, 68060:
acme090amiga.lzx (99 KiB)
acme090amiga.lha (181 KiB)
Release 0.88:
acme088amiga.lha (94 KiB)
Release 0.08:
acme008amiga.lzx (78 KiB)
acme008amiga.lha (87 KiB)
(If you happen to have a PPC machine running OS4, you can find a fairly up-to-date version on www.os4depot.net. Thanks to Jochen Kuse for doing this recompile.)

DOS version

Release 0.91: acme091dos.zip (189 KiB)

Release 0.90: acme090dos.zip (177 KiB)
Release 0.88: acme088dos.zip (171 KiB)

Win32 version

Release 0.91: Sorry, not yet

Release 0.90: acme090win32.zip (93 KiB)
Release 0.86: acme086win32.zip (87 KiB)

RISC OS version

Release 0.91: acme091riscos.zip (117 KiB)

Release 0.90: acme090riscos.zip (108 KiB)
Release 0.88: acme088riscos.zip (104 KiB)

Linux/Unix/platform-independent-source-only version

Release 0.93testing (for beta-testers - only download this if you are already familiar with ACME because this archive does not contain the full docs):
acme093testing.tar.bz2 (65 KiB)

Release 0.91:
acme091src.tar.bz2 (110 KiB)
acme091src.tar.gz (129 KiB)
acme091src.zip (163 KiB)

Release 0.90:
acme090src.tar.bz2 (103 KiB)
acme090src.tar.gz (119 KiB)
acme090src.zip (152 KiB)
Release 0.88:
acme088src.tar.bz2 (98 KiB)
acme088src.tar.gz (113 KiB)
acme088src.zip (145 KiB)

These versions of ACME only include almost empty library trees. After downloading and installing the relevant program version, you should also download the current library (ACME_Lib2.zip, 18 KiB) and merge the two.

Fredrik Ramsberg wrote a WordFile (ultraedit_acme_wordfile.zip, 2 KiB, adjusted to release 0.91) for the UltraEdit text editor, allowing syntax coloring in ACME source code files. Thanks Fredrik!

If you happen to use the joe text editor, here's a syntax file (joe_acme_syntax.tar.gz, 2 KiB) to have syntax coloring in ACME source code files.

The mailing list subscription process has changed!

Join the ACME mailing list, for news, bug reports, feature wish lists or for any questions you may have. Just send a message to
acme-feed@tu-clausthal.de and reply to the confirmation request you will receive.

Have fun !

In case you want to convert assembler sources from Hypra-Assembler, Giga-Assembler, AssBlaster 3.x or Flash8-AssBlaster format to ACME format, have a look at ToACME.

By the way, you can rate ACME at Cocos.

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13 Oct 2006