Family Sport is a company which organises sporting events and provides catering service. It was founded by Djokovic family, on December 19, 2005. They directed their plans and ambitions towards implementation of major projects such as organising an ATP tournament, opening a tennis center, distribution of sports equipment and restaurant management.

Family Sport’s biggest project was organisation of the first Serbian ATP tennis tournament, Serbia Open (2009-2013).

Tennis Center Novak is also a great project of Family Sport. It is located on the reconstructed tennis courts "Milan Gale Muskatirovic" in Dorcol, surrounded by Kalemegdan fortress and Nebojsa tower on one side and, the Sava and Danube confluence on the other. There are fourteen high quality courts available to all lovers of the grand sport, as well as spa center, restaurant and Novak Shop, all ideal for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.

Family Sport is exclusive distributor of sport equipment and clothing for Sergio Tacchini company for the region of Southeastern Europe, as well as of sport equipment for HEAD company on the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Bulgaria.

Novak café and restaurants in Belgrade and Kragujevac are there since 2008. They built their position among customers with quality of service, and Family Sport plans to open more in the larger cities in Serbia in future.

Family Sport company established a Humanitarian Fund NOVAK in 2007 and has been very active ever since.

In the spirit of the company’s name, Family Sport cherishes the values that characterise the harmonious and successful family, and in accordance with the name of the brand Novak it emphasises quality and persistency in order to keep the leading position in the area in which it operates. It has been performing its activities as a socially responsible corporation, by raising awareness of the importance of sports, supporting athletes and tournament organisation, and helping those who need it most.

There are key moments in the company's history that marked its business.

2007 was a year of development and a year when the first humanitarian event in our organisation called NAJJ 07 was held. By taking part, Novak, Ana, Jelena and Janko helped with their effort and talent, as well as many friends of our company, to make the project alive. On that occasion, ambulances were donated to hospitals in Kosovska Mitrovica and Brus. After this event, the Novak Fund continued its work participating in numerous humanitarian actions.

2008 Completion of the sales range and popularisation of Novak's shop. Family Sport then expanded its activities and turned to opening of the Novak Café & Restaurant, and began a new era of its activities.

2009 A year full of new business activities and challenges. Family Sport organised the first ATP tournament in Serbia and brought professional athletes and officials of the world's tennis elite to the capital. Two more restaurants Novak Café & Restaurant were opened, in Belgrade and Kragujevac. We became the official importer and distributor of sports equipment of the HEAD brand.

2010 was marked by the beginning of cooperation with Sergio Tacchini company. Family Sport became the official distributor of the brand’s sport equipment for Southeastern Europe.

2013 Novak Café & Restaurant was opened on Kopaonik mountain in December.

2014 In early March Family Sport launched "Novak Catering" in order to continue its leading position in the field of hospitality and offer something completely new! Certified HACCP system in all restaurants "Novak" and "Novak Catering".