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Yale Honorary Degree Recipients

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Name Year Degree
Adams, John2013Doctor of Music
Cerf, Vinton2013Doctor of Engineering & Technology
Clark, Elizabeth A.2013Doctor of Divinity
Danticat, Edwidge2013Doctor of Letters
Davis, Natalie Zemon2013Doctor of Humanities
Duflo, Esther2013Doctor of Social Science
Kentridge, William2013Doctor of Fine Arts
Levin, Richard C.2013Doctor of Humane Letters
Smith, Frederick W.2013Doctor of Humane Letters
Sotomayor, Sonia2013Doctor of Laws
Beck, Aaron Temkin2012Doctor of Medical Sciences
Darnton, Robert2012Doctor of Humanities
Gates, Robert M.2012Doctor of Humane Letters
Goto, Midori2012Doctor of Music
Lubchenco, Jane2012Doctor of Science
Marshall, Margaret Hilary2012Doctor of Laws
Neuwirth, Angelika2012Doctor of Divinity
Wilbur, Richard2012Doctor of Letters
Wilson, William Julius2012Doctor of Social Science
Argyris, Chris2011Doctor of Social Science
Brundtland, Gro Harlem2011Doctor of Humane Letters
Didion, Joan2011Doctor of Letters
Engelbart, Douglas2011Doctor of Engineering and Technology
Heilbron, John2011Doctor of Humanities
Mitchell, George J.2011Doctor of Laws
Ndour, Youssou2011Doctor of Music
Peto, Richard2011Doctor of Medical Sciences
Rowley, Janet Davison2011Doctor of Medical Sciences
Scorsese, Martin2011Doctor of Fine Arts
Alter, Robert2010Doctor of Humanities
Chu, Steven2010Doctor of Science
Feinberg, Michael & Levin, David2010Doctor of Humane Letters
Franklin, Aretha2010Doctor of Music
Pamuk, Orhan2010Doctor of Letters
Rutter, Sir Michael2010Doctor of Medical Sciences
Sirleaf, Ellen Johnson2010Doctor of Laws
Strathern, A. Marilyn2010Doctor of Social Science
Zhang, Yimou2010Doctor of Fine Arts
Clinton, Hillary2009Doctor of Laws
Drayton, William2009Doctor of Humane Letters
Gubaidulina, Sofia2009Doctor of Music
Gutierrez, Gustavo2009Doctor of Divinity
Hood, Lee2009Doctor of Medical Sciences
Jones, Bill T.2009Doctor of Fine Arts
McPhee, John2009Doctor of Letters
Richard, Alison2009Doctor of Humane Letters
Schelling, Thomas2009Doctor of Social Science
Serra, Richard2009Doctor of Fine Arts
Ashbery, John2008Doctor of Letters
Faust, Drew2008Doctor of Humanities
Hills, Carla2008Doctor of Laws
McCartney, Paul2008Doctor of Music
Oduyoye, Mercy2008Doctor of Divinity
Pachauri, Rajendra2008Doctor of Humane Letters
Pelli, Cesar2008Doctor of Fine Arts
Rees, Martin2008Doctor of Science
Abed, Fazle 2007Doctor of Humane Letters
Abrams, M.H. 2007Doctor of Humanities
Ax, Emanuel 2007Doctor of Music
Ferejohn, John 2007Social Science
Gilder, Richard2007Doctor of Humane Letters
Harris, Julie2007Doctor of Fine Arts
King, Mary-Claire2007Medical Sciences
Langa, Pius 2007Doctor of Laws
Langer, Robert2007Doctor of Science
Matthiessen, Peter 2007Doctor of Letters
Albee, Edward2006Doctor of Letters
Brown, Peter2006Doctor of Humanities
Hadid, Zaha2006Doctor of Fine Arts
Idel, Moshe2006Doctor of Divinity
O'Connor, Sandra Day2006Doctor of Laws
Pepper, John2006Doctor of Humane Letters
Raven, Peter2006Doctor of Science
Wexler, Nancy Sabin2006Doctor of Medical Sciences
Barton, Jacqueline K.2005Doctor of Science
DeVecchi, Robert2005Doctor of Humane Letters
Foege, William2005Doctor of Medical Sciences
Hockney, David2005Doctor of Fine Arts
Ramphele, Mamphela2005Doctor of Humane Letters
Samuelson, Paul2005Doctor of Social Science
Stevenson, Bryan A.2005Doctor of Laws
Wiles, Andrew2005Doctor of Science
Assmann, Jan2004Doctor of Social Science
Baltimore, David2004Doctor of Science
Fisher, Bernard2004Doctor of Medical Sciences
Friedlander, Lee2004Doctor of Fine Arts
Keohane, Nannerl2004Doctor of Humane Letters
Maathai, Wangari2004Doctor of Humane Letters
Mays, Willie2004Doctor of Humane Letters
Wolfe, Thomas2004Doctor of Letters
Bernstein, Robert Louis2003Doctor of Humane Letters
Brenner, Sydney2003Doctor of Science
Cosby, Jr., William H.2003Doctor of Humane Letters
Ely, John Hart2003Doctor of Laws
Fauci, Anthony Stephen2003Doctor of Medical Sciences
Foster, Lord Norman (of Thames Bank OM)2003Doctor of Fine Arts
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader2003Doctor of Laws
Hartman, David L.2003Doctor of Divinity
Painter, Nell Irvin2003Doctor of Letters
Penderecki, Krzysztof2003Doctor of Music
Sen, Amartya K.2003Doctor of Social Science
Benoliel, Jeanne Quinit2002Doctor of Medical Sciences
Bhatt, Ela Ramesh2002Doctor of Social Science
Carter, Robert L.2002Doctor of Laws
Coffin, William Sloane2002Doctor of Divinity
Fagles, Robert2002Doctor of Letters
Moore, Gordon2002Doctor of Science
Spielberg, Stephen2002Doctor of Humane Letters
Steele, Claude M.2002Doctor of Social Science
Summers, Lawrence2002Doctor of Social Science
Tilghman, Shirley2002Doctor of Science
Bush, George W.2001Doctor of Laws
Franke, Richard J.2001Doctor of Humane Letters
Futter, Ellen V.2001Doctor of Humane Letters
Granville, Evelyn Boyd2001Doctor of Science
Mitchell, Arthur2001Doctor of Fine Arts
Rubin, Robert E.2001Doctor of Laws
Upshaw, Dawn K.2001Doctor of Music
Varmus, Dr. Harold E.2001Doctor of Science
Wald, Patricia M.2001Doctor of Laws
Waterston, Samuel A.2001Doctor of Fine Arts
Williams, Bernard A.O.2001Doctor of Letters
Zedillo, Ernesto2001Doctor of Laws
Buckley, William F.2000Doctor of Humane Letters
Casper, Gerhard2000Doctor of Laws
de la Soudiere, Marie2000Doctor of Social Science
Gehry, Frank O.2000Doctor of Fine Arts
Moynihan, Daniel Patrick2000Doctor of Laws
Price, Hugh B.2000Doctor of Laws
Stoppard, Tom2000Doctor of Letters
Thier, Dr. Samuel Osiah2000Doctor of Medical Sciences
Tutu, Desmond M.2000Doctor of Divinity
Vendler, Helen2000Doctor of Letters
Alberts, Bruce1999Doctor of Science
Andrews, Julie1999Doctor of Fine Arts
Barak, Aharon1999Doctor of Laws
Greenspan, Alan1999Doctor of Humane Letters
Harris, Barbara1999Doctor of Divinity
Heaney, Seamus Justin1999Doctor of Letters
Horchow, Samuel Roger1999Doctor of Humane Letters
Kao, Charles Kuen1999Doctor of Science
Richmond, Dr. Julius Benjamin1999Doctor of Medical Sciences
Suzman, Helen1999Doctor of Laws
Bartholomew I, His All Holiness1998Doctor of Divinity
Horne, Lena1998Doctor of Humane Letters
Lerner, Gerda1998Doctor of Letters
McCullough, David1998Doctor of Letters
Ogata, Sadako1998Doctor of Humane Letters
Rose, Frederick P.1998Doctor of Humane Letters
Shaw, Robert L.1998Doctor of Music
Wilson, Edward O.1998Doctor of Science
Yunus, Muhammad1998Doctor of Social Science
Belo, Carlos Filipe Ximenes, Bishop1997Doctor of Divinity
Foster, Jodie1997Doctor of Fine Arts
Gilman, Dr. Alfred G.1997Doctor of Medical Sciences
Goizueta, Roberto1997Doctor of Humane Letters
Jamison, Judith1997Doctor of Fine Arts
Molina, Mario J.1997Doctor of Science
Robinson, Eddie1997Doctor of Humane Letters
Robinson, Mary1997Doctor of Laws
Sendak, Maurice1997Doctor of Letters
Carson Sr., Benjamin Solomon1996Doctor of Medical Sciences
Close, Charles T.1996Doctor of Fine Arts
Gibson, Eleanor Jack1996Doctor of Social Science
Kilby, Jack St. Clair1996Doctor of Science
Posner, Richard A.1996Doctor of Laws
Schmidheiny, Stephan Ernst1996Doctor of Humane Letters
Shriver, Eunice Kennedy1996Doctor of Humane Letters
Simon, Paul F.1996Doctor of Music
Chouinard, Yvon1995Doctor of Humane Letters
Dilworth, J. Richardson1995Doctor of Humane Letters
Heagerty, Margaret C.1995Doctor of Medical Sciences
Kermode, Frank1995Doctor of Letters
Marsalis, Wynton1995Doctor of Music
Marty, Martin E.1995Doctor of Divinity
Roche, Kevin1995Doctor of Fine Arts
Wald, Florence Schorske1995Doctor of Medical Sciences
Weicker, Lowell Jr.1995Doctor of Laws
Cooke, Robert E., M.D.1994Doctor of Medical Sciences
Masur, Kurt1994Doctor of Music
Puryear, Martin1994Doctor of Fine Arts
Singer, Maxine1994Doctor of Science
Tantaquidgeon, Gladys Iola1994Doctor of Humane Letters
Tversky, Amos1994Doctor of Social Science
Vargas Llosa, Mario1994Doctor of Letters
Weinstein, Jack B.1994Doctor of Laws
Ashe, Arthur R.1993Doctor of Humane Letters
Bass, Perry R.1993Doctor of Humane Letters
Bonner, Elena1993Doctor of Laws
Cooke, Alfred Alistair1993Doctor of Letters
de Romilly, Jacqueline 1993Doctor of Letters
Lamar, Howard Roberts1993Doctor of Laws
Laney, James T.1993Doctor of Humane Letters
May, Robert McCredie1993Doctor of Science
Meier, Deborah W.1993Doctor of Humane Letters
Weakland, Rembert G.1993Doctor of Divinity
Wildavsky, Aaron1993Doctor of Social Science
Berberova, Nina1992Doctor of Letters
Brendel, Alfred1992Doctor of Music
Collins, Francis S.1992Doctor of Science
Dayton, Kenneth N.1992Doctor of Humane Letters
Elders, M. Joycelyn1992Doctor of Medical Sciences
Ferré, M. Isolina1992Doctor of Humane Letters
Graves, Nancy Stevenson1992Doctor of Fine Arts
Kollek, Teddy1992Doctor of Laws
Landsbergis, Vytautas1992Doctor of Laws
Massey, Walter E.1992Doctor of Science
Osborn, June E.1992Doctor of Medical Sciences
Rudenstein, Neil L.1992Doctor of Laws
Shils, Edward1992Doctor of Letters
Baker, Russell1991Doctor of Humane Letters
Blackburn, Elizabeth H.1991Doctor of Science
Bush, George H.1991Doctor of Laws
Cole, Johnnetta Betsch1991Doctor of Humane Letters
Crosby, John1991Doctor of Fine Arts
Deming, W. Edwards1991Doctor of Laws
Foss, Lukas1991Doctor of Music
Soros, George1991Doctor of Humane Letters
Wechsler, Herbert1991Doctor of Laws
Blackwell, David1990Doctor of Social Science
Buechner, Frederick1990Doctor of Divinity
Harris, Irving B.1990Doctor of Humane Letters
Himmelfarb, Gertrude1990Doctor of Humane Letters
Hirschman, Albert O.1990Doctor of Social Science
Mankiller, Wilma P.1990Doctor of Humane Letters
Norman, Jessye1990Doctor of Music
Nusslein-Volhard, Christiane1990Doctor of Science
Rhoads, Jonathan E.1990Doctor of Medical Sciences
Rubin, Vera C.1990Doctor of Science
Berlin, Sir Isaiah1989Doctor of Humane Letters
Caro, Sir Anthony1989Doctor of Fine Arts
Coase, Ronald H.1989Doctor of Social Science
Cruz, Celia1989Doctor of Music
Dumas, Rhetaugh Graves1989Doctor of Humane Letters
Edelman, Marek1989Doctor of Humane Letters
Hawking, Stephen W.1989Doctor of Science
Lang, Eugene M.1989Doctor of Humane Letters
Naudé, Rev. C.F. Beyers1989Doctor of Divinity
Powell, Jr.,Lewis F.1989Doctor of Laws
Press, Frank1989Doctor of Science
Runcie, The Most Rev. Robert A.K.1989Doctor of Divinity
Steinberg, Saul1989Doctor of Fine Arts
Ball, Robert M.1988Doctor of Laws
Farrell, Suzanne1988Doctor of Fine Arts
Macdonald, Anne T.1988Doctor of Humane Letters
Newman, Paul1988Doctor of Humane Letters
Schuman, William1988Doctor of Music
Seldin, Donald W.1988Doctor of Science
Shapiro, Harold Tafler1988Doctor of Laws
Townes, Charles H.1988Doctor of Science
Wilson, August1988Doctor of Letters
Brennan, Jr., William J.1987Doctor of Laws
Debreu, Gerard1987Doctor of Social Science
Fisher, Michael E.1987Doctor of Science
Geertz, Clifford1987Doctor of Social Science
Gilbert, Felix1987Doctor of Humane Letters
Lin, Maya Ying1987Doctor of Fine Arts
Ma, Yo-yo1987Doctor of Music
Mathias, Jr., Charles McC.1987Doctor of Laws
McCord, James I.1987Doctor of Divinity
Meselson, Matthew1987Doctor of Science
Motley, Constance Baker1987Doctor of Laws
Beinecke, William S.1986Doctor of Laws
Fitzgerald, Ella1986Doctor of Music
Giamatti, A. Bartlett1986Doctor of Humane Letters
Gordimer, Nadine1986Doctor of Letters
Henderson, Donald Ainslie1986Doctor of Science
Lawrence, Jacob1986Doctor of Fine Arts
Nathans, Daniel1986Doctor of Science
North, Helen F.1986Doctor of Humane Letters
Oduber, Daniel1986Doctor of Laws
Peterson, Roger T.1986Doctor of Humane Letters
Polotsky, H.J.1986Doctor of Humane Letters
Sin, Cardinal Jaime L.1986Doctor of Divinity
Solow, Robert M.1986Doctor of Social Science
Baker, Jr., Howard H.1985Doctor of Laws
Edelman, Marian Wright1985Doctor of Laws
Kasemann, Ernest1985Doctor of Divinity
Momigliano, Arnaldo1985Doctor of Humane Letters
Morrison, Toni1985Doctor of Letters
Panofsky, Wolfgang K.H.1985Doctor of Science
Peters, Ellen Ash1985Doctor of Laws
Ramphal, Shridath S.1985Doctor of Laws
Ranney, Austin1985Doctor of Social Science
Turowicz, Jerzy1985Doctor of Humane Letters
von Stade, Frederica1985Doctor of Music
Wood, Joe1985Doctor of Humane Letters
Boesak, Allan A.1984Doctor of Divinity
Broder, David S.1984Doctor of Humane Letters
Cohen, Gerson D.1984Doctor of Divinity
Hersey, John1984Doctor of Letters
Koh, Tommy T.B.1984Doctor of Laws
Leder, Philip1984Doctor of Science
Opel, John R.1984Doctor of Laws
Rivlin, Alice M.1984Doctor of Social Science
Rustin, Bayard1984Doctor of Laws
Tallchief, Maria1984Doctor of Fine Arts
Volcker, Paul A.1984Doctor of Laws
Bernardin, Joseph, Cardinal1983Doctor of Divinity
Cutler, Lloyd N.1983Doctor of Laws
Fugard, Athol1983Doctor of Fine Arts
Higginbotham, A. Leon1983Doctor of Laws
Knox, Bernard M.W.1983Doctor of Humane Letters
Lewis, Sir W. Arthur1983Doctor of Social Science
MacCready, Paul B.1983Doctor of Science
Sherlock, Dame Shella1983Doctor of Science
Streep, Meryl1983Doctor of Fine Arts
Boiteux, Marcel P.1982Doctor of Social Science
Goodman, Benny1982Doctor of Music
Habib, Philip C.1982Doctor of Laws
Henderson, Virginia1982Doctor of Science
Jones, James Earl1982Doctor of Fine Arts
Laughlin, James1982Doctor of Humane Letters
McClintock, Barbara1982Doctor of Science
Merrill, James1982Doctor of Letters
O'Donnell, Maureen V.1982Doctor of Humane Letters
Verity, Jr.,C. William1982Doctor of Laws
Wilson, J. Tuzo1982Doctor of Science
Braudel, Fernand1981Doctor of Humane Letters
Brown, Sterling Allen1981Doctor of Letters
Frankenthaler, Helen1981Doctor of Fine Arts
Harish-Chandra,1981Doctor of Science
Hufstefler, Shirley M.1981Doctor of Laws
Keith, Damon J.1981Doctor of Laws
Lee, Sherman E.1981Doctor of Humane Letters
Mosteller, Frederick1981Doctor of Social Science
Perlman, Itzhak1981Doctor of Music
Urquhart, Brian1981Doctor of Laws
Webber, George W.1981Doctor of Divinity
Wiesel, Elie1981Doctor of Letters
Yanofsky, Charles1981Doctor of Science
Chase, Lucia1980Doctor of Fine Arts
Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich1980Doctor of Music
Hoffmann, Roald1980Doctor of Science
Johnson, Jr., Frank Minis1980Doctor of Laws
Kaye, Danny1980Doctor of Humane Letters
Momaday, N. Scott1980Doctor of Humane Letters
Musser, John M.1980Doctor of Laws
Ribicoff, Abraham A.1980Doctor of Laws
Soyinka, Wole1980Doctor of Letters
Suenens,Cardinal L.J.1980Doctor of Divinity
Thompson, John Griggs1980Doctor of Science
Veil, Simone1980Doctor of Laws
Baryshnikov, Mikhail1979Doctor of Fine Arts
Bradley, Tom1979Doctor of Laws
Fitzgerald, Robert Stuart1979Doctor of Letters
Ingelfinger, Franz J.1979Doctor of Science
Jones, Reginald H.1979Doctor of Laws
Liebaers, Herman1979Doctor of Humane Letters
Miller, George A.1979Doctor of Social Science
Miller, J. Irwin1979Doctor of Humane Letters
Murray, Pauli1979Doctor of Divinity
Polier, Justine Wise1979Doctor of Laws
Price, Leontyne1979Doctor of Music
Venturi, Robert1979Doctor of Fine Arts
Weinberg, Steven1979Doctor of Science
Berg, Paul1978Doctor of Science
Brodsky, Joseph1978Doctor of Letters
Dantzig, George B.1978Doctor of Science
Evans, John Roberts1978Doctor of Laws
Gray, Hanna Holborn1978Doctor of Laws
Hanks, Nancy1978Doctor of Humane Letters
Hauge, Gabriel1978Doctor of Laws
Johnson, Philip1978Doctor of Fine Arts
Morgan, William W.1978Doctor of Science
Schapiro, Meyer1978Doctor of Humane Letters
Scholem, Gershom1978Doctor of Divinity
Silva Henriquez,Cardinal Raul1978Doctor of Divinity
Benzer, Seymour1977Doctor of Science
Bond, Edward1977Doctor of Letters
Bourgeois, Louise1977Doctor of Fine Arts
Brewster, Jr., Kingman1977Doctor of Laws
Corrigan, Mairead1977Doctor of Laws
Durrell, Gerald M.1977Doctor of Humane Letters
Ford, Gerald R.1977Doctor of Laws
Franklin, John Hope1977Doctor of Humane Letters
Horgan, Paul1977Doctor of Letters
King, Riley B.B.1977Doctor of Music
Ramsbotham, Sir Peter GCVO, KCMG1977Doctor of Laws
Reston, James1977Doctor of Humane Letters
Shapiro, Irving S.1977Doctor of Laws
Williams, Betty1977Doctor of Laws
Bailey, Jr., Herbert S.1976Doctor of Humane Letters
Bailyn, Bernard1976Doctor of Humane Letters
Beams, Jesse Wakefield1976Doctor of Science
Coleman, Jr., William T.1976Doctor of Laws
Cooper, Franklin Seaney1976Doctor of Science
Drew, Elizabeth1976Doctor of Humane Letters
Hewlett, William R.1976Doctor of Laws
Leakey, Mary Douglas Nicol1976Doctor of Social Science
Milliken, William G.1976Doctor of Laws
Rostropovich, Mstislav1976Doctor of Music
Trudeau, Garretson Beekman1976Doctor of Humane Letters
Alfrink, Bernardus J., Cardinal1975Doctor of Divinity
Beeson, Paul B.1975Doctor of Science
Bruner, Jerome S.1975Doctor of Social Science
Doar, John1975Doctor of Laws
Jordan, Jr., Vernon E.1975Doctor of Laws
Lettick, Amy Ladin1975Doctor of Humane Letters
Lyman, Richard Wall1975Doctor of Laws
Ripley II, Sidney D.1975Doctor of Laws
Scranton, William W.1975not noted
Stern, Isaac1975Doctor of Music
Watson, Jr.,Thomas J.1975Doctor of Laws
Welty, Eudora1975Doctor of Letters
Arrow, Kenneth J.1974Doctor of Social Science
Donnelley, Gaylord1974Doctor of Laws
Gardner, John W.1974Doctor of Laws
Hellman, Lillian1974Doctor of Letters
Hines, Rev. John E.1974Doctor of Divinity
Ohira, Masayoshi1974Doctor of Laws
Rogers, Fred McFeely1974Doctor of Humane Letters
Sawyer, John E.1974Doctor of Laws
Solti,Georg, K.B.E., Sir 1974Doctor of Music
Trilling, Lionel1974Doctor of Humane Letters
Wheeler, John Archibald1974Doctor of Science
Adams, Ansel1973Doctor of Fine Arts
Alsop, Stewart1973Doctor of Humane Letters
Berliner, Robert W.1973Doctor of Science
Ebert, James David1973Doctor of Science
Florovsky, Rev. Georges1973Doctor of Divinity
Gardner, Dame H.1973Doctor of Humane Letters
Levi, Edward Hirsch1973Doctor of Laws
Strong, Maurice F.1973Doctor of Laws
Watts, Andre1973Doctor of Music
Young, Jr., Andrew J.1973Doctor of Laws
Bellow, Saul1972Doctor of Letters
Bowen, William G.1972Doctor of Laws
Ford II, Henry1972Doctor of Laws
Freund, Paul1972Doctor of Laws
Graham, Katharine1972Doctor of Humane Letters
Hein, Piet1972Doctor of Humane Letters
Huxtable, Ada L.1972Doctor of Humane Letters
Kuffler, Stephen W.1972Doctor of Science
Pfaffmann, Carl1972Doctor of Science
Plimpton, Francis T.P.1972Doctor of Laws
Smith, Gerard Coad1972Doctor of Laws
Sullivan, Leon Howard1972Doctor of Divinity
Arendt, Hannah1971Doctor of Humane Letters
Bok, Derek C.1971Doctor of Laws
Brandt, The Right Hon. Willy1971Doctor of Laws
Dilworth, Ricardson1971Doctor of Laws
Erikson, Erik H.1971Doctor of Social Science
Glueck, Rabbi Nelson1971Doctor of Divinity
Graham, Martha1971Doctor of Fine Arts
Hambro, Edvard1971Doctor of Laws
Hesburgh, Rev. Theodore M., C.S.C.1971Doctor of Laws
Holden, Reuben A.1971Doctor of Humane Letters
Merrifield, Robert B.1971Doctor of Science
Stead, Jr., Eugene A.1971Doctor of Science
Ashby, Sir Eric1970Doctor of Humane Letters
Baumgartner, Dr. Leona1970Doctor of Laws
Buchwald, Art1970Doctor of Humane Letters
Carter, Jr., Elliott Cook1970Doctor of Music
Chadwick, Henry1970Doctor of Divinity
Harnwell, Gaylord Probasco1970Doctor of Laws
Piaget, Jean1970Doctor of Social Science
Soedjatmoko,1970Doctor of Humane Letters
Stommel, Henry Melson1970Doctor of Science
Sutherland, Jr., Earl W.1970Doctor of Science
Thomas, Franklin A.1970Doctor of Laws
Babbidge, Homer D.1969Doctor of Laws
Baldwin, Roger Nash1969Doctor of Laws
Fauntroy, Walter E.1969Doctor of Divinity
Foster, William C.1969Doctor of Laws
Greenewalt, Crawford H.1969Doctor of Science
Hart, Jr.,Henry M.1969Doctor of Laws
Hess, Harry H.1969Doctor of Science
MacLane, Saunders1969Doctor of Science
Rahner, Karl, S.J.1969Doctor of Divinity
Rothko, Mark1969Doctor of Fine Arts
Saunders, Dr. Cicely1969Doctor of Science
Sullivan, Walter Seager1969Doctor of Humane Letters
Thompson, Llewellyn E.1969Doctor of Laws
Bowles, Chester1968Doctor of Laws
Colwell, David G.1968Doctor of Divinity
Dulbecco, Renato1968Doctor of Science
Freud, Anna1968Doctor of Science
Ginastera, Alberto1968Doctor of Music
Hutchison, W. Bruce1968Doctor of Humane Letters
Lehman, Robert1968Doctor of Humane Letters
Lowell, Robert1968Doctor of Letters
Merton, Robert K.1968Doctor of Science
Perkins, James A.1968Doctor of Laws
Shannon, James A.1968Doctor of Laws
Tukey, John W.1968Doctor of Science
Vance, Cyrus R.1968Doctor of Laws
Weinberg, Sidney J.1968Doctor of Laws
Altschul, Frank1967Doctor of Laws
Barr, Jr., Alfred H.1967Doctor of Fine Arts
Ellington, Duke1967Doctor of Music
Finkelstein, Louis1967Doctor of Divinity
Fulton of Flamer, The Right Hon. Lord1967Doctor of Laws
Jakobson, Roman1967Doctor of Humane Letters
Kappel, Frederick R.1967Doctor of Laws
Lorenz, Konrad1967Doctor of Science
Mellon, Paul1967Doctor of Humane Letters
Palade, George E.1967Doctor of Science
Reischauer, Edwin O.1967Doctor of Laws
Tuchman, Barbara W.1967Doctor of Humane Letters
Wu, Chien-Shiung1967Doctor of Science
Allen, Jr.,James E.1966Doctor of Laws
Bernstein, Leonard1966Doctor of Music
Eliade, Mercea1966Doctor of Humane Letters
Gowans, James L.1966Doctor of Science
Land, Edwin H.1966Doctor of Science
Luce, Henry R.1966Doctor of Laws
Moore, Henry1966Doctor of Fine Arts
Murray, John Courtney, S.J.1966Doctor of Divinity
Sandage, Allan1966Doctor of Science
Schmidt, Maarten1966Doctor of Science
Schweitzer, Pierre-Paul1966Doctor of Laws
Silone, Ignazio1966Doctor of Letters
Bennett, John C.1965Doctor of Divinity
Cabot, Paul Codman1965Doctor of Laws
de Vaux,Roland P.O.P., Rev. 1965Doctor of Humane Letters
Green, Edith Starrett1965Doctor of Laws
Kahn, Louis I.1965Doctor of Fine Arts
Levi-Strauss, Claude1965Doctor of Science
Lewis, Wilmarth Sheldon1965Doctor of Laws
Marjolin, Robert E.1965Doctor of Laws
Nirenberg, Marshall1965Doctor of Science
Spock, Benjamin1965Doctor of Humane Letters
Thant, U1965Doctor of Laws
Wilson, Owen Meredith1965Doctor of Laws
Abelson, Philip H.1964Doctor of Science
Boyd, Julian P.1964Doctor of Humane Letters
Cooper, John S.1964Doctor of Laws
Fontanne, Lynn1964Doctor of Humane Letters
Garrison, Winfred E.1964Doctor of Divinity
Harriman, William A.1964Doctor of Laws
Jessup, Philip C.1964Doctor of Laws
King, Jr., Rev. Martin Luther1964Doctor of Laws
Lunt, Alfred1964Doctor of Humane Letters
Mason, Edward Sagendorph1964Doctor of Laws
Shriver, Robert Sargent1964Doctor of Laws
Stackpole, Edouard Alexandre1964Master of Arts
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick1964Doctor of Science
Bemis, Samuel F.1963Doctor of Humane Letters
Dickey, Charles D.1963Doctor of Laws
Hadley, Morris1963Doctor of Laws
Hall, Cameron P.1963Doctor of Divinity
Hugo, Harold1963Master of Arts
Lloyd, Robert McAllister1963Doctor of Laws
Nicolson, Marjorie H.1963Doctor of Humane Letters
Norstad, Lauris1963Doctor of Laws
Pierce, John R.1963Doctor of Science
Simon, Herbert A.1963Doctor of Science
Acheson, Dean G.1962Doctor of Laws
Albers, Josef1962Doctor of Fine Arts
Blake, Eugene1962Doctor of Divinity
Brooks, Harvey1962Doctor of Science
Buck, Norman S.1962Doctor of Laws
Bush, Prescott1962Doctor of Laws
Clark, Charles E.1962Doctor of Laws
Hochschild, Harold K.1962Master of Arts
Hotchkiss, Rollin D.1962Doctor of Science
Kennedy, John F.1962Doctor of Laws
Rubinstein, Artur1962Doctor of Music
Ryerson, Edward L.1962Doctor of Laws
Weigel, Gustave, S.J.1962Doctor of Divinity
Williams, Frank O.H.1962Doctor of Laws
Bundy, McGeorge1961Doctor of Humane Letters
Burrows, Millar1961Doctor of Divinity
Coons, Albert H.1961Doctor of Science
Edgerton, Franklin1961Doctor of Humane Letters
Frankfurter, Felix1961Doctor of Laws
Gates, Thomas S.1961Doctor of Laws
Lee, Richard C.1961Master of Arts
Monnet, Jean1961Doctor of Laws
Seyrig, Henri1961Doctor of Humane Letters
Sherk, F. Allen1961Master of Arts
Todd, Sir Alexander1961Doctor of Science
Van Santvoord, George1961Doctor of Humane Letters
Wright, James Skelly1961Doctor of Laws
Beltran, Don Pedro1960Doctor of Laws
Black, Eugene R.1960Doctor of Laws
Bunnell, Walls W.1960Master of Arts
Ch'ien ,Mu1960Doctor of Humane Letters
Fry, Franklin C.1960Doctor of Divinity
Fulton, William S.1960Doctor of Humane Letters
Hall, Edward Tuck1960Master of Arts
Harriman, Edward R.1960Doctor of Laws
Lederberg, Joshua1960Doctor of Science
Porter, Cole1960Doctor of Humane Letters
Rubey, William W.1960Doctor of Science
Sherrill, Henry Knox1960Doctor of Laws
Warren, Robert Penn1960Doctor of Letters
Bunker, Ellsworth1959Doctor of Laws
Gell-Mann, Murray1959Doctor of Science
Hamilton, Edith1959Doctor of Letters
Hocking, William E.1959Doctor of Humane Letters
Kazan, Elia1959Master of Arts
Leger, Alexis1959Doctor of Letters
Loomis, James L.1959Doctor of Laws
Mayr, Ernest1959Doctor of Science
Myrdal, Gunnar K.1959Doctor of Laws
Phillips, Duncan1959Doctor of Humane Letters
Read, David H.C.1959Doctor of Divinity
Stewart, Potter1959Doctor of Laws
Furniss, Edgar S.1958Doctor of Laws
Haskins, Caryl P.1958Doctor of Science
Hough, Henry B.1958Master of Arts
Howe II, Harold1958Master of Arts
Josephs, Devereux C.1958Doctor of Laws
Knopf, Alfred A.1958Doctor of Humane Letters
Lovett, Sidney1958Doctor of Divinity
Martin, William McChesney1958Doctor of Laws
Park, Rosemary1958Doctor of Laws
Reading, The Dowager Marchioness of1958Doctor of Laws
Spitzer, Jr., Lyman1958Doctor of Science
Wald, George1958Doctor of Science
Armstrong, Hamilton Fish1957Doctor of Letters
Burn, Joshua H.1957Doctor of Science
Carmichael, Omer1957Master of Arts
Clark, Stephen Carlton1957Doctor of Humane Letters
Goheen, Robert F.1957Doctor of Laws
Gruenther, Alfred M.1957Doctor of Laws
Hammarskjold, Dag1957Doctor of Laws
Hastie, William H.1957Doctor of Laws
Latourette, Kenneth S.1957Doctor of Divinity
Luccock, Halford E.1957Doctor of Divinity
Quarles, Donald A.1957Doctor of Laws
Richards, Dickinson W.1957Doctor of Science
Spender, Sir Percy Claude1957Doctor of Laws
Adenauer, Konrad1956Doctor of Laws
Edgerton, Henry White1956Doctor of Laws
Galatti, Stephen1956Master of Arts
Langer, William L.1956Doctor of Humane Letters
Livingstone, Sir Richard Winn1956Doctor of Letters
Olds, Irving Sands1956Doctor of Laws
Roselle, Ernest North1956Master of Arts
Sherburn, George W.1956Doctor of Humane Letters
Taylor, Maxwell Davenport1956Doctor of Laws
Webb, Electra Havemeyer1956Master of Arts
Wilder, Amos Niven1956Doctor of Divinity
Woodward, Robert Burns1956Doctor of Science
Benson, John H.1955Master of Arts
Bronk, Detlev Wulf1955Doctor of Science
Coe, Albert Buckner1955Doctor of Divinity
du Vigneaud, Vincent1955Doctor of Science
Gipson, Lawrence Henry1955Doctor of Humane Letters
Hall, William E.1955Master of Arts
Humphrey, George M.1955Doctor of Laws
Moore, Douglas S.1955Doctor of Music
Smith, Walter Bedell1955Doctor of Laws
Stevens, Wallace1955Doctor of Letters
Sturley, Winifred1955Master of Arts
Devanandan, Paul D.1954Doctor of Divinity
Dibelius, Friedrick Karl1954Doctor of Divinity
Fisher, Geoffrey F.1954Doctor of Laws
Kittredge, Henry Crocker1954Doctor of Humane Letters
Lewis, Edmund Harris1954Doctor of Laws
Malik, Charles Habib1954Doctor of Laws
Michael, Archbishop1954Doctor of Divinity
Needham, Wesley E.1954Master of Arts
Paton, Alan S.1954Doctor of Humane Letters
Penfield, Wilder Graves1954Doctor of Science
Shannon, Claude Elwood1954Master of Science
Shepley, Ethan A. Hitchcock1954Doctor of Laws
Spruance, Raymond A.1954Doctor of Laws
Teller, Edward1954Doctor of Science
Visser't Hooft, Willem Adolf1954Doctor of Divinity
Wright, Frank Lloyd1954Doctor of Fine Arts
Wright, Louis Booker1954Doctor of Humane Letters
Bartholomew, Marshall1953Master of Arts
Dana, Samuel Trask1953Doctor of Science
duPont, Henry Francis1953Doctor of Humane Letters
Enders, John Franklin1953Doctor of Science
Fulbright, James W.1953Doctor of Laws
Gaffney, Matthew P.1953Doctor of Laws
Hendrickson, George L.1953Doctor of Laws
Lohmann, Carl A.1953Doctor of Humane Letters
Mendell, Clarence W.1953Doctor of Laws
Moe, Henry A.1953Doctor of Laws
Morse, Hermann N.1953Doctor of Divinity
Pusey, Nathan M.1953Doctor of Laws
Pusey, Nathan Marsh1953Doctor of Laws
Sachs, Paul J.1953Doctor of Humane Letters
Thurber, James Grover1953Doctor of Letters
Bradford, Arthur H.1952Doctor of Divinity
Hincks, Carroll C.1952Doctor of Laws
Lovett, Robert A.1952Doctor of Laws
Moses, Robert1952Doctor of Laws
Taft, Charles Phelps1952Doctor of Laws
Wadsworth, James Wolcott1952Doctor of Laws
Winternitz, Milton Charles1952Doctor of Laws
Albright, William Foxwell1951Doctor of Letters
Bowen, Norman Levi1951Doctor of Science
Bridgman, Percy Williams1951Doctor of Science
Buck, Sir Peter Henry1951Doctor of Science
Clark, John Maurice1951Doctor of Letters
Corbin, Arthur Linton1951Doctor of Laws
Cori, Gerty Therese1951Doctor of Science
Dewey, John1951Doctor of Letters
Godel, Kurt1951Doctor of Letters
Goodspeed, Edgar Johnson1951Doctor of Divinity
Loewi, Otto1951Doctor of Science
MacIver, Robert Morrison1951Doctor of Humane Letters
Malone, Kemp1951Doctor of Letters
Mathewson, Champiion Herbert1951Doctor of Science
McIlwain, Charles Howard1951Doctor of Letters
Merriam, Charles Edward1951Doctor of Letters
Merrill, Elmer Drew1951Doctor of Science
Morey, Charles Rufus1951Doctor of Letters
Notestein, Wallace1951Doctor of Letters
Russell, Henry Norris1951Doctor of Science
Sturtevant, Alfred Henry1951Doctor of Science
Sturtevant, Edgar Howard1951Doctor of Letters
Tolman, Edward Chace1951Doctor of Science
Urey, Harold Clayton1951Doctor of Science
von Karman, Theodore1951Doctor of Science
Hoffman, Paul Gray1950Doctor of Laws
Kendall, Edward Calvin1950Doctor of Science
Kennan, George Frost1950Doctor of Laws
Leffingwell, Russell Cornell1950Doctor of Laws
Marin, John1950Doctor of Fine Arts
Marquand, John Phillips1950Doctor of Letters
Reid, Helen Rogers1950Doctor of Humane Letters
Reisner, John Henry1950Master of Arts
Smadel, Joseph Edwin1950Master of Science
Stakman, Elvin Charles1950Doctor of Science
Weigle, Luther Allan1950Doctor of Divinity
Bissell, Jr., Richard Mervin1949Master of Arts
Canham, Erwin Dain1949Doctor of Humane Letters
Clay, Lucius DuBignon1949Doctor of Laws
Coe, William Robertson1949Master of Arts
Dodge, Bayard1949Doctor of Laws
McCloy, John Jay1949Doctor of Laws
Morison, Samuel Eliot1949Doctor of Letters
Nash, Norman Burdett1949Doctor of Divinity
Rollins, Carl Purington1949Doctor of Humane Letters
Rous, Peyton1949Doctor of Science
Saarinen, Eero1949Master of Arts
Wright, Sewall1949Doctor of Science
Adams, Roger1948Doctor of Science
Belmont, Eleanor Robson1948Master of Arts
Cavert, Samuel McCrea1948Doctor of Divinity
Cockburn, James Hutchison1948Doctor of Divinity
Eagle, Harry1948Master of Science
Eisenhower, General Dwight David1948Doctor of Laws
Goodhart, Arthur Lehman1948Doctor of Laws
O'Brian, John Lord1948Doctor of Laws
White, Elwyn Brooks1948Doctor of Letters
Alexander, K.G.1947Doctor of Laws
Beadle, George Wells1947Doctor of Science
Blakeslee, Albert Francis1947Doctor of Science
Bradley, Wilmot Hyde1947Doctor of Science
Byrnes, James Francis1947Doctor of Laws
Coe, Wesley Roswell1947Doctor of Science
Eliot, Thomas Stearns1947Doctor of Letters
Evans, Alexander William1947Doctor of Science
Hersey, John1947Master of Arts
Huggins, Charles Brenton1947Master of Science
Hull, Albert Wallace1947Doctor of Science
Pauling, Linus Carl1947Doctor of Science
Porter, Richard William1947Doctor of Science
Rose, William Cumming1947Doctor of Science
Smith, George Milton1947Doctor of Laws
Swan, Thomas Walter1947Doctor of Laws
van Dusen, Henry Pitney1947Doctor of Divinity
Vickery, Hubert Bradford1947Doctor of Science
Warren, Charles Hyde1947Doctor of Laws
Whipple, George Hoyt1947Doctor of Science
Whitney, Hassler1947Doctor of Science
Wilder, Thornton Niven1947Doctor of Letters
Ashburn, Frank Davis1946Master of Arts
Blalock, Alfred1946Master of Science
Cori, Carl Ferdinand1946Doctor of Science
Evans, Luther Harris1946Doctor of Humane Letters
Fermi, Enrico1946Doctor of Science
Finley, David Edward1946Doctor of Fine Arts
Freeman, Douglas Southall1946Doctor of Letters
Ivins, Jr., William Mills1946Doctor of Fine Arts
Jewett, Frank Baldwin1946Doctor of Laws
Kroeber, Alfred Louis1946Doctor of Science
Lie, Trygve1946Doctor of Laws
Lydenberg, Harry Miller1946Doctor of Humane Letters
Metcalf, Keyes Dewitt1946Doctor of Humane Letters
Milliken, William Mathewson1946Doctor of Fine Arts
Osgood, Charles Grosvenor1946Doctor of Letters
Oxnam, Bishop G. Bromley1946Doctor of Divinity
Parr, Albert Eide1946Doctor of Science
Pearson, Lester Bowles1946Doctor of Laws
Simpson, George Gaylord1946Doctor of Science
Tinker, Chauncey Brewster1946Doctor of Letters
Wagner, Henry Raup1946Doctor of Humane Letters
Wroth, Lawrence Counselman1946Doctor of Humane Letters
Williams, Robert R.1943Doctor of Science
Behnke,Albert Richard1942Master of Science
Bush, Vannevar1942Doctor of Laws
Gates, Artemus Lamb1942Master of Arts
Lovett, Robert Abercrombie1942Master of Arts
McCoy, General Frank Ross1942Doctor of Laws
Merz, Charles1942Doctor of Letters
Niebuhr, Rev. Reinhold1942Doctor of Divinity
Soong, Ts Vung1942Doctor of Laws
Bacon, Leonard1941Master of Arts
Bigelow, Henry Bryant1941Doctor of Science
Dun, Rev. Angus1941Doctor of Divinity
Francis, Jr.,Thomas1941Master of Science
Halifax, The Right Honorable Viscount1941Doctor of Laws
Sherwood, Robert Emmet1941Doctor of Letters
Sills, Kenneth Charles Morton1941Doctor of Laws
Stoll, Elmer Edgar1941Doctor of Letters
Taylor, Francis Henry1941Doctor of Fine Arts
Wilkie, Wendell Lewis1941Doctor of Laws
Clarke, Gilmore David1940Doctor of Humane Letters
Doisy, Edward Adelbert1940Doctor of Science
Gardner, Leroy Upson1940Master of Science
Graves, Henry Solon1940Doctor of Laws
Howe, Arthur1940Master of Arts
LaGuardia, Fiorello1940Doctor of Laws
Lothian, The Marquess of1940Doctor of Laws
Sandburg, Carl1940Doctor of Letters
Shih, Hu1940Doctor of Laws
Tillich, Paul1940Doctor of Divinity
Benes, Eduard1939Doctor of Laws
Delano, William Adams1939Master of Arts
Fischer, Arthur Frederick1939Master of Arts
Goodpasture, Ernest William1939Master of Science
Hand, Augustus Noble1939Doctor of Laws
Harrison, Ross Granville1939Doctor of Science
MacLeish, Archibald1939Doctor of Letters
Stewart, George1939Doctor of Divinity
Wilson, Hugh Robert1939Doctor of Laws
Zinsser, Hans1939Doctor of Science
Disney, Walter Elias1938Master of Arts
Griggs, Maitland Fuller1938Doctor of Humane Letters
Koussevitzky, Serge1938Doctor of Music
Landis, Eugene Markley1938Master of Science
Mann, Thomas1938Doctor of Letters
McConaughy, James Lukens1938Doctor of Laws
Noyes, Morgan Phelps1938Doctor of Divinity
Peabody, Endicott1938Doctor of Laws
Reed, Stanley Forman1938Doctor of Laws
Robbins, Howard Chandler1938Doctor of Divinity
Stanley, Wendell Meredith1938Doctor of Science
Tweedsmuir, Lord1938Doctor of Laws
Benet, Stephen Vincent1937Doctor of Letters
Buckland, Edward Grant1937Doctor of Laws
Hobson, Henry Wise1937Doctor of Divinity
Hull, Cordell1937Doctor of Laws
K'Ung, H.H.1937Doctor of Laws
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando1937Doctor of Science
McClure, Jr. James Gore King1937Master of Arts
Northrop, John Howard1937Doctor of Science
Root, Robert Kilburn1937Doctor of Letters
Smith, Homer William1937Master of Science
Trippe, Juan Terry1937Master of Arts
Fisher, Samuel Herbert1936Doctor of Laws
Lewis, Sinclair1936Doctor of Letters
Lobenstine, Edwin Carlyle1936Doctor of Divinity
McFee, William1936Master of Arts
Milles, Carl1936Doctor of Humane Letters
Moses, Robert1936Master of Arts
Painter, Theophilus Shickel1936Doctor of Science
Sears, Charles Brown1936Doctor of Laws
Shope, Richard Edwin1936Master of Science
Taft, Horace Dutton1936Doctor of Laws
Trevelyan, George Macaulay1936Doctor of Letters
Andrews, Charles McLean1935Doctor of Letters
Glass, Carter1935Doctor of Laws
Hampden, Walter1935Master of Arts
Jones, Rufus Matthew1935Doctor of Divinity
Knight, Henry Clifford1935Master of Arts
Merritt, Schuyler1935Doctor of Laws
Ripley, Alfred Lawrence1935Doctor of Laws
Seashore, Carl Emil1935Doctor of Science
Sikorsky, Igor1935Master of Science
Sproul, Robert Gordon1935Doctor of Laws
Baillie, John1934Doctor of Divinity
Conant, James Bryant1934Doctor of Laws
Fuess, Claude Moore1934Doctor of Letters
Harshe, Robert Bartholow1934Doctor of Humane Letters
Judd, Albert Francis1934Master of Arts
Keyes, Frederick George1934Doctor of Science
Meyer, Adolf1934Doctor of Science
Phelps, William Lyon1934Doctor of Laws
Phillips, Duncan1934Master of Arts
Rice, John Levi1934Master of Arts
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano1934Doctor of Laws
Torrey, Charles Cutler1934Doctor of Letters
Brown, Ernest William1933Doctor of Science
Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker1933Master of Arts
Castle, William Bosworth1933Master of Science
Cumming, Hugh Smith1933Doctor of Laws
Dodds, Harold Willis1933Doctor of Laws
Ellsworth, Lincoln1933Master of Science
Loomis, Alfred Lee1933Master of Science
Maltbite, William Millis1933Doctor of Laws
Peters, Harry Alfred1933Master of Arts
Richards, Alfred Newton1933Doctor of Science
Tittle, Ernest Fremont1933Doctor of Divinity
Winlock, Herbert Eustis1933Doctor of Letters
Amman, Othmar Hermann1932Master of Science
Baker, Newton Diehl1932Doctor of Laws
Becker, Carl Lotus1932Doctor of Letters
Buttrick, George Arthur1932Doctor of Divinity
Garrison, Fielding Hudson1932Doctor of Letters
Grubb, William Irwin1932Doctor of Laws
Lawrie, Lee1932Master of Arts
Lillie, Frank Rattray1932Doctor of Science
Meyer, Eugene1932Doctor of Laws
Noyes, Frank Brett1932Master of Arts
Adee, George Townsend1931Master of Arts
Detwiler, Samuel Randall1931Master of Science
Freeman, John Ripley1931Doctor of Science
Gibson, Hugh1931Doctor of Laws
Hand, Learned1931Doctor of Laws
Opie, Eugene Lindsay1931Doctor of Science
Porter, Frank Chamberlin1931Doctor of Divinity
Rogers, James Grafton1931Master of Arts
Root, Edwin Park1931Master of Arts
Wilbur, Ray Lyman1931Doctor of Laws
Adam, Robert Borthwick1930Master of Arts
Conklin, Edwin Grant1930Doctor of Science
Cross, Wilbur Lucius1930Doctor of Letters
Gamble, James Lawder1930Master of Science
Gillette, William1930Master of Arts
Harrison, Paul Wilberforce1930Master of Arts
Lindsay, Right Honorable Sir Ronald Charles1930Doctor of Laws
McConnell, Francis John1930Doctor of Divinity
Schuchert, Charles1930Doctor of Science
Thacher, Thomas Day1930Doctor of Laws
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner1929Doctor of Divinity
Carmalt, William Henry1929Doctor of Laws
Cather, Willa1929Doctor of Letters
Compton, Arthur Holly1929Doctor of Science
Fisher, Richard Thornton1929Master of Science
Harrison, George Leslie1929Master of Arts
Massey, Honorable Vincent1929Doctor of Laws
Mitchell, William Dewitt1929Doctor of Laws
Morgan, John Hill1929Master of Arts
Park, William Hallock1929Doctor of Science
Sherrill, Henry Knox1929Doctor of Divinity
Stimson, Henry Lewis1929Doctor of Laws
Aydelotte, Frank1928Doctor of Laws
Bannard, Otto Tremont1928Doctor of Laws
Brown, Charles Reynolds1928Doctor of Divinity
Claudel, Paul1928Doctor of Letters
Graham, Evarts Ambrose1928Master of Science
Harbord, James Guthrie1928Doctor of Laws
Ives, Herbert Eugene1928Doctor of Science
Kappers, C. Ubo Ariens1928Doctor of Science
Lowes, John Livingston1928Doctor of Letters
Rogers, Bruce1928Master of Arts
Russell, George William1928Doctor of Letters
Sage, Dean1928Master of Arts
Stoeckel, Robbins Battell1928Master of Arts
Yen, James Y.C.1928Master of Arts
Abel, John Jacob1927Doctor of Science
Blegen, Carl William1927Master of Arts
Byrd, Richard Evelyn1927Master of Arts
Chapin, Charles Value1927Doctor of Laws
Coolidge, Elizabeth Sprague1927Master of Arts
Gilkey, Charles Whitney1927Doctor of Divinity
Greeley, William Buckhout1927Master of Arts
Irvine, Sir James Colquhoun1927Doctor of Science
Keller, Adolph1927Doctor of Divinity
Kirschner, Charles Louis1927Master of Arts
Lawrance, Charles Lanier1927Master of Arts
Morrow, Dwight Whitney1927Doctor of Laws
Neilson, William Allan1927Doctor of Letters
van Devanter, Willis1927Doctor of Laws
Whipple, George Hoyt1927Master of Arts
Whitehead, Alfred North1927Doctor of Science
Atterbury, William W.1926Doctor of Laws
Boyden, Frank Learoyd1926Master of Arts
Curtiss, Julian Wheeler1926Master of Arts
Day, Jr., Clarence1926Master of Arts
Deforest, Lee1926Doctor of Science
Dochez, Alphonse Raymond1926Doctor of Science
Forbes, Charles Henry1926Master of Arts
Gustavus Adolphus, His Royal Highness1926Doctor of Laws
Loeffler, Charles Martin Tornov1926Doctor of Music
Luce, Henry Robinson1926Master of Arts
Mason, Max1926Doctor of Laws
Mellon, Andrew William1926Doctor of Laws
O'Neill, Eugene Gladstone1926Doctor of Letters
Pidgeon, George Campbell1926Doctor of Divinity
Robinson, Lucius Franklin1926Doctor of Laws
Wicks, Robert Russell1926Doctor of Divinity
Williston, Samuel1926Doctor of Laws
Cadman, Samuel Parkes1925Doctor of Divinity
Davis, John Staige1925Master of Arts
Hammond, John Hays1925Doctor of Laws
Harkness, Edward Stephen1925Master of Arts
Hopkins, Ernest Martin1925Doctor of Laws
Manly, John Matthews1925Doctor of Letters
Millikan, Robert Andrews1925Doctor of Science
Moore, John Monroe1925Doctor of Divinity
Morrill, Arthur Boothby1925Master of Arts
Pinchot, Gifford1925Doctor of Laws
Pratt, Francis Cole1925Master of Arts
Repplier, Agnes1925Doctor of Letters
Sheffield, James Rockwell1925Doctor of Laws
van Slyke, Donald Dexter1925Doctor of Science
Young, Owen D.1925Doctor of Laws
Adams, George Burton1924Doctor of Laws
Banting, Frederick Grant1924Doctor of Science
Carter, Howard1924Doctor of Science
Frost, Robert1924Doctor of Letters
Gabrilowitsch, Ossip1924Master of Arts
Hyde, Clement Collester1924Master of Arts
King,William Lyon Mackenzie, Right Honorable 1924Doctor of Laws
Kinley, David1924Doctor of Laws
Kittredge, George Lyman1924Doctor of Letters
Mason, William Smith1924Master of Arts
Moody, Paul Dwight1924Doctor of Divinity
Parsons, Edward Lambe1924Doctor of Divinity
Pope, John Russell1924Master of Arts
Stone, Harlan Fiske1924Doctor of Laws
Williams, Frederick Wells1924Master of Arts
Brush, George Deforest1923Master of Arts
Caetani, Prince Gelasio1923Doctor of Laws
Cannon, Walter Bradford1923Doctor of Science
Chandler, John Scudder1923Doctor of Divinity
Eno, William Phelps1923Master of Arts
Farnam, Henry Walcott1923Doctor of Laws
Farrand, Livingston1923Doctor of Laws
Fosdick, Harry Emerson1923Doctor of Divinity
Hough, Charles Merrill1923Doctor of Laws
Loeb, Jacques1923Doctor of Science
Osborn, Henry Fairfield1923Doctor of Science
Pratt, Joseph Hyde1923Master of Arts
Thacher, Sherman Day1923Master of Arts
Wharton, Edith1923Doctor of Letters
Woolley, Mary Emma1923Doctor of Laws
Beers, Clifford Whittingham1922Master of Arts
Bennett, Charles Joseph1922Master of Arts
Carty, John Joseph1922Doctor of Science
Chittenden, Russell Henry1922Doctor of Laws
Falconer,Robert Alexander, Sir , K.C.M.G.1922Doctor of Laws
Garvan, Francis Patrick1922Master of Arts
Howland, Murray Shipley1922Doctor of Divinity
Merriam, John Campbell1922Doctor of Science
Nutting, Mary Adelaide1922Master of Arts
Ochs, Adolph S.1922Master of Arts
Robinson, Edwin Arlington1922Doctor of Letters
Sperry, Willard Learoyd1922Doctor of Divinity
Warren, Lloyd1922Master of Arts
Yen, Fu-Chun1922Master of Arts
Angell, James Rowland1921Doctor of Laws
Benet, William Rose1921Master of Arts
Bowman, Isaiah1921Master of Arts
Cardozo, Benjamin Nathan1921Doctor of Laws
Curie,Marie, Madame 1921Doctor of Science
Davis, John William1921Doctor of Laws
Grinnell, George Bird1921Doctor of Letters
Holcomb, Marcus Hensey1921Doctor of Laws
Hutchins, William James1921Doctor of Divinity
Jones,Robert, Sir 1921Doctor of Laws
Lathrop, Julia Clifford1921Master of Arts
Marshall, Archibald1921Doctor of Letters
Noguchi, Hideyo1921Doctor of Science
Rogers, James Gamble1921Master of Arts
Stokes, Anson Phelps1921Doctor of Laws
Armsby, Henry Prentiss1920Doctor of Science
Brown, Preston1920Master of Arts
Cuyler, Thomas Dewitt1920Doctor of Laws
Darrach, William1920Master of Arts
Feuillerat, Albert1920Doctor of Letters
Geddes,Auckland Campbell, Rt. Hon. Sir 1920Doctor of Laws
Goodenough, Arthur1920Doctor of Divinity
Hawkes, Herbert Edwin1920Master of Arts
Jusserand, Jean Adrien Antoine Jules1920Doctor of Laws
McBride, Malcolm Lee1920Master of Arts
Nelson, Edward William1920Master of Arts
Pershing, John Joseph1920Doctor of Laws
Brent,Charles Henry, Right Rev. 1919Doctor of Divinity
Coffin, Charles Albert1919Master of Arts
Cushing, Harvey1919Doctor of Science
Leffingwell, Russell Cornell1919Master of Arts
Lemordant, Lieutenant Jean-Julien1919Master of Arts
McClenahan, Robert Stewart1919Master of Arts
Mercier, Cardinal1919Doctor of Laws
Petty, Orville Anderson1919Doctor of Divinity
Sims, Admiral William Sowden1919Doctor of Laws
Snow, William Josiah1919Doctor of Laws
Stratton, Samuel Wesley1919Doctor of Science
Wadhams, Samuel Hosea1919Master of Arts
Wright, Orville1919Master of Arts
Aiken, Alfred Lawrence1918Master of Arts
Bartlett, Paul Wayland1918Master of Arts
Brooks, Henry Stanford1918Master of Arts
Crowell, Benedict1918Master of Arts
Dakin, Henry Drysdale1918Doctor of Science
Davison, Henry Pomeroy1918Doctor of Laws
Gregg, James Edgar1918Doctor of Divinity
Hoover, Herbert Clark1918Doctor of Laws
Masefield, John1918Doctor of Letters
Morse, Edward Sylvester1918Doctor of Science
Polk, Frank Lyon1918Master of Arts
Reading,Rufus Daniel Isaacs Viscount, Right Honorable 1918Doctor of Laws
Riddell, William Renwick1918Doctor of Laws
Scoville, Robert1918Master of Arts
Tuttle, Daniel Sylvester1918Doctor of Divinity
Briggs, LeBaron Russell1917Doctor of Laws
Case, Shirley Jackson1917Doctor of Divinity
Danford, Robert Melville1917Master of Arts
Herrick, Myron Timothy1917Doctor of Laws
Hornaday, William Temple1917Master of Arts
Jay, Pierre1917Master of Arts
Kelman, John1917Doctor of Divinity
Paderewski, Ignace Jan1917Doctor of Music
Pease, Frederick Noah1917Master of Arts
Rutherford,Ernest, Sir 1917Doctor of Science
Ryerson, Martin Antoine1917Master of Arts
Smith, Theobald1917Doctor of Science
Tardieu, Andre Pierre Gabriel Amedee1917Doctor of Laws
Walcott, Frederic Collin1917Master of Arts
Weir, Julian Alden1917Master of Arts
Whiting, Arthur1917Master of Arts
Adams, Elmer Bragg1916Doctor of Laws
Adams, Herbert1916Master of Arts
Baldwin, Simeon Eben1916Doctor of Laws
Bevan, Arthur Dean1916Master of Arts
Chapman, John Jay1916Doctor of Letters
Day, Frank Miles1916Master of Arts
Dinsmore, Charles Allen1916Doctor of Divinity
Eddy, George Sherwood1916Master of Arts
Koo, Vii Kuin Wellington1916Doctor of Laws
Lyman, David Russell1916Master of Arts
Sargent, John Singer1916Doctor of Laws
Birney, Lauress John1915Doctor of Divinity
Coffin, Henry Sloane1915Doctor of Divinity
Cram, Ralph Adams1915Doctor of Laws
Davis,Katherine Bement, Miss 1915Master of Arts
Herr,Edwin Musser 1915Master of Arts
Hughes, Charles Evans1915Doctor of Laws
Moore, George Foot1915Doctor of Letters
Stiles, Charles Wardell1915Doctor of Science
Stone, Melville Elijah1915Master of Arts
Thayer, William Roscoe1915Doctor of Letters
Ainslie, Peter1914Doctor of Divinity
Baldwin, Edward Robinson1914Master of Arts
Beach, John Kimberly1914Doctor of Laws
Blashfield, Edwin Howland1914Master of Arts
Corbin, William Herbert1914Master of Arts
Craig, Charles Franklin1914Master of Arts
Gorgas, William Crawford1914Doctor of Laws
Gulick, Sidney Lewis1914Doctor of Divinity
Hartness, James1914Master of Arts
Howland, John1914Master of Arts
Hun, Henry1914Master of Arts
Joslin, Elliott Proctor1914Master of Arts
Murphy, Fred Towsley1914Master of Arts
Naon, Romulo1914Doctor of Laws
Pepper, George Wharton1914Doctor of Laws
Sibelius,Jean, Dr. 1914Doctor of Music
Smith, Edgar Fahs1914Doctor of Science
Smith, Oliver Cotton1914Master of Arts
Strong, Richard Pearson1914Doctor of Science
Verdi, William Francis1914Master of Arts
Wooley, Mary Emma1914Master of Arts
Brown, Arthur Judson1913Doctor of Divinity
Cushing, Harvey1913Master of Arts
French, Daniel Chester1913Master of Arts
Hibben, John Grier1913Doctor of Laws
Houston, David Franklin1913Doctor of Laws
Mansfield, Howard1913Master of Arts
Noyes, Alfred1913Doctor of Letters
Noyes, Arthur Amos1913Doctor of Science
Prentice, Samuel Oscar1913Doctor of Laws
Seymour, George Dudley1913Master of Arts
Twichell, Joseph Hopkins1913Doctor of Divinity
Vincent,Boyd, Rt. Rev. 1913Doctor of Divinity
Willston, Samuel Wendell1913Doctor of Science
Abbott, Frank Frost1912Master of Arts
Beaux, Cecilia1912Master of Arts
East,Alfred, Sir 1912Doctor of Laws
Eddy, Henry Turner1912Doctor of Science
Goethals,George Washington, Col. 1912Doctor of Laws
Hooker, William Brian1912Master of Arts
Hume, Edward H.1912Master of Arts
Janeway, Theodore Caldwell1912Master of Arts
Jepson, Benjamin1912Master of Arts
Lyman, Eugene William1912Doctor of Divinity
MacVeagh, Franklin1912Doctor of Laws
Wells, Harry Gideon1912Master of Arts
Atterbury, William W.1911Master of Arts
Boardman, Mabel Thorpe1911Master of Arts
Brooker, Charles Frederick1911Master of Arts
Howell, William Henry1911Doctor of Science
Kneisel, Franz1911Doctor of Music
Knox, George William1911Doctor of Divinity
Lamar, Joseph Rucker1911Doctor of Laws
Liang, Tun Yen1911Doctor of Laws
McClintock, Walter1911Master of Arts
Muir, John1911Doctor of Letters
Royce, Josiah1911Doctor of Laws
Vincent, George Edgar1911Doctor of Laws
Addams, Jane1910Master of Arts
Burroughs, John1910Doctor of Letters
Coley, William Bradley1910Master of Arts
Cox, Kenyon1910Master of Arts
Flexner, Simon1910Doctor of Science
Frear, Walter Francis1910Doctor of Laws
Hill, James Jerome1910Doctor of Laws
Jacobus, Melancthon Williams1910Doctor of Divinity
Newberry, Truman Handy1910Master of Arts
Osborne, Thomas1910Doctor of Science
Walcott, Charles Doolittle1910Doctor of Laws
Blake, Joseph Augustus1909Master of Arts
Dickinson, Jacob McGavock1909Doctor of Laws
Foster, John Pierrepont Codrington1909Master of Arts
Holcombe, John Marshall1909Master of Arts
Krehbiel, Henry Edward1909Master of Arts
Lawrence, William1909Doctor of Divinity
Moore, Edward Caldwell1909Doctor of Divinity
Moore, Eliakim Hastings1909Doctor of Science
Morley, Edward Williams1909Doctor of Science
Sedgwick, William Thompson1909Doctor of Science
Sperry, Charles Stillman1909Doctor of Laws
Sumner, William Graham1909Doctor of Laws
Bannard, Otto Tremont1908Master of Arts
Black, Hugh1908Doctor of Divinity
Coxe, Magrane1908Master of Arts
Elder, Samuel James1908Doctor of Laws
Kent, William1908Master of Arts
Kirchney, George Washington1908Doctor of Laws
Lusk, Graham1908Doctor of Science
Meigs, John1908Master of Arts
Moody, William Vaughn1908Doctor of Letters
Morgan, John Pierpont1908Doctor of Laws
Munger, Theodore Thornton1908Doctor of Divinity
Nabuco, Joaquim1908Doctor of Letters
Olmsted, William Beach1908Master of Arts
Spooner, John Coit1908Doctor of Laws
Hill, Frederick Trevor1907Master of Arts
Judson, Frederick Newton1907Doctor of Laws
Knox, Philander Chase1907Doctor of Laws
McCormick, Vance Criswell1907Master of Arts
Walcott, Henry Pickering1907Doctor of Laws
Bacon, Francis1906Doctor of Science
Donaldson, Henry Herbert1906Doctor of Science
Haight, Charles Coolidge1906Master of Arts
Ide, George Edward1906Master of Arts
James, Walter Belknap1906Master of Arts
Jones, Frank Johnston1906Master of Arts
Keen, William Williams1906Doctor of Laws
Liang-Cheng,Chentung, Sir 1906Doctor of Laws
Magruder, Benjamin Drake1906Doctor of Laws
McClure, James Gore King1906Doctor of Divinity
Mellen, Charles Sanger1906Master of Arts
Metcalf, Victor Howard1906Master of Arts
Stoeckel, Carl1906Master of Arts
Tillman, Samuel Escue1906Master of Arts
Wetmore, Edmund1906Doctor of Laws
Williams, William1906Master of Arts
Alderman, Edward Anderson1905Doctor of Laws
Buehler, Huber Gray1905Master of Arts
Colt, Lebaron Bradford1905Doctor of Laws
Elgar,Edward, Sir 1905Doctor of Music
Genung, John Franklin1905Doctor of Divinity
Hale, Goerge Ellery1905Doctor of Science
Jacobi, Abraham1905Doctor of Laws
Keator, Frederic William1905Doctor of Divinity
Lambert, Samuel Waldron1905Master of Arts
Pinchot, James Wallace1905Master of Arts
Richards, Theodore William1905Doctor of Science
Saint Gaudens, Augustus1905Doctor of Laws
Stearns, Alfred Ernest1905Master of Arts
Taft, Henry Waters1905Master of Arts
Arellano, Don Cayetano1904Doctor of Laws
Damrosch, Frank Heino1904Doctor of Music
De Forest, Robert Weeks1904Doctor of Laws
De Tavera, Trinidad H. Pardo1904Master of Arts
Goodyear, William Henry1904Master of Arts
Guthrie, William Dameron1904Master of Arts
Halstead, William Stewart1904Doctor of Laws
Haynes, Artemas1904Master of Arts
Holt, George Chandler1904Doctor of Laws
King, Henry Churchill1904Doctor of Divinity
McLean, George Payne1904Master of Arts
Means, Stewart1904Doctor of Divinity
Merwin, Samuel Edwin1904Master of Arts
Murphy, Edgar Gardner1904Master of Arts
van Hise, Charles Richard1904Doctor of Laws
Abbott, Lyman1903Doctor of Divinity
Alexander, William Dewitt1903Doctor of Laws
Bowen, Herbert Wolcott1903Master of Arts
Brewer, William Henry1903Doctor of Laws
Gray, George1903Doctor of Laws
Hutchings, George Sherburn1903Master of Arts
Lang, Benjamin Johnson1903Master of Arts
Pettit, James Sumner1903Master of Arts
Pratt, Charles Millard1903Master of Arts
Richards, William Rogers1903Doctor of Divinity
Thacher, Thomas1903Doctor of Laws
Tiffany, Louis Comfort1903Master of Arts
Butler, Nicholas Murray1902Doctor of Laws
Dexter, Franklin Bowditch1902Doctor of Letters
Graves, William Blair1902Master of Arts
Hart, Reverend Samuel1902Doctor of Divinity
Huntington, Reverend William1902Doctor of Divinity
Lanman, Charles Rockwell1902Doctor of Laws
Lodge, Henry Cabot1902Doctor of Laws
Ogden, Robert Curtis1902Master of Arts
Park, Roswell1902Doctor of Laws
Peabody, Endicott1902Master of Arts
Riley, James Whitcomb1902Master of Arts
Whittlesey, Eliphalet1902Doctor of Laws
Beach, Harlan Page1901Master of Arts
Betts, Frederick Henry1901Doctor of Laws
De Vinne, Theodore Low1901Master of Arts
Dodge, William Earle1901Master of Arts
Faunce, William Herbert Perry1901Doctor of Divinity
Houghteling, James Lawrence1901Master of Arts
Pinchot, Gifford1901Master of Arts
Taylor, James Monroe1901Doctor of Divinity
Walker, Williston1901Doctor of Divinity
Wilson, Edmund Beecher1901Doctor of Laws
Bigelow, Poultney1900Master of Arts
Clarke,William Newton, Rev. 1900Doctor of Divinity
Dutton, Samuel Train1900Master of Arts
Eaton,Edward Dwight, Rev. 1900Doctor of Divinity
Kendall, Calvin Noyes1900Master of Arts
Kennedy, Julian1900Master of Arts
Root,Elihu, Honorable 1900Doctor of Laws
Speer, Robert Eliot1900Master of Arts
Stimson,Lewis Atterbury, Dr. 1900Doctor of Laws
Adams, Frederic1899Doctor of Laws
Beebe, William1899Master of Arts
Brookings, Robert Somers1899Master of Arts
Bunce, Francis Marvin1899Master of Arts
Dodge, David Stuart1899Doctor of Divinity
Griggs, John William1899Doctor of Laws
Kingsbury, Frederick John1899Doctor of Laws
Livingston, Herman1899Master of Arts
McClintock, Emory1899Doctor of Laws
Minot, Charles Sedgwick1899Doctor of Laws
Mott, John R.1899Master of Arts
Otis, William Augustus1899Master of Arts
Pierpont, James1899Master of Arts
Smith, George Adam1899Doctor of Divinity
Thomas, John Hampden1899Master of Arts
von Rottenburg, Franz Johannes1899Doctor of Laws
Wise, William Clinton1899Master of Arts
Andrews, Charles1898Doctor of Laws
Barnum, Henry Samuel1898Doctor of Divinity
Brewster, Chauncey Bunce1898Doctor of Divinity
Davenport, Russell Wheeler1898Master of Arts
Greene, Jacob Lyman1898Master of Arts
Hammond, John Hays1898Master of Arts
Johnson, Charles Frederick1898Doctor of Letters
Knight, George Henry1898Master of Arts
McKinley, William1898Doctor of Laws
Merriman, Daniel1898Doctor of Divinity
Perry, David Brainerd1898Doctor of Divinity
Tufts, George Keyes1898Master of Arts
Vann, Irving Goodwin1898Doctor of Laws
Wadsworth, James Wolcott1898Master of Arts
Abbey, Edwin Austin1897Doctor of Laws
Benton, Charles William1897Master of Arts
Chadwick, Charles Noyes1897Master of Arts
Chadwick, George Whitfield1897Master of Arts
Church, Samuel Harden1897Master of Arts
Ely, John Slade1897Master of Arts
Ely, Theodore Newel1897Master of Arts
Huntington, Archer Milton1897Master of Arts
Lang, Henry Roseman1897Master of Arts
Lines, Edwin Stevens1897Doctor of Divinity
Mahan, Alfred Thayer1897Doctor of Laws
McCabe, William Gordon1897Doctor of Letters
Moore, George Foote1897Doctor of Divinity
Prudden, Theophil Mitchell1897Doctor of Laws
Tiffany, Charles Comfort1897Doctor of Divinity
Watson, John1897Doctor of Divinity
Wurts, John1897Master of Arts
Bacon, Theodore1896Doctor of Laws
Bingham, Theodore Alfred1896Master of Arts
Brown, Charles Francis1896Doctor of Laws
Foster, John Watson1896Doctor of Laws
Hunt, William Henry1896Master of Arts
LaFarge, John1896Master of Arts
Learned, Dwight Whitney1896Doctor of Divinity
Loomis, Dwight1896Doctor of Laws
Lusk, Graham1896Master of Arts
Peckham, Rufus Wheeler1896Doctor of Laws
Penfield, Samuel Lewis1896Master of Arts
Reynolds, Horatio McLeod1896Master of Arts
vanDyke, Henry1896Doctor of Divinity
Welch, William Henry1896Doctor of Laws
Wells, Horace Lemuel1896Master of Arts
Wolcott, Henry Roger1896Master of Arts
Bennett, Thomas Gray1895Master of Arts
Browning, William Webb1895Master of Arts
Buckland, Edward Grant1895Master of Arts
Bunner, Henry Cuyler1895Master of Arts
Dörpfeld, Wilhelm1895Doctor of Laws
Gallaudet, Edward Miner1895Doctor of Laws
Harris, William Torrey1895Doctor of Laws
Hopkins, Edward Washburn1895Master of Arts
Hume, Robert Allen1895Doctor of Divinity
Mayo, William Carrington1895Master of Arts
Peters, John Punnett1895Doctor of Divinity
Rowland, Henry Augustus1895Doctor of Laws
Smyth, Newman1895Doctor of Divinity
Tucker, William Jewett1895Doctor of Laws
Barnard, Joseph Folger1894Doctor of Laws
Bassett, Homer Franklin1894Master of Arts
Brown, Francis1894Doctor of Divinity
Daniels, Joseph Leonard1894Doctor of Divinity
Gray, John Chipman1894Doctor of Laws
Hinkle, Thornton Mills1894Master of Arts
Judd, Albert Francis1894Doctor of Laws
Lamson, Caleb1894Master of Arts
Lee, Samuel Henry1894Master of Arts
Luedeking, Charles1894Master of Arts
Lusk, William Thompson1894Doctor of Laws
Parker, Horation [William]1894Master of Arts
Ropes, Charles Joseph Hardy1894Doctor of Divinity
Stedman, Edmund Clarence1894Doctor of Laws
Tesla, Nikola1894Master of Arts
Vanderbilt, Cornelius1894Master of Arts
White, Andrew Judson1894Master of Arts
Allen, Walter1893Master of Arts
Andrews, Charles Bartlett1893Doctor of Laws
Andrews, William Loring1893Master of Arts
Bingham, Hiram1893Doctor of Divinity
Bissell, Wilson Shannon1893Doctor of Laws
Burnham, Daniel Hudson1893Master of Arts
Clarke, Sylvester1893Master of Arts
Elkin, William Lewis1893Master of Arts
Gordon, George Angier1893Doctor of Divinity
Gulliver, Henry Strong1893Master of Arts
Hall, Edwin Franklin1893Bachelor of Laws
Hiller, Allen Maxcy1893Master of Arts
Horton, Robert Forman1893Doctor of Divinity
Howland, Henry Elias1893Master of Arts
Kellogg, Martin1893Doctor of Laws
Logie, John Francis1893Master of Arts
Manierre, George1893Master of Arts
McClurg, Alexander Caldwell1893Master of Arts
Mitchell, Frank Arthur1893Master of Arts
Olmsted, Frederick Law1893Doctor of Laws
Peck, Theodore Gordon1893Master of Arts
Peters, John Andrew1893Doctor of Laws
Richards, George1893Master of Arts
Ryder, James Bradford1893Master of Arts
Sterling, John William1893Doctor of Laws
Stimson, Henry Albert1893Doctor of Divinity
Synnott, Joseph Joachim1893Master of Arts
Taft, Horace Dutton1893Master of Arts
Taft, William Howard1893Doctor of Laws
Bancroft, Cecil Franklin Patch1892Doctor of Laws
Bridgman, Walter Ray1892Master of Arts
Denniston, Henry Martyn1892Master of Arts
Dwight, Theodore William1892Doctor of Laws
Edwards, Tryon Holkar1892Master of Arts
Hall, Charles Henry1892Doctor of Laws
Harper, Orlando Metcalf1892Master of Arts
Hill, Ebenezer J.1892Master of Arts
Hume, Edward Sackett1892Master of Arts
Hutton, Laurence1892Master of Arts
Jackson, Frederick Wolcott1892Master of Arts
Jefferson, Joseph1892Master of Arts
Kingsley, William Lathrop1892Doctor of Letters
Law, Walter William1892Master of Arts
Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford1892Doctor of Laws
Merrifield, Webster1892Master of Arts
Smith, Donald Alexander1892Doctor of Laws
Stoddard, James1892Master of Arts
Studley, John Payne1892Master of Arts
Tyler, Charles Mellen1892Doctor of Divinity
Barker, James Madison1891Doctor of Laws
Bement, Edward1891Master of Arts
Booth, Sherman Miller1891Master of Arts
Brewer, David Josiah1891Doctor of Laws
Brown, Henry Billings1891Doctor of Laws
Campbell, James 1891Master of Arts
Coit, Henry Augustus1891Doctor of Laws
Curtis, Edward Lewis1891Doctor of Divinity
Davies, Thomas Frederick1891Doctor of Divinity
Fearn, John Walker1891Master of Arts
Higgins, Anthony1891Doctor of Laws
Jesup, Morris Ketchum1891Master of Arts
Johnson, Robert Underwood1891Master of Arts
Linton, William James1891Master of Arts
Metcalfe, James Stetson1891Master of Arts
Munson, Cyrus LaRue1891Master of Arts
Noble, John Willock1891Doctor of Laws
Palmer, Arthur Hubbell1891Master of Arts
Pomeroy, Hiram Sterling1891Master of Arts
Shelton, Gould Abijah1891Master of Arts
Stalker, James1891Doctor of Divinity
Walker, Joseph Burbeen1891Master of Arts
Behrends, Adolphus Julius Frederick1890Doctor of Divinity
Billings, Edward Coke1890Doctor of Laws
Burt, Stephen Smith1890Master of Arts
Campbell, Loomis Joseph1890Master of Arts
Cooper, William Frierson1890Doctor of Laws
Delafield, Francis1890Doctor of Laws
Dexter, Henry Martyn1890Doctor of Laws
Dimmick, Joseph Benjamin1890Master of Arts
Edwards, Walter1890Master of Arts
Gardner, Dorsey1890Master of Arts
Hall, Frederic Byron1890Master of Arts
Kean, John1890Master of Arts
Paine, John Knowles1890Doctor of Music
Phelps, William Walter1890Doctor of Laws
Simonds, William Edgar1890Master of Arts
Strong, Augustus Hopkins1890Doctor of Divinity
Thomson, Elihu1890Master of Arts
Bulkeley, Morgan Gardner1889Master of Arts
Cook, Albert Stanburrough1889Master of Arts
Dawes, Henry Laurens1889Doctor of Laws
DeForest, John Kinne Hyde1889Doctor of Divinity
Fairbairn, Andrew Martin1889Doctor of Divinity
Fenn, Augustus Hall1889Master of Arts
Finch, Francis Miles1889Doctor of Laws
Gilman, Daniel Coit1889Doctor of Laws
Hall, Willard Preble1889Master of Arts
Johnston, Henry Phelps1889Master of Arts
Palmer, Charles Ray1889Doctor of Divinity
Plumley, Gardiner Spring1889Doctor of Divinity
Sharp, George Matthews1889Master of Arts
Sloane, John1889Master of Arts
Sloane, William Douglas1889Master of Arts
Waldenström, Paul Peter1889Doctor of Divinity
Wood, Horatio Charles1889Doctor of Laws
Woodruff, Timothy Lester1889Master of Arts
Adee, Alvery Augustus1888Master of Arts
Bartlett, Charles Griswold1888Master of Arts
Bendelari, George Anacleto Corrado1888Master of Arts
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne1888Master of Arts
Goodrich, Caspar Frederick1888Master of Arts
Helmuth, William Tod1888Doctor of Laws
Jordan, William Henry1888Master of Arts
Matthews, Stanley1888Doctor of Laws
Patton, Francis Landey1888Doctor of Divinity
Perkins, Samuel Clarke1888Doctor of Laws
Pierson, Stephen1888Master of Arts
Ripley, Alfred Lawrence1888Master of Arts
Robinson, Henry Cornelius1888Doctor of Laws
Sanford, Elias Benjamin1888Master of Arts
Stoddard, Henry1888Master of Arts
Wesson, Frederic1888Master of Arts
White, Andrew Dickson1888Doctor of Laws
Whitney, William Collins1888Doctor of Laws
Barnes, Albert1887Master of Arts
Beach, John Sheldon1887Doctor of Laws
Beers, Henry Augustin1887Master of Arts
Brown, John1887Doctor of Divinity
Calhoun, Newell Meeker1887Master of Arts
Davenport, William Bates1887Master of Arts
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell1887Doctor of Laws
Gooch, Frank Austin1887Master of Arts
Hadley, Arthur Twining1887Master of Arts
Holbrook, Zephaniah Swift1887Master of Arts
Jackson, George Anson1887Master of Arts
Lounsbury, Thomas Raynesford1887Master of Arts
Mixter, William Gilbert1887Master of Arts
Olney, James Brown1887Master of Arts
Peabody, Francis Greenwood1887Doctor of Divinity
Platt, Orville Hitchcock1887Doctor of Laws
Richards, Eugene Lamb1887Master of Arts
Smith, Sidney Irving1887Master of Arts
Thomas, Elisha Smith1887Doctor of Divinity
Tucker, John Randolph1887Doctor of Laws
Wheeler, Arthur Martin1887Master of Arts
Woolsey, Theodore Salisbury1887Master of Arts
Beardsley, Sidney Burr1886Master of Arts
Buel, David Hillhouse1886Master of Arts
Crump, John Guy1886Master of Arts
Dwight, Timothy1886Doctor of Divinity
Egleston, Melville1886Master of Arts
Fisk, Franklin Woodbury1886Doctor of Divinity
Hawley, Joseph Roswell1886Doctor of Laws
Holbrook, Dwight1886Master of Arts
Holmes, Oliver Wendell1886Doctor of Laws
Hopkins, Charles1886Master of Arts
Monroe, Elbert Brinckerhoff1886Master of Arts
North, Thomas Mather1886Master of Arts
Northrop, Cyrus1886Doctor of Laws
Osborn, Norris Galpin1886Master of Arts
Polwin, Lemuel Stoughton1886Doctor of Divinity
Shiras, Oliver Perry1886Doctor of Laws
Twichell, Joseph Hopkins1886Master of Arts
Vining, Edward Payson1886Master of Arts
Wheeler, Edwin Saxton1886Master of Arts
Brastow, Lewis Orsmond1885Master of Arts
Chesebrough, Amos Sheffield1885Doctor of Divinity
Coe, Edward Benton1885Doctor of Divinity
Harrison, Henry Baldwin1885Doctor of Laws
Hincks, Edward Young1885Doctor of Divinity
Hoar, George Frisbie1885Doctor of Laws
Honey, Frederic Robertson1885Bachelor of Philosophy
Howell, George Rogers1885Master of Arts
Johnson, Charles Frederick1885Master of Arts
Reed, Edward Mordecai1885Master of Arts
Russell, John Edward1885Master of Arts
Schuyler, Eugene1885Doctor of Laws
Chapin, Edward Rockwell1884Master of Arts
Dean, Richard Crain1884Master of Arts
Fenn, William Henry1884Doctor of Divinity
Hoadly, George1884Doctor of Laws
Richards, Charles Brinckerhoff1884Master of Arts
Roberts, Ellis Henry1884Doctor of Laws
Shipman, Nathaniel1884Doctor of Laws
Southmayd, Charles Ferdinand1884Doctor of Laws
Trumbull, David1884Doctor of Divinity
Twining, Kinsley1884Doctor of Divinity
Bayard, Thomas Francis1883Doctor of Laws
Cable, George Washington1883Master of Arts
Hincks, Edward Young1883Master of Arts
Moore, George Foote1883Master of Arts
Pettengill, Benjamin Dean1883Master of Arts
Sands, Henry Berton1883Master of Arts
Shiras, George1883Doctor of Laws
Torrance, David1883Master of Arts
Twombly, Alexander Stevenson1883Doctor of Divinity
Waller, Thomas McDonald1883Master of Arts
Williams, John1883Doctor of Divinity
Wolcott, Edward Oliver1883Master of Arts
Woods, William Burnham1883Doctor of Laws
Barrows, William Eliot1882Master of Arts
Brooks, Joshua Twing1882Master of Arts
Crapo, William Wallace1882Doctor of Laws
Cushing, William Lee1882Master of Arts
Martinez, Marcial1882Doctor of Laws
Runyon, Theodore1882Doctor of Laws
Street, Owen1882Doctor of Divinity
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey1881Master of Arts
Beckwith, Frank Edwin1881Master of Arts
Carmalt, William Henry1881Master of Arts
Flint, Austin1881Doctor of Laws
Gorringe, Henry Honeychurch1881Master of Arts
Hannay, Alexander1881Doctor of Divinity
Howells, William Dean1881Master of Arts
Leavenworth, Elias Warner1881Doctor of Laws
Peters, George Absalom1881Master of Arts
Robinson, William Callyhan1881Master of Arts
Smith, William Nathan Harrell1881Doctor of Laws
Walker, Francis Amasa1881Doctor of Laws
Wayland, Francis1881Master of Arts
Dexter, Henry Martyn1880Doctor of Divinity
Emerson, Joseph1880Doctor of Divinity
Galpin, Samuel Arthur1880Master of Arts
Gould, Horace Bunch1880Master of Arts
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard1880Doctor of Laws
Helfenstein, Charles Philip1880Master of Arts
Hennen, William Davison1880Master of Arts
Knapp, William Ireland1880Master of Arts
Lewis, John Hampden1880Master of Arts
Merrill, Selah1880Master of Arts
Merwin, Alexander Moss1880Master of Arts
Mitchell, Alfred1880Master of Arts
Rogers, William Augustus1880Master of Arts
Sheffey, Hugh White1880Doctor of Laws
Shortlidge, Joseph1880Master of Arts
Thomas, Theodore1880Doctor of Music
Waldo, Leonard1880Master of Arts
Allen, Frederic DeForest1879Master of Arts
Archer, Henry Wilson1879Master of Arts
Bacon, Leonard Woolsey1879Doctor of Divinity
Barrow, John Wylie1879Master of Arts
Blake, Eli Whitney1879Doctor of Laws
Bulkley, Henry Thorp1879Master of Arts
Carrington, Edward1879Master of Arts
Cooper, James Wesley1879Master of Arts
Frazier, William1879Master of Arts
Hall, Asaph1879Doctor of Laws
Hoadley, Charles Jeremy1879Master of Arts
Hoff, John Francis1879Master of Arts
Hoppin, William Jones1879Master of Arts
Keep, Theodore John1879Master of Arts
Latimer, Cortland Lucas1879Master of Arts
Livingston, Robert James1879Master of Arts
Manning, John Angus1879Master of Arts
Patterson, John Stuart1879Master of Arts
Schley, George1879Master of Arts
Starr, Nathaniel Winthrop1879Master of Arts
Todd, John Edwards1879Doctor of Divinity
Van Buren, William Holme1879Doctor of Laws
VanBergen, Peter Anthony1879Master of Arts
Wharton, William Craig1879Bachelor of Arts
Winthrop, Charles Archibald1879Master of Arts
Anderson, Joseph1878Doctor of Divinity
Bacon, Edward Woolsey1878Master of Arts
Burnham, Sherburne Wesley1878Master of Arts
Hincks, William Bliss1878Master of Arts
Learned, William Law1878Doctor of Laws
Mitchell, Donald Grant1878Doctor of Laws
Morris, Dwight1878Master of Arts
Park, John Duane1878Doctor of Laws
Adams, Lyell Thompson1877Master of Arts
Barbour, William Macleod1877Master of Arts
Cox, Jacob Dolson1877Doctor of Laws
Dale, Robert William1877Doctor of Divinity
Davie, Winston Jones1877Master of Arts
Hubbard, Richard Dudley1877Doctor of Laws
Hurd, John Codman1877Doctor of Laws
Martin, Artemas1877Master of Arts
Parsons, James1877Master of Arts
Southward, Mase Shepard1877Master of Arts
Williams, Samuel Wells1877Doctor of Laws
Bump, Orlando Franklin1876Master of Arts
Knight, Charles Reed1876Doctor of Laws
Platt, Thomas Collier1876Master of Arts
Savage, Alexander Duncan1876Master of Arts
Sherman, William Tecumseh1876Doctor of Laws
Wing, Yung1876Doctor of Laws
Alden, Robert Percy1875Master of Arts
Arms, Charles Jesup1875Master of Arts
Bancroft, Hubert Howe1875Master of Arts
Clark, Josiah1875Doctor of Laws
Hart, David Sherman1875Master of Arts
Newcomb, Simon1875Doctor of Laws
Paine, Levi Leonard1875Doctor of Divinity
Parker, Edwin Pond1875Doctor of Divinity
Perry, Oliver Henry1875Master of Arts
Poole, Henry Ward1875Master of Arts
Tilden, Samuel Jones1875Doctor of Laws
Tredwell, Timothy1875Master of Arts
Vincent, Frank1875Master of Arts
Wiswall, Henry Trowbridge1875Master of Arts
Carpenter, Jairus Harvlin1874Master of Arts
Carter, Franklin1874Master of Arts
Dwight, Edward Strong1874Doctor of Divinity
Ellis, Rufus1874Doctor of Divinity
Gilman, Edward Whiting1874Doctor of Divinity
Hitchcock, Henry1874Doctor of Laws
Hodges, John Daniel1874Bachelor of Arts
Hubbard, Richard William1874Master of Arts
Ingersoll, Charles Roberts1874Doctor of Laws
Ives, Charles1874Master of Arts
Macnie, John1874Master of Arts
Niemeyer, John Henry1874Master of Arts
Silliman, Benjamin Douglas1874Doctor of Laws
Spaulding, John1874Master of Arts
Thompson, Launt1874Master of Arts
Woodruff, Morris1874Master of Arts
Atwater, Lyman Hotchkiss1873Doctor of Laws
Clark, John Emory1873Master of Arts
Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt1873Master of Arts
English, James Edward1873Master of Arts
Gould, George Vail1873Bachelor of Arts
Greene, Richard Gleason1873Master of Arts
Jewell, Marshall1873Master of Arts
Pierrepont, Edwards1873Doctor of Laws
Platt, Johnson Tuttle1873Master of Arts
Seymour, Origen Storrs1873Doctor of Laws
Terry, Nathaniel Matson1873Master of Arts
Thayer, Joseph Henry1873Doctor of Divinity
Townsend, Henry Clay1873Master of Arts
Walker, Francis Amasa1873Master of Arts
Adams, Charles Francis1872Doctor of Laws
Blodget, Henry1872Doctor of Divinity
Burritt, Elihu1872Master of Arts
Carleton, Isaac Newton1872Master of Arts
Dodge, Charles Cleveland1872Master of Arts
Harris, Samuel1872Master of Arts
Harrison, Benjamin Franklin1872Master of Arts
Henness, Gottlieb1872Master of Arts
Kip, William Ingraham1872Doctor of Laws
Krüsi, Herman1872Master of Arts
Lusk, William Thompson1872Master of Arts
Mason, William1872Doctor of Music
Mulford, Elisha1872Doctor of Laws
Sturgis, Russell1872Master of Arts
Taylor, William Mackergo1872Doctor of Divinity
Tinker, Ezra1872Master of Arts
von Steinwehr, Adolf Wilhelm August Friedrich1872Master of Arts
Waite, Morrison Remick1872Doctor of Laws
Warner, Charles Dudley1872Master of Arts
West, Henry Sergeant1872Master of Arts
Allon, Henry1871Doctor of Divinity
Barber, Edward Thomas1871Doctor of Medicine
Battell, Joseph1871Master of Arts
Bushnell, Horace1871Doctor of Laws
Chittenden, Simeon Baldwin1871Master of Arts
Durfee, Bradford Matthew Chaloner1871Master of Arts
Farnam, Henry1871Master of Arts
Foster, Dwight1871Doctor of Laws
Gamble, William1871Master of Arts
Harmon, John Brown1871Master of Arts
Howe, Andrew Jackson1871Master of Arts
Nichols, Charles1871Master of Arts
Sheffield, Joseph Earl1871Master of Arts
Stedman, Edmund Clarence1871Master of Arts
Thompson, Curtis1871Master of Arts
Trumbull, James Hammond1871Doctor of Laws
Wait, John Turner1871Master of Arts
Watson, James Craig1871Doctor of Philosophy
Weir, John Ferguson1871Master of Arts
Batterson, James Goodwin1870Master of Arts
Benton, Joseph Augustine1870Doctor of Divinity
Birnie, Rogers1870Master of Arts
Chandler, John Eddy1870Master of Arts
Eliot, Charles William1870Doctor of Laws
Haight, Nathaniel Drake1870Doctor of Medicine
Hyde, James Thomas1870Doctor of Divinity
Keteltas, Eugene1870Master of Arts
Mead, Heman1870Master of Arts
Moseley, Edward Strong1870Master of Arts
Raynolds, Thomas Bond1870Master of Arts
Seymour, Thomas Day1870Bachelor of Arts
Strong, William1870Doctor of Laws
Thacher, Ralph Patridge Emilius1870Master of Arts
Trowbridge, William Petit1870Master of Arts
Walker, George Leon1870Doctor of Divinity
Whitney, Josiah Dwight1870Doctor of Laws
Willcox, William Henry1870Master of Arts
Abbott, Ezra1869Doctor of Laws
Bliss, Porter Cornelius1869Master of Arts
Harris, William Torrey1869Master of Arts
Luzenberg, Charles Henry1869Master of Arts
Perrin, Lavalette1869Doctor of Divinity
Salisbury, Edward Elbridge1869Doctor of Laws
Shrady, George Frederic1869Master of Arts
Steiner, Lewis Henry1869Master of Arts
Tarbox, Increase Niles1869Doctor of Divinity
Taylor, Henry Wyllys1869Doctor of Laws
Whitney, Eli1869Master of Arts
Brinley, George1868Master of Arts
Bromley, Isaac Hill1868Master of Arts
Buckingham, Samuel Giles1868Doctor of Divinity
Carpenter, Elisha1868Master of Arts
Gardner, James Terry1868Bachelor of Philosophy
Gray, John1868Doctor of Medicine
Griggs, Leverett1868Doctor of Divinity
Logan, Cornelius Ambrose1868Master of Arts
McCurdy, Charles Johnson1868Doctor of Laws
Roosa, Daniel Bennett St. John1868Master of Arts
Stillé, Charles Janeway1868Doctor of Laws
Trow, George William1868Master of Arts
White, Joseph1868Doctor of Laws
Austin, Robert John Locke1867Master of Arts
Barnett, James George1867Doctor of Music
Burrows, Roswell Smith1867Master of Arts
Ely, Charles1867Master of Arts
Fisher, George Park1867Master of Arts
Norton, William Augustus1867Master of Arts
Rangabe, Alexander Rizos1867Doctor of Laws
Robert, James Alexander1867Master of Arts
Robinson, Abraham Hazen1867Doctor of Medicine
Stanton, Edwin McMasters1867Doctor of Laws
Taft, Alphonso1867Doctor of Laws
Vermilye, Thomas Edward1867Master of Arts
Verrill, Addison Emery1867Master of Arts
Whitaker, Epher1867Master of Arts
Whitney, William Dwight1867Master of Arts
Buckingham, William Alfred1866Doctor of Laws
Hall, Levi Wells1866Master of Arts
Lucas, James Joseph1866Bachelor of Arts
Marshall, Thomas Alexander1866Doctor of Laws
Safford, James Merrill1866Doctor of Philosophy
Trumbull, Henry Clay1866Master of Arts
Woodford, Stewart Lyndon1866Master of Arts
Cobleigh, Nelson Simmons1865Master of Arts
Evarts, William Maxwell1865Doctor of Laws
Ketchum, Landon1865Bachelor of Philosophy
Kitchel, Harvey Dennison1865Master of Arts
Labatt, Henry Jacob1865Master of Arts
Putnam, James Osborne1865Master of Arts
Shields, Charles Patrick1865Master of Arts
Stewart, William Morris1865Master of Arts
Storrs, Richard Salter1865Master of Arts
Swayne, Noah Haynes1865Doctor of Laws
Terry, Alfred Howe1865Master of Arts
Twining, Alexander Catlin1865Doctor of Laws
Whittelsey, Charles Henry1865Master of Arts
Wildey, Pierre Washington1865Master of Arts
Barnard, John Gross1864Doctor of Laws
Corliss, Frederick William1864Master of Arts
DuBois, Henry Augustus1864Doctor of Laws
Giddings, Ammi1864Master of Arts
Runk, Charles Miner1864Master of Arts
Stoeckel, Gustave Jacob1864Doctor of Music
Van Buren, William Holme1864Master of Arts
Hill, Thomas1863Doctor of Laws
Jessup, Samuel1863Master of Arts
Root, Nathaniel William Taylor1863Bachelor of Arts
Agénor, Étienne1862Doctor of Laws
Olmstead, Hawley1862Doctor of Laws
Sears, Barnas1862Doctor of Laws
Alexander, Walter Scott1861Master of Arts
Grant, Henry Allen1861Master of Arts
Haisley, William P.1861Bachelor of Arts
Thomson, William Hanna1861Master of Arts
Treadwell, Oliver Wetmore1861Master of Arts
Anthony, William Arnold1860Bachelor of Philosophy
Curtis, Josiah1860Master of Arts
Felton, Cornelius Conway1860Doctor of Laws
Hubbard, Stephen Grosvesnor1860Master of Arts
McAllister, Matthew Hall1860Master of Arts
Mitchell, John Charles1860Master of Arts
Park, John Duane1860Master of Arts
Perkins, Frederick Beecher1860Master of Arts
Seely, Henry Martyn1860Master of Arts
Barnard, Frederick Augustus Porter1859Doctor of Laws
Brewer, William Henry1859Master of Arts
Burr, Samuel Jones1859Master of Arts
Day, Henry Mills1859Bachelor of Arts
Donaghe, William Rice1859Master of Arts
Ruggles, Samuel Bulkley1859Doctor of Laws
Smith, Oscar Moses1859Master of Arts
Thomson, Asahel1859Doctor of Medicine
Trask, John Boardman1859Doctor of Medicine
Wight, Orlando Williams1859Master of Arts
Andrews, Israel DeWolf1858Master of Arts
Benedict, George Amos1858Master of Arts
Bidwell, Marshall Spring1858Doctor of Laws
Halsey, William Smiley1858Doctor of Medicine
Parker, Peter1858Master of Arts
Sanford, Leonard Jacob1858Master of Arts
Stadtmüller, Louis1858Bachelor of Philosophy
Stearns, William F.1858Doctor of Laws
Trumbull, Lyman1858Doctor of Laws
Tucker, Luther Henry1858Bachelor of Arts
Weld, Mason Cogswell1858Bachelor of Philosophy
Wheatley, Charles Moore1858Master of Arts
Brush, George Jarvis1857Master of Arts
Deming, Ralph1857Doctor of Medicine
Duffield, Divie Bethune1857Master of Arts
Johnson, Samuel William1857Master of Arts
Porter, Charles Hogeboom1857Master of Arts
Selden, Henry Rogers1857Doctor of Laws
Thomas, Charles Warner1857Master of Arts
Bird, William1856Master of Arts
Chester, Edward1856Bachelor of Arts
Grant, Seth Hastings1856Master of Arts
Hamlin, Chester1856Doctor of Medicine
Hungerford, William1856Doctor of Laws
Kimball, Gilman1856Doctor of Medicine
Shears, Alonzo Groesbeck1856Master of Arts
Sumner, Charles1856Doctor of Laws
Tomlinson, John Atwood1856Doctor of Medicine
Whiton, James Morris1856Master of Arts
Bancroft, Erastus1855Doctor of Medicine
Eaton, James Stewart1855Master of Arts
Hart, Samuel Waldo1855Doctor of Medicine
Rockwell, Sidney Williams1855Doctor of Medicine
Russell, Henry Alanson1855Master of Arts
Stedman, Charles Harrison1855Master of Arts
Thrall, Warren1855Doctor of Medicine
Waite, Henry Matson1855Doctor of Laws
Adams, John1854Doctor of Laws
Aldrich, Henry1854Doctor of Medicine
Dutton, Henry1854Doctor of Laws
Kilbourn, John1854Master of Arts
Lester, Charles Smith1854Master of Arts
Olmstead, John Wesley1854Master of Arts
Porter, John Addison1854Doctor of Medicine
Richards, Lewis1854Doctor of Medicine
Seward, William Henry1854Doctor of Laws
Stocking, Sabin1854Doctor of Medicine
Wilcox, Justus Denslow1854Doctor of Medicine
Williams, William Frederick1854Master of Arts
Wood, William Lamont1854Master of Arts
Woodward, Ashbel1854Doctor of Medicine
Barnwell, James Gaston1853Bachelor of Arts
Camp, David Nelson1853Master of Arts
Culver, Moses1853Master of Arts
Ropes, Joseph Samuel1853Master of Arts
Thomas, Joseph1853Master of Arts
Walker, James1853Doctor of Laws
Wells, Horatio Thomas1853Master of Arts
Wortabet, John1853Doctor of Medicine
Barnard, Henry1852Doctor of Laws
Bigelow, Erastus Brigham1852Master of Arts
Canning, Edward Weeks Boldero1852Master of Arts
Church, Albert Ensign1852Doctor of Laws
Gould, Archibald Falconer1852Master of Arts
Murdock, David1852Master of Arts
Nash, William Burr1852Doctor of Medicine
Potter, William Henry1852Master of Arts
Beardsley, Bronson Burton1851Bachelor of Arts
Fisher, Samuel Sparks1851Bachelor of Arts
Huntington, Elijah Baldwin1851Master of Arts
Kilbourn, James1851Master of Arts
Parsons, John Edward1851Master of Arts
Walker, Thomas Reed1851Master of Arts
Brace, Jonathan1850Master of Arts
Bush, Charles Peck1850Master of Arts
Colton, Horace Benjamin1850Master of Arts
Cothren, Nathaniel1850Bachelor of Arts
Evans, Gurdon1850Master of Arts
Stillé, Alfred1850Master of Arts
White, Adonijah1850Doctor of Medicine
Williams, Merrill Whitney1850Doctor of Medicine
Clarke, William Nelson1849Doctor of Medicine
Harris, William Thaddeus1849Master of Arts
Hillhouse, William1849Master of Arts
McElligott, Hames Napoleon1849Master of Arts
Phelps, Sylvanus Dryden1849Master of Arts
Sedgwick, Frederick1849Master of Arts
Skinner, Ezekiel1849Doctor of Medicine
Trumbull, Joseph1849Doctor of Laws
Wright, Caleb1849Master of Arts
Badger, George Edmund1848Doctor of Laws
Baury, Alfred Louis1848Master of Arts
Converse, Joseph Pride1848Doctor of Medicine
Darlington, William1848Doctor of Laws
Goodrich, Samuel Griswold1848Master of Arts
Norton, John Foote1848Master of Arts
Sawyer, Nathaniel1848Master of Arts
Strong, Henry1848Doctor of Laws
Andrews, Ethan Allen1847Doctor of Laws
Bissell, Clark1847Doctor of Laws
Canfield, Joel1847Doctor of Medicine
Cooke, Samuel1847Doctor of Divinity
Cothren, William1847Master of Arts
Cowles, David Smith1847Master of Arts
Day, Thomas1847Doctor of Laws
Hovey, Daniel Alfred1847Doctor of Medicine
Long, Mahlon1847Master of Arts
Palmer, Francis Spalding1847Master of Arts
Schenck, George Washington1847Master of Arts
Seymour, Horatio1847Doctor of Laws
White, Orrin Chester1847Doctor of Medicine
Bradley, Charles William1846Master of Arts
Burgess, Chauncey1846Doctor of Medicine
Clayton, John Middleton1846Doctor of Laws
Dowe, Joseph Clark1846Doctor of Medicine
Jarvis, George Oglevie1846Doctor of Medicine
Lord, Daniel1846Doctor of Laws
McKnight, John Morin Scott1846Master of Arts
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese1846Doctor of Laws
Norton, John Pitkin1846Master of Arts
Sumner, George Oliver1846Doctor of Medicine
Baldwin, Roger Sherman1845Doctor of Laws
Blackman, George1845Doctor of Medicine
Butterfield, Oliver Billings1845Master of Arts
Dodd, Stephen1845Master of Arts
Hall, Edward1845Master of Arts
James, Thomas D.1845Master of Arts
Learned, Samuel Julius1845Bachelor of Arts
Manwaring, Robert Alexander1845Doctor of Medicine
Noyes, Samuel Sherwood1845Doctor of Medicine
Olin, Stephen1845Doctor of Laws
Rogers, Benjamin1845Doctor of Medicine
Saunders, James Melville1845Master of Arts
St. John, Gamaliel Hunt1845Doctor of Medicine
Wattles, Thomas P.1845Doctor of Medicine
Witter, Orin1845Doctor of Medicine
Bird, William1844Bachelor of Arts
Choate, Rufus1844Doctor of Laws
Churchill, John1844Master of Arts
Dwight, William Cecil1844Master of Arts
Glynn, James1844Master of Arts
Robinson, Edward1844Doctor of Laws
Swan, Benjamin Lincoln1844Master of Arts
Thomas, Robert S.1844Master of Arts
Abbott, Jeheil1843Doctor of Medicine
Baldwin, Abraham Chittenden1843Master of Arts
Farmer, William1843Master of Arts
Greenwood, John1843Master of Arts
Hutchins, Cyrus1843Doctor of Medicine
Smith, Vine1843Doctor of Medicine
Thompson, John1843Master of Arts
William, Datus1843Doctor of Medicine
Alvord, John Watson1842Master of Arts
Dow, Virgil Maro1842Master of Arts
Hitchcock, Samuel Johnson1842Doctor of Laws
Johnson, Peleg1842Doctor of Medicine
Marcy, Samuel Sumner1842Doctor of Medicine
Smith, Roswell1842Master of Arts
Swain, David Lowry1842Doctor of Laws
Turner, Uriah1842Doctor of Medicine
Williams, William Chauncey1842Doctor of Medicine
Brewster, Cyrus1841Bachelor of Arts
Douglass, David Bates1841Doctor of Laws
Hall, Eli1841Doctor of Medicine
Jewett, Joseph Franklin1841Doctor of Medicine
Legaré, Thomas Hanscom1841Master of Arts
Litchfield, Eleazar1841Doctor of Medicine
Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin1841Doctor of Laws
Thompson, Augustus Charles1841Master of Arts
Allen, John William1840Master of Arts
Catlin, Benjamin Hopkins1840Doctor of Medicine
Clark, John1840Master of Arts
Frost, Edward1840Master of Arts
Granger, Arthur1840Master of Arts
Jones, Samuel1840Master of Arts
Manning, Mason1840Doctor of Medicine
Moody, Anson1840Doctor of Medicine
Putnam, Austin1840Master of Arts
Smith, Junius1840Doctor of Laws
Witter, Asa1840Doctor of Medicine
Wood, Orson1840Doctor of Medicine
Baldwin, John Dennison1839Master of Arts
Beardsley, Wells1839Doctor of Medicine
Bissell, Emery1839Doctor of Medicine
Brinsmade, Thomas Clark1839Doctor of Medicine
Bulkley, Sturges1839Doctor of Medicine
Donnell, Richard Spaight1839Bachelor of Arts
Dunkin, Christopher1839Master of Arts
Jacocks, Thomas Stevenson1839Bachelor of Arts
Marcy, Lorenzo1839Doctor of Medicine
Miner, William W.1839Doctor of Medicine
Redfield, William Charles1839Master of Arts
Walworth, Reuben Hyde1839Doctor of Laws
Carter, Ralph1838Doctor of Medicine
Herrick, Edward Claudius1838Master of Arts
Welch, Benjamin1838Doctor of Medicine
Adams, Ripley Perkins1837Master of Arts
Foltz, Jonathan Messersmith1837Master of Arts
Rogers, James1837Doctor of Medicine
Sophocles, Evangelinus Apostolides1837Master of Arts
Stiles, William Henry1837Master of Arts
Woodward, Charles1837Doctor of Medicine
Allen, Charles1836Master of Arts
DeCamp, Samuel Grandon Johnston1836Doctor of Medicine
Gold, Samuel Wadsworth1836Doctor of Medicine
Kellogg, Gardiner1836Master of Arts
Ticknor, Benajah1836Doctor of Medicine
Tyler, Lucius1836Doctor of Medicine
Welch, Archibald1836Doctor of Medicine
Burton, Nathan1835Master of Arts
Caitlin, Lyman1835Doctor of Medicine
Dunn, William McKee1835Master of Arts
Eldridge, Charles1835Doctor of Medicine
Hill, Benjamin Munro1835Master of Arts
Hyde, William1835Doctor of Medicine
Lay, George Washington1835Master of Arts
Shelton, Nathan1835Doctor of Medicine
Barratt, Joseph1834Doctor of Medicine
Birch, Robert1834Master of Arts
Cole, Erastus1834Master of Arts
Foot, Samuel Augustus1834Doctor of Laws
Fowler, Remus Marcus1834Master of Arts
Ives, Edward John1834Master of Arts
Ladd, Abijah1834Doctor of Medicine
Mantell, Gideon Algernon1834Doctor of Laws
Matheson, James1834Doctor of Divinity
North, Milo Linus1834Doctor of Medicine
Punderson, Samuel1834Doctor of Medicine
Reed, Andrew1834Doctor of Divinity
Seeley, Lloyd1834Doctor of Medicine
Spencer, Joshua Austin1834Master of Arts
Stoddard, Benjamin Franklin1834Doctor of Medicine
Watkins, Claiborne A.1834Master of Arts
Wikoff, Henry1834Bachelor of Arts
Williams, Thomas Scott1834Doctor of Laws
Augur, Hezekiah1833Master of Arts
Austin, Caleb Hopkins1833Doctor of Medicine
Beecher, William Henry1833Master of Arts
Chambers, Ezekiel Forman1833Doctor of Laws
Davies, Gustavus Fellowes1833Master of Arts
Dow, Horatio1833Doctor of Medicine
Downing, Eleazar Butler1833Doctor of Medicine
Dwight, Sereno Edwards1833Doctor of Divinity
Edwards, Henry Waggaman1833Doctor of Laws
Eells, Richard1833Doctor of Medicine
Everett, Edward1833Doctor of Laws
Green, Richard William1833Master of Arts
Gridley, Horatio1833Doctor of Medicine
Holt, Asa Miller1833Doctor of Medicine
Hunt, Chester1833Doctor of Medicine
Morley, Sardis Brewster1833Master of Arts
Parker, Lyman1833Doctor of Medicine
Perry, Nehemiah1833Doctor of Medicine
Shelton, William T.1833Doctor of Medicine
Vaïsse, Léon Auguste Joseph1833Master of Arts
Vanarsdalen, Cornelius Cornell1833Master of Arts
Wheaton, Nathaniel Shelton1833Doctor of Laws
Winslow, Gordon1833Master of Arts
Wright, Theodore Lyman1833Master of Arts
Burgess, Mowry1831Doctor of Medicine
Comstock, Joseph1831Doctor of Medicine
Ely, Elias Pratt1831Bachelor of Arts
Ely, James1831Master of Arts
Fairchild, Ezra1831Master of Arts
French, Andrew1831Doctor of Medicine
Fuller, Daniel1831Doctor of Medicine
Granger, Francis1831Master of Arts
Harper, Samuel Henderson1831Master of Arts
Hopkins, William Fenn1831Master of Arts
Kanouse, Peter1831Master of Arts
Lyman, Norman1831Doctor of Medicine
Bache, Alexander Dallas1830Master of Arts
Baldwin, Henry1830Doctor of Laws
Bliss, Seth1830Master of Arts
Brewster, William Augustus1830Doctor of Medicine
Chambers, Ezekiel Forman1830Master of Arts
Emerson, Ralph1830Doctor of Divinity
Goodrich, Elizur1830Doctor of Laws
Grimké, Thomas Smith1830Doctor of Laws
Hart, Samuel1830Doctor of Medicine
Johnson, Robert Charles1830Master of Arts
Judson, John1830Doctor of Medicine
Ludlow, Henry Gilbert1830Master of Arts
Swift, Earl1830Doctor of Medicine
Tallmadge, Benjamin1830Master of Arts
Turner, Rufus1830Doctor of Medicine
Tyler, Daniel1830Master of Arts
Burnet, George William1829Master of Arts
Cotes, Christopher1829Master of Arts
Farnham, Bela1829Doctor of Medicine
Hutchins, Darius1829Doctor of Medicine
McDonald, Samuel Percy1829Bachelor of Arts
Otis, Charles Pomeroy1829Master of Arts
Pitkin, Timothy1829Doctor of Laws
Sherman, Roger Minott1829Doctor of Laws
Tenney, Caleb Jewett 1829Doctor of Divinity
Ticknor, Luther1829Doctor of Medicine
Yale, Elisha1829Master of Arts
Alsop, John1828Master of Arts
Catlin, Conant1828Doctor of Medicine
Cornwell, Joshua1828Doctor of Medicine
DeLancey, William Heathcote1828Doctor of Divinity
Hopkins, Samuel Miles1828Doctor of Laws
Jennings, Isaac1828Doctor of Medicine
Manning, Luther1828Doctor of Medicine
Robinson, William1828Doctor of Medicine
Smith, Isaac1828Doctor of Medicine
White, Jabez Loomis1828Doctor of Medicine
Woodward, Henry1828Doctor of Medicine
Albro, John Adams1827Master of Arts
Andrews, John1827Doctor of Medicine
Baldwin, Elijah1827Doctor of Medicine
Chauncey, Charles1827Doctor of Laws
Comstock, Daniel1827Doctor of Medicine
Daggett, David1827Doctor of Laws
Dwight, Timothy1827Master of Arts
Edwards, Justin1827Doctor of Divinity
Foulke, John Brain1827Master of Arts
Green, Jacob1827Doctor of Medicine
Hinman, Chester1827Bachelor of Arts
Hubbard, Samuel1827Doctor of Laws
Ingersoll, Charles Anthony1827Master of Arts
Mercer, Archibald1827Doctor of Medicine
Pond, James Otis1827Doctor of Medicine
Scott, John Witherspoon1827Master of Arts
Simons, Samuel1827Doctor of Medicine
Welles, Gaylord1827Doctor of Medicine
Battell, Philip1826Bachelor of Arts
Bowdoin, James1826Master of Arts
Brainard, Dyar Throop1826Doctor of Medicine
Brundage, Abner1826Master of Arts
Buel, Samuel1826Doctor of Medicine
Colton, Chauncey1826Bachelor of Arts
Fish, Henry1826Doctor of Medicine
Glover, Samuel1826Master of Arts
Goodsell, Isaac1826Doctor of Medicine
Harris, Andrew1826Doctor of Medicine
Hunt, Eleazar1826Doctor of Medicine
Lawrence, William Beach1826Master of Arts
Price, Eliphalet1826Master of Arts
Stevens, William Augustus1826Bachelor of Arts
Walley, Samuel Hurd1826Bachelor of Arts
Warren, William Young1826Bachelor of Arts
Abernethy, Roswell1825Doctor of Medicine
Beardslee, Gideon1825Doctor of Medicine
Bennett, James1825Doctor of Divinity
Burnet, George William1825Bachelor of Arts
Coe, Truman1825Master of Arts
Dunglison, Robley1825Doctor of Medicine
Esten, James Christie1825Doctor of Laws
Glover, John M.1825Master of Arts
Gracie, Robert1825Master of Arts
Knapp, Colby1825Doctor of Medicine
Mansfield, Jared1825Doctor of Laws
McConechy, James1825Master of Arts
Nott, Samuel1825Doctor of Divinity
Ross, Royall1825Doctor of Medicine
Town, Ithiel1825Master of Arts
Wells, Thomas Thompson1825Doctor of Medicine
Beers, Timothy Phelps1824Doctor of Medicine
Cushman, Elisha1824Master of Arts
Hedding, Elijah1824Master of Arts
Henry, Thomas Carlton1824Doctor of Divinity
Huntington, Andrew1824Doctor of Medicine
Hyde, Allyn1824Doctor of Medicine
Lacey, Noah A.1824Doctor of Medicine
Mitchell, Henry1824Doctor of Medicine
Palmer, Edward1824Master of Arts
Thompson, Smith1824Doctor of Laws
Todd, Ambrose Seymour1824Master of Arts
Vaill, Herman Landon1824Master of Arts
Andrus, Jared1823Master of Arts
Backus, Gurdon Huntington1823Master of Arts
Battell, Joseph1823Bachelor of Arts
Dey, Richard Varick1823Master of Arts
Fuller, Josiah1823Doctor of Medicine
Fuller, Silas1823Doctor of Medicine
Hedge, Levi1823Doctor of Laws
Hillhouse, James1823Doctor of Laws
Hosmer, Stephen Titus1823Doctor of Laws
Hough, Isaac Insign1823Doctor of Medicine
Matthews, James McFarlane1823Doctor of Divinity
Olcott, Austin1823Doctor of Medicine
Schroeder, John Frederick1823Master of Arts
Torrey, John1823Master of Arts
Webster, Noah1823Doctor of Laws
Young, Alexander1823Master of Arts
Calhoun, John Caldwell1822Doctor of Laws
Carter, Samuel1822Doctor of Medicine
Catlin, Jacob1822Doctor of Divinity
Elliott, John1822Doctor of Divinity
Goodsell, Thomas1822Doctor of Medicine
Parkes, Samuel1822Master of Arts
Reed, Elijah Fitch1822Doctor of Medicine
Tisdale, Nathan1822Doctor of Medicine
VanRensselaer, Stephen1822Doctor of Laws
Waters, Francis1822Master of Arts
Watts, Francis Osborn1822Bachelor of Arts
Wigglesworth, Edward1822Bachelor of Arts
Williams, Jehiel1822Doctor of Medicine
Woodward, Samuel Bayard1822Doctor of Medicine
Alden, Robert Wormsted1821Bachelor of Arts
Alden, Timothy Fox1821Bachelor of Arts
Clarke, Peter Gilchrist1821Master of Arts
Dickson, David1821Doctor of Divinity
Hooper, Nathaniel Leech1821Bachelor of Arts
Ives, Ansel W.1821Master of Arts
Sessions, Horace1821Bachelor of Arts
Snell, Martin1821Master of Arts
Whitman, William Elnathan1821Bachelor of Arts
Converse, Alexander Backus1820Master of Arts
Gannett, Ezra Stiles1820Bachelor of Arts
Hughes, Joseph1820Doctor of Divinity
Hyde, Oren1820Master of Arts
Jacobs, George Washington1820Master of Arts
Judd, Jonathan1820Master of Arts
Morgan, Nicholson Ross1820Master of Arts
Owen, John1820Doctor of Divinity
Palmer, Joseph1820Doctor of Medicine
Wells, Samuel1820Master of Arts
Adams, Jasper1819Master of Arts
Bartlett, John Sherren1819Doctor of Medicine
Bingham, Hiram1819Master of Arts
Boardman, Charles Adolphus1819Master of Arts
Buel, William1819Doctor of Medicine
Coolidge, Thomas Bulfinch1819Bachelor of Arts
Craig, James Alexander1819Master of Arts
Elliott, Stephen1819Doctor of Laws
Goodman, Epaphras1819Master of Arts
Gould, James1819Doctor of Laws
Graham, William1819Master of Arts
Johnson, William Samuel1819Master of Arts
Miner, Thomas1819Doctor of Medicine
Parsons, Enoch Thomas1819Bachelor of Arts
Snelling, George Henry1819Bachelor of Arts
Sterling, John William1819Doctor of Medicine
Tully, William1819Doctor of Medicine
Wolcott, Oliver1819Doctor of Laws
Bates, Joshua1818Doctor of Divinity
Bradford, Merritt1818Master of Arts
Cannon, Philip A.1818Master of Arts
Cogswell, Mason Fitch1818Doctor of Medicine
Coit, Thomas1818Doctor of Medicine
Dorr, Jonathan1818Doctor of Medicine
Downer, Avery1818Doctor of Medicine
Fowler, Warren R.1818Doctor of Medicine
Hawks, Francis Lister1818Master of Arts
Hitchcock, Edward1818Master of Arts
Howard, Nathan1818Doctor of Medicine
Hubbard, Thomas1818Doctor of Medicine
Hunt, David1818Doctor of Medicine
Knight, Jonathan1818Doctor of Medicine
Mason, John Young1818Bachelor of Arts
McCurdy, John1818Master of Arts
Orr, William1818Master of Arts
Peters, John Samuel1818Doctor of Medicine
Trumbull, John1818Doctor of Laws
Wagner, John1818Doctor of Medicine
Wardlaw, Ralph1818Doctor of Divinity
Watrous, John Richard1818Doctor of Medicine
Winslow, Miron1818Master of Arts
Bradley, William Czar1817Master of Arts
Champion, Henry1817Master of Arts
Crosswell, Harry1817Master of Arts
Day, Israel1817Master of Arts
Field, Simeon1817Doctor of Medicine
Fisk, Ezra1817Master of Arts
Hutchins, Penuel1817Doctor of Medicine
Shelton, William1817Doctor of Medicine
Swift, Elisha Pope1817Master of Arts
Swift, Joseph Gardiner1817Master of Arts
Swift, Zephaniah1817Doctor of Laws
Talcott, Hart1817Master of Arts
Tracy, Philemon1817Doctor of Medicine
Upson, Benoni1817Doctor of Divinity
Bestor, John1816Doctor of Medicine
Brownell, Grove Lawrence1816Master of Arts
Carrington, Jesse1816Doctor of Medicine
Clark, Eber Liscom1816Master of Arts
Cooke, Elisha Baldwin1816Master of Arts
Davis, Leonard M.1816Master of Arts
Everest, Solomon1816Doctor of Medicine
Foot, Joseph1816Doctor of Medicine
Ingersoll, Jonathan1816Doctor of Laws
Judd, Jehiel1816Master of Arts
Miner, John Owen1816Doctor of Medicine
Palmer, Joseph1816Doctor of Medicine
Perry, Nathaniel1816Doctor of Medicine
Waite, Calvin1816Master of Arts
Wells, Sylvester1816Doctor of Medicine
Dwight, Nathaniel1815Master of Arts
Everest, Cornelius Bradford1815Master of Arts
Fisher, Jesse1815Master of Arts
Goddard, Charles1815Bachelor of Arts
Harrison, Fosdick1815Master of Arts
Niles, Benjamin1815Master of Arts
Porter, James1815Master of Arts
Richards, James1815Doctor of Divinity
Rockwell, Samuel1815Master of Arts
Smith, John Cotton1815Doctor of Laws
Willson, James Renwick1815Master of Arts
Phelps, Abner1814Doctor of Medicine
Deming, David1812Master of Arts
Griswold, Roger1812Doctor of Laws
Loomis, Hubbel1812Master of Arts
McFarland, Asa1812Doctor of Divinity
Rush, Benjamin1812Doctor of Laws
Wallace, Elisha Fuller1812Bachelor of Arts
Newell, Samuel1811Master of Arts
Porter, John1810Bachelor of Arts
Porter, Jonathan Edwards1810Master of Arts
Storrs, William1810Master of Arts
Willard, Samuel1810Master of Arts
Barrett, William1809Bachelor of Arts
Deming, David1809Bachelor of Arts
Dewey, Chester1809Master of Arts
Gannett, Thomas Brattle1809Bachelor of Arts
Hayward, George1809Bachelor of Arts
Johns, Evan1809Master of Arts
Rowland, Samuel1809Master of Arts
Southmayd, Samuel William1809Master of Arts
Taylor, Reuben1809Master of Arts
Wild, Abraham1809Bachelor of Arts
Bogue, David1808Doctor of Divinity
Clark, Saul1808Master of Arts
Crafts, William1808Master of Arts
Dickson, David1808Master of Arts
Ely, David1808Doctor of Divinity
Gibbs, George1808Master of Arts
Leonard, George1808Master of Arts
Smith, Nathan1808Master of Arts
Sohier, William Davies1808Master of Arts
Welles, Elijah Gardiner1808Master of Arts
Wood, Luke1808Master of Arts
Backus, William Fitch1807Master of Arts
Cogswell, James1807Bachelor of Arts
Everett, Alexander Hill1807Bachelor of Arts
Gallup, Elias1807Master of Arts
Mitchell, Stephen Mix1807Doctor of Laws
Parkman, Francis1807Bachelor of Arts
Smith, John Pye1807Doctor of Divinity
Stevenson, James1807Bachelor of Arts
Tyler, Daniel1807Master of Arts
Goodrich, Elizur1806Bachelor of Arts
Hare, Robert1806Master of Arts
Kendal, Samuel1806Doctor of Divinity
Perry, Frederick1806Master of Arts
Robbins, James Watson1806Master of Arts
Sturges, Jonathan1806Doctor of Laws
Vaux, George1806Master of Arts
Austin, Aaron1805Master of Arts
Brimmer, John Ambourloin1805Master of Arts
Cary, Samuel1805Bachelor of Arts
Chapman, George Thomas1805Bachelor of Arts
Greenough, David Stoddard1805Bachelor of Arts
Smith, John Wheelock1805Bachelor of Arts
Smith, Robert1805Bachelor of Arts
Strong, Nathan1805Master of Arts
Fuller, Andrew1804Doctor of Divinity
Goodhue, Benjamin1804Master of Arts
Hubbard, Bela1804Doctor of Divinity
Orne, Samuel1804Bachelor of Arts
Stone, Timothy1804Master of Arts
Tucker, Ichabod1804Master of Arts
Watson, James Talcott1804Bachelor of Arts
White, Daniel Appleton1804Master of Arts
Crossman, Joseph Warren1803Master of Arts
Fanning, Edmund1803Doctor of Laws
Hale, Nathan Metcalf1803Bachelor of Arts
Rich, Thomas1803Master of Arts
Strong, Cyprian1803Doctor of Divinity
Wadsworth, John1803Bachelor of Arts
Willard, John1803Doctor of Divinity
Codman, John1802Bachelor of Arts
Crosby, John Player1802Bachelor of Arts
Gannett, John Mico1802Bachelor of Arts
Hopkins, Samuel1802Doctor of Divinity
King, Asa1802Master of Arts
Law, Richard1802Doctor of Laws
Lyman, Simeon1802Bachelor of Arts
Pearson, Eliphalet1802Doctor of Laws
Saltonstall, Leverett1802Bachelor of Arts
Strong, Nathan1802Bachelor of Arts
Bartlett, Jonathan1801Master of Arts
Miller, Samuel1801Master of Arts
Pomeroy, Jonathan1801Master of Arts
Thompson, Amos Garrett1801Master of Arts
Gould, Vinson1800Master of Arts
Roe, Azel1800Doctor of Divinity
Ruggles, Philo1800Master of Arts
Strong, Hezekiah Wright1800Master of Arts
Treadwell, John1800Doctor of Laws
Weeks, Holland1800Master of Arts
Gurley, John Ward1799Master of Arts
Howe, William1799Master of Arts
Munsell, Jabez1799Master of Arts
Oliver, Francis Johonnot1799Master of Arts
Alsop, Richard1798Master of Arts
Coffin, John1798Master of Arts
Dwight, Theodore1798Master of Arts
Jay, Peter Augustus1798Master of Arts
Pinneo, Bezaleel1798Master of Arts
Woodhull, John1798Doctor of Divinity
Brown, Clark1797Master of Arts
Jarvis, Abraham1797Doctor of Divinity
Osgood, David1797Doctor of Divinity
Rogers, Benjamin Woolsey1797Master of Arts
Smith, John1797Master of Arts
Storey, Daniel1797Master of Arts
Swift, Herman1797Master of Arts
Trumbull, Jonathan1797Doctor of Laws
Watson, Richard1797Doctor of Divinity
Adams, Andrew1796Doctor of Laws
Blatchford, Samuel1796Master of Arts
Trumbull, Benjamin1796Doctor of Divinity
Wadsworth, Jeremiah1796Master of Arts
Wight, Job1796Master of Arts
Chase, Amos1795Master of Arts
Field, Joseph1795Master of Arts
Hart, Abijah1795Master of Arts
Nightingale, John Clark1795Master of Arts
Porter, Ebenezer1795Master of Arts
Smith, Nathaniel1795Master of Arts
Ball, Heman1794Master of Arts
Brown, Clark1794Bachelor of Arts
Hotchkin, Beriah1794Master of Arts
Richards, James1794Bachelor of Arts
Tennent, William Mackay1794Doctor of Divinity
Fiske, Moses1793Master of Arts
Hobart, John Sloss1793Doctor of Laws
Newberry, Roger1793Master of Arts
Brigham, Elijiah1792Master of Arts
Clark, Thomas Murray1792Bachelor of Arts
Dewey, Daniel1792Master of Arts
Emerson, William1792Master of Arts
Hillhouse, William1792Master of Arts
Hyslop, William1792Master of Arts
Leonard, Joshua1792Master of Arts
Lewis, Isaac1792Doctor of Divinity
Mansfield, Richard1792Doctor of Divinity
Marchant, Henry1792Doctor of Laws
Miller, Samuel1792Master of Arts
Moore, Thomas1792Master of Arts
Quincy, Josiah1792Bachelor of Arts
Senter, Isaac1792Doctor of Medicine
Tyler, John Eugene1792Master of Arts
Tyler, Royall1792Master of Arts
Wolcott, Oliver1792Doctor of Laws
Worthington, John1792Doctor of Laws
Allen, John1791Master of Arts
Arnold, Josias Lyndon1791Master of Arts
Childs, Francis1791Master of Arts
Cutler, Manasseh1791Doctor of Laws
Green, William1791Bachelor of Arts
Judd, Benjamin1791Master of Arts
Lathrop, Joseph1791Doctor of Divinity
Macclintock, Samuel1791Doctor of Divinity
McKnight, John1791Doctor of Divinity
Muir, James1791Doctor of Divinity
Whitridge, William1791Master of Arts
Willard, Joseph1791Doctor of Laws
Boudinot, Elias1790Doctor of Laws
Brown, Moses1790Bachelor of Arts
Cogswell, James1790Doctor of Divinity
Ellsworth, Oliver1790Doctor of Laws
Hart, William Sherman1790Master of Arts
Nightingale, John Clark1790Bachelor of Arts
Robbins, Chandler1790Master of Arts
Wolcott, Erastus1790Master of Arts
Breese, Arthur1789Master of Arts
Breese, Samuel Sidney1789Bachelor of Arts
Kilby, Charles1789Doctor of Medicine
Lockwood, Samuel1789Doctor of Divinity
Ramsey, David1789Doctor of Medicine
Robinson, Moses1789Master of Arts
Willis, Zephaniah1789Master of Arts
Adams, John1788Doctor of Laws
Erksine, John1788Doctor of Divinity
Gilbert, Sylvester1788Master of Arts
Hallock, Jeremiah1788Master of Arts
Johnson, William Samuel1788Doctor of Laws
Lewis, Eldad1788Master of Arts
Livingston, William1788Doctor of Laws
Rogers, Robert1788Master of Arts
Ball, Flamen1787Bachelor of Arts
Dunham, Lewis1787Doctor of Medicine
Dyer, Eliphalet1787Doctor of Laws
Huntington, Samuel1787Doctor of Laws
Kirby, Ephraim1787Master of Arts
Morris, Richard1787Master of Arts
Paine, Joshua1787Master of Arts
Rowland, William Frederick1787Master of Arts
Ward, Samuel1787Master of Arts
Bassett, John1786Bachelor of Arts
Jefferson, Thomas1786Doctor of Laws
Law, Andrew1786Master of Arts
Mackinnen, William1786Doctor of Laws
Strong, Adonijah1786Master of Arts
Williams, Samuel1786Doctor of Laws
Burnet, Matthias1785Master of Arts
Davenport, John1785Master of Arts
Duffield, George1785Doctor of Divinity
Everett, Daniel1785Master of Arts
Milne, George1785Doctor of Medicine
Patten, William1785Master of Arts
Wilson, James1785Master of Arts
Witherspoon, John1785Doctor of Laws
Wright, Henry1785Master of Arts
Beardsley, Ebenezer1784Master of Arts
Hopkins, Lemuel1784Master of Arts
Sergeant, Erastus1784Master of Arts
dalVerme, Francesco1783Doctor of Laws
Johnes, Timothy1783Doctor of Divinity
Létombe, Joseph Philippe1783Doctor of Laws
Smith, Samuel Stanhope1783Doctor of Divinity
Wood, Jacob1783Master of Arts
Crosby, Ebenezer1782Master of Arts
Crosby, Samuel1782Master of Arts
Lyon, Walter1782Master of Arts
Mann, James1782Master of Arts
Ogden, John Cosies1782Master of Arts
Payson, Seth1782Master of Arts
Piper, Asa1782Master of Arts
Reed, Timothy1782Bachelor of Arts
Salter, Richard1782Doctor of Divinity
Wales, Samuel1782Doctor of Divinity
Williams, Eliphalet1782Doctor of Divinity
Brooks, John1781Master of Arts
Channing, William1781Master of Arts
Emery, Samuel1781Master of Arts
Hitchcock, Enos1781Master of Arts
Parsons, Samuel Holden1781Master of Arts
Pemberton, Ebenezer1781Master of Arts
Price, Richard1781Doctor of Laws
Read, Josiah1781Master of Arts
Read, Seth1781Master of Arts
Stiles, Ezra1781Master of Arts
Washington, George1781Doctor of Laws
Whitney, Abel1781Master of Arts
Woodward, Peter1781Master of Arts
Rogers, William1780Master of Arts
Southwick, Solomon1780Master of Arts
Bartlett, John1779Doctor of Medicine
Chauncey, Charles1779Master of Arts
Gérard, Conrad Alexandre1779Doctor of Laws
Griswold, Matthew1779Doctor of Laws
Huntington, Samuel1779Master of Arts
Leverett, John1779Master of Arts
Thayer, John1779Bachelor of Arts
Trumbull, Jonathan1779Doctor of Laws
Haven, Samuel1778Master of Arts
Kellogg, David1778Master of Arts
Macclintock, Nathaniel1778Master of Arts
Stebbins, Samuel1778Master of Arts
Stiles, Ezra1778Bachelor of Arts
Farrand, Daniel1777Master of Arts
Smith, John1777Master of Arts
MacWhorter, Alexander1776Doctor of Divinity
Treat, Richard1776Doctor of Divinity
Tyler, Royall1776Bachelor of Arts
Gray, Samuel1775Master of Arts
Eliot, Andrew1774Master of Arts
Foster, Dan1774Master of Arts
Lord, Benjamin1774Doctor of Divinity
Marsh, John1774Master of Arts
Perkins, Nathan1774Master of Arts
Church, Benjamin1773Master of Arts
Gordon, William1773Master of Arts
Huntington, David1773Bachelor of Arts
Jackson, Richard1773Doctor of Laws
Wiliams, Solomon1773Master of Arts
Williams, Seth1773Master of Arts
Greene, David1772Master of Arts
Horton, Ezra1772Master of Arts
Howell, David1772Master of Arts
Sedgwick, Theodore1772Master of Arts
Smith, Hezekiah1772Master of Arts
Whiting, Samuel1772Master of Arts
Close, John1771Master of Arts
Mills, William1771Master of Arts
Foster, Isaac1770Master of Arts
Graham, Jonathan1770Bachelor of Arts
Hazard, Nathaniel1770Master of Arts
Huntington, Jedidiah1770Master of Arts
Kellogg, Solomon1770Master of Arts
Brattle, Thomas1769Master of Arts
Edwards, Jonathan1769Master of Arts
Hancock, John1769Master of Arts
Williams, Nehemiah1769Master of Arts
Hanna, William1768Master of Arts
Kirkland, Samuel1768Master of Arts
Knox, Hugh1768Master of Arts
Sherman, Roger1768Master of Arts
Wendell, John1768Master of Arts
Dana, Josiah1766Master of Arts
Leonard, Daniel1766Master of Arts
Quincy, Josiah1766Master of Arts
Root, Jesse1766Master of Arts
Battelle, Nathaniel1765Bachelor of Arts
Bridgman, Thomas1765Master of Arts
Hubbard, Moses1765Bachelor of Arts
Lee, Joseph1765Bachelor of Arts
Moore, Jonathan1765Master of Arts
Sherman, Josiah1765Master of Arts
Taylor, Samuel1765Master of Arts
Thacher, Josiah1765Master of Arts
Upham, Joshua1765Bachelor of Arts
Willard, Joseph1765Bachelor of Arts
Wadhams, Noah1764Master of Arts
Jackson, William1763Master of Arts
Kimberly, John1763Master of Arts
George, William Cornelius1762Bachelor of Arts
Chapman, Benjamin1761Master of Arts
Barrett, Samuel1760Master of Arts
Benedict, Noah1760Master of Arts
Montgomery, Joseph1760Master of Arts
Prime, Benjamin Youngs1760Master of Arts
Wells, Henry1760Master of Arts
Avery, John1759Bachelor of Arts
Burr, Thaddeus1759Master of Arts
Crocker, John1759Master of Arts
Ely, Justin1759Bachelor of Arts
Hedge, Lemuel1759Bachelor of Arts
Otis, Ephraim1759Master of Arts
Pickman, Benjamin1759Bachelor of Arts
Bradner, Benoni1758Master of Arts
Patten, William1758Master of Arts
Byles, Mather1757Master of Arts
Clark, Samuel1757Master of Arts
Osborn, Sylvanus1757Master of Arts
Walker, Edward1757Bachelor of Arts
Walker, Edward1757Master of Arts
Alison, Francis1755Master of Arts
Perry, Joseph1755Master of Arts
Beard, James1754Master of Arts
Epes, Samuel1754Master of Arts
Mascarene, John1754Master of Arts
Perez, Marsh1754Master of Arts
Ross, Robert1754Master of Arts
Cushing, William1753Master of Arts
Dorby, Jonathan1753Master of Arts
Ellis, John1753Master of Arts
Fayerweather, Samuel1753Master of Arts
Franklin, Benjamin1753Master of Arts
Leonard, George1753Master of Arts
Palmer, Joseph1753Master of Arts
Rawson, Grindall1753Master of Arts
Robbins, Nathaniel1753Master of Arts
Williams, William1753Master of Arts
Green, Joseph1752Master of Arts
Wigglesworth, Edward1752Master of Arts
Oliver, Andrew1751Master of Arts
Bowdoin, James1750Master of Arts
Coffin, Nathaniel1750Master of Arts
Cooper, Samuel1750Master of Arts
Cushing, Thomas1750Master of Arts
Ellery, William1750Master of Arts
Greenleaf, Stephen1750Master of Arts
Storer, Ebenezer1750Master of Arts
Tyler, Royall1750Master of Arts
Balch, Thomas1741Master of Arts
Williams, Thomas1741Master of Arts
Marsh, Elisha1740Master of Arts
Davis, Anthony1737Master of Arts
Graham, John1737Master of Arts
Robbins, Philemon1733Master of Arts
Tyler, Thomas1732Master of Arts
Hubbard, John1730Master of Arts
Tennent, Gilbert1725Master of Arts
Mather, Samuel1724Master of Arts
Yale, David1724Master of Arts
Turner, Daniel1723Doctor of Medicine
Morgan, Joseph1719Master of Arts
Parsons, David1705Bachelor of Arts
Buckingham, Stephen1702Master of Arts
Coit, Joseph1702Master of Arts
Moss, Joseph1702Master of Arts
Treat, Salmon1702Master of Arts
Clarke, John ProctorDoctor of Laws
Volhard, Christiane NussleinnDoctor of Science
Wheeler, George WakemanDoctor of Laws

Willie Mays awarded Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.) with Linda Koch Lorimer, Yale Vice President and Secretary