10 thank you’s for my husband

In most relationships, you start off doing everything right (or mostly right). You’re appreciative, do lots of little things for your significant other and show lots of affection. You call often, send flirty texts and dress to impress.

Once you get married, it gets very easy to slip into a routine that more closely resembles that of roommates than lovers. You lounge around the house in old holey sweats, only wear makeup when you leave the house and call or text when you’re out of milk or tampons. You’re so used to the things your significant other does that you often forget to thank them and show appreciation.

I am totally guilty of this (and more). I still appreciate him and what he does, but I don’t show it like I should, usually because I’m trying to keep my children alive. I definitely owe my husband about a thousand unsaid thank you’s.

10 thank you's for my husband

So here are some thank you’s for my husband (and most of you can probably relat a lot of these to your husbands or significant others as well):

  1. Thank you for choosing me as your best friend to hang out with for always. I am forever grateful that you chose me to spend the rest of your life with (and spend countless hours binge-netflixing with). Thank god we have the same taste in TV.
  2. Thank you for choosing to raise smaller, more volatile versions of myself with me. I’m not easy to live with and I know that living with more than one of me is probably enough to turn anyone into a full fledged drug addict. You put up with a ridiculous amount of estrogen and sass, and that is most appreciated.
  3. Thank you for dealing with 9 months of cranky, emotional, hormonal me during both of my pregnancies. I fully acknowledge that I was a hot mess, an insensitive wife and often a b*tch.
  4. Thank you for dealing with a crazy, swollen-breasted, sleep deprived new mom (with both kids). I completely ignored your needs, yelled at you more than you deserved and probably made you feel like an inferior parent (like I had any idea what I was doing). I appreciate you putting up with me and recognizing that it was the hormones talking, not me.
  5. Thank you for putting your family first and making sure we have everything we need (and then some). I’m sorry if this means you put yourself last but I want to know that we appreciate all that you do for us, even when we forget to say it.
  6. Thank you for loving me through weight gain, bad haircuts, horrible outfits and many a fashion disaster. Your compliments do not fall on deaf ears, even if I happen to roll my eyes when you say my ass doesn’t look big in those pants.
  7. Thank you for supporting my professional goals and pushing me to be better. Your confidence in me helps me believe in myself.
  8. Thank you for being an amazing dad. You come home after long days and play games, wrestle and act super silly. I am so lucky to be sharing in this adventure in parenting with you.
  9. Thank you for all the man-things you do around the house, from mowing the lawn to killing spiders to climbing up ladders to replace burnt out lightbulbs. Without you, we would just have to move everytime a lightbulb went out or a spider was spotted on the wall.
  10. Thank you for loving me at my worst. I am a difficult person who hates being wrong and is inherantly selfish. Even though we fight and bicker, I know that you’ll always be there, and for that I am truly greatful.

Make sure to tell your husband or significant other thank you often, even if it’s just for killing a spider or mowing the lawn.


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