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General Information

Workshop #1 - February 28, 2011

  • DARPA-SN-11-20
  • Stories, Neuroscience and Experimental Technologies (STORyNET): Analysis and Decomposition of Narratives in Security Contexts

Workshop #2 - April 25-26, 2011

  • DARPA-SN-11-25
  • Narrative Networks (N2): The Neurobiology of Narratives

Workshop #3 - June 29-30, 2011

  • DARPA-SN-11-43
  • Narrative Networks (N2): Modeling, Simulating and Sensing Narrative Influence

Below you will find a list of the speakers who have consented to have copies of their presentations made available to the public. Remember; use this website as both a resource as well as a tool. Have a question about an individual talk or concept? Use the forum to ask questions, spark conversation. Have a more general question? Post it to the FAQ and expect an answer from the DARPA team with minimal turnaround.


Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Plenary Speakers

Research Update Speakers & Poster Sessions

Workshop #3


  • Lt Col William Casebeer
  • Program Manager, DARPA/DSO

Plenary Speakers

  • Mr. Scott Helfstein
  • USMA
  • Dr. Susan Brozik
  • Sandia National Labs
  • Dr. Robert Axtell
  • George Mason University
  • Dr. Barbara Hanna
  • Neuromatters

Research Update Speakers

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