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Neighbors spying

Well, sophia, the only thing you can do at this point is to be even quieter than you were before, if you can't afford to move. 


You've checked to determine that if they have a camera or listening devices, so the only way left that they can react to everything you do is from whatever noises you might make.  Add rugs and carpet to your floor, wear slippers in the house, and just make a conscious effort to not make noises. Or, just the opposite--keep the tv going all the time, loud enough to mask any noises you might make.


If you have two bedrooms, you might try switching around, sleeping in the other one. 


Have you spoken to the apartment management about this yet?  You might request extra soundproofing or that they check on the situation more thoroughly.


You say that these neighbors "react"--so you must have some contact with them--have you tried asking them how they know what you are doing?  In a nice way, of course, so that they won't go on the defensive. Sometimes the direct approach is the best way to find out what you want to know!


We have a neighbor down the street who is mad at the woman across the street from her, and actually has set up a telescope to spy on the woman, just because she is so noisy. She's also commented on what she's seen us do in our back family room, which has a lot of windows and is where we spend most of our time.This neighbor has no life and is obsessed with knowing everything about everyone. But this kind of thing with an upstairs neighbor would be difficult.  There are no windows between floors. So they can only be going on what noise they hear, I would assume.  And most of the time, day to day noise is no big deal; walking, closing doors, television, etc. Nothing to care about.


But maybe you are misunderstanding their comments, or making assumptions about what is going on?  I would be interested in knowing what they are doing that convinces you that they know what you are doing in your bedroom.


Good luck, and I hope you get this figured out, as I'm sure it's upsetting you.







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Enough, already! You need help from a mental health professional.


If this is *serious* you could FIRST talk to the neighbor POLITELY...if that doesn't go well, contact your property manager. It's her/his job to take it to the next level with the tenant below you.


Is my querry a bother to you. Are you a health professional? Please get a life


I spoke with the landlord and the police, they need proof