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Cigar Roller Events, Now with Free Box of 20 SoHo Cigars

Cigar Rolling demonstrations with No travel costs have been available for virtually every major city for cigar roller events including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Connecticut, Rhode Island, San Diego, Atlanta.

Cigar Roller

The demand for an authentic, sociable cigar roller to enhance events have now become a staple and when adding premium cigars, not local "no name" cheap cigars, you will be the star of the event.

Your cigar roller package will be custom quoted and always includes custom cigar bands, premium high-end, brand level mild cigars, a staff that shows up on time and supervised by us so you have no need to micro manage or "stress out".

References are plentiful and you should feel free to ask us, being that we are a brand name, CF Dominicana Cigars ensures that everything will go right for your Big Day.

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