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Cigar Rollers

Cigar Rollers - Cigar Rollers

New features including Cigar Rollers have New features including always been the feature to impress and CF Dominicana, the only premium brand to have an events department gives you the unique feature of cigar rollers, cigar servers and custom cigar labels for your special occasion.

Simply contact us for any quick questions or, for a quote, simply send the details of your event and we will have a quote generated for your specific affair. CF Dominicana is a PREMIUM CIGAR BRAND with Grade 1 tobacco only - the cigars rolled at the events are the same that are sold in stores.

Cigar Rollers

Packages will range depending on the amount of cigars, time and so on.

CF Dominicana is the only cigar brand to offer cigar rollers. We do these cigar roller events - also known as Cigar Catering® - with great attention to everything from good-looking cigar rollers, clean presentation, English speaking cigar rollers with people skills, to the custom designs in our cigar bands, the timing of when to introduce the cigars into your party and much more.

Please be mindful that the Internet is full of "not real" cigar sites claiming to do cigar rolling and CF Dominicana should never be compared - ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT CIGARS.

Submit the details of your event here

For quick general questions - contact us at any of our phone numbers or 888.467.8400

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