Digital Democracy Or 21st-Century Electioneering It’s fair to say that Barack Obama’s 2012 presidential bid marked a watershed moment for political campaigners. This was a campaign covered in Silicon Valley’s fingerprints, characterized as it was by its widespread use of technology to capture and record data to deliver targeted messages to voters. As one... Read more
Uber Is Quietly Testing A Massive Merchant Delivery Program Uber is planning to launch a merchant delivery program that would allow online shoppers to get same-day delivery of goods through both UberRush couriers and Uber drivers. TechCrunch has obtained training documents for Uber drivers and couriers who are part of the merchant delivery pilot program. Read More Read more
Coinbase Expands To The United Kingdom With Wallet, Exchange About six months after they initially crossed the pond, Coinbase is finally landing in the United Kingdom. They’re the Bitcoin wallet and platform backed with more than $100 million from DFJ, NYSE and Andreessen Horowitz and that has attracted north of 2.7 million consumer accounts. With the expansion, they’re... Read more
Periscope Saw 1 Million Sign-Ins During Its First 10 Days today gave the first official news about the growth of its livestreaming video acquisition Periscope, with CEO Dick Costolo saying 1 million people signed in to Periscope in the first 10 days after its official launch. The public is closely watching Periscope’s growth, as its in a heated... Read more
GoPro Drops 4% After Reporting Better Than Expected Q1 Profit And Revenue GoPro made money last quarter, beat on revenue and is still down after hours. The company reported $363.1 million in first quarter revenue, and net income of $16.75 million, is off 4 percent after regular trading pushed its shares up by the same percentage. Why is it trading down?... Read more
Sneaky Questions Early-Stage VCs Ask Founders During conversations with VCs, entrepreneurs will often encounter a few sneaky questions that have nothing to do with their actual businesses today. Many of these are ​attempts ​by investors to learn something specific that they don’t want to ask directly, and there’s usually some kind of hidden meaning behind... Read more
Star Wars X-Wing And TIE Fighter Games Come To Steam Well it’s essentially Star Wars time, with May the 4th in sight and the new movie set for launch later this year – and it probably won’t not be Star Wars time ever again if Disney has its way. To celebrate, Steam is hosting a big Star Wars Day... Read more
Twitter Collapses 18% In Wake Of Lackluster Q1 Revenue, User Growth In a bizarre leak, Twitter’s first quarter earnings made it onto the Internet — read: Twitter — before the cessation of regular trading, sending the company’s shares sharply lower. Trading was halted for a period. The company reported revenue of $436 million, an increase of 74 percent on a... Read more
SolarWinds Acquires Log Management Service Papertrail For $41M In Cash The publicly traded IT performance management service SolarWinds today announced that it has acquired Papertrail, a log management service, for $41 million in cash. SolarWinds may not be a household name, but it’s the parent company of website monitoring service Pingdom, which it acquired last year, and cloud monitoring... Read more
Let’s Impair That Goodwill Caveat Ballmer, or something. Microsoft made waves recently by disclosing in its quarterly 10-Q document that its Phone business, which generates billions in yearly revenue, isn’t performing as well as it expected. As Microsoft is carrying billions of dollars of goodwill related to the Nokia purchase on its books,... Read more
The Facebook Effect (On Real Estate Prices) Four years ago, Facebook announced that they were decamping to Menlo Park from their longstanding home of Palo Alto. Just last month, the company finally cut the ribbons on a beautiful 430,000-square foot building designed by Frank Gehry that is basically one giant, open-air room with an enormous park on top. The effect on... Read more
ICONYC Labs Builds A Bridge Between Israeli Tech And NYC’s Startup Scene Eyal Bino has been working for years to bring Israeli entrepreneurs into the New York City tech ecosystem, and his latest venture, ICONYC Labs is the culmination of that work. Together with Arie Abecassis, a partner and mentor at Dreamit Ventures, Bino has established an accelerator for young Israeli... Read more
Twitter Improves Ads By Acquiring TellApart, Selling Them Through Google’s DoubleClick announced some big moves to boost its commerce ads and sell more of them. It’s acquired commerce ads tech firm TellApart, which was formerly a big Facebook ad partner. Twitter will also now allow its ads to be bought through DoubleClick’s bid manager to help advertisers centralize their... Read more
Falling TWTR Halted After Results Published Early — On Twitter Twitter was supposed to be releasing its earning results after market close this afternoon — but financial intelligence firm Selerity published the numbers early. Where oh where could they have gotten that information? It appeared at first to be a leak, but as Selerity pointed out the earnings release... Read more
Cablevision Becomes First Pay TV Provider To Resell Hulu’s Service Cablevision today announced it would begin offering the Hulu Plus subscription service to its broadband customers, making it the first time Hulu has ever established a deal with a traditional pay TV provider to resell its streaming service. The move comes shortly after Cablevision also became the first pay TV provider... Read more
Watch A Drone Fall In Love In Pomplamoose’s New Video Friends of TC, Pomplamoose, just posted a new video that features a lady, a drone, and a single rose. The song, Madonna’s Like A Prayer redone in a decidedly jaunty style, is great but the video storyline is greater. You see, in the year 2022 a drone becomes sentient... Read more
Fetch Lets You Buy, Book Or Schedule Anything From Your Apple Watch A number of startups, including Magic, Operator and GoButler, are focusing on fulfilling customers’ commerce-related requests which are sent in via mobile app or SMS requests, but today rival mobile shopping assistant Fetch is tackling a new platform with the release of its Apple Watch app. Now more of... Read more
Contextly Builds A Button For Following Breaking News Contextly, the startup founded by former Wired editor Ryan Singel, is giving readers an easy way to stay up-to-date on the news that interests them. Specifically, the company has launched a new Follow This Story button that publishers can add to their stories. If a reader hits the button... Read more
Facebook Is Shutting Down Its API For Giving Your Friends’ Data To Apps It was always kind of shady that Facebook let you volunteer your friends’ status updates, checkins, location, interests and more to third-party apps. While this let developers build powerful, personalized products, the privacy concerns led Facebook to announce at F8 2014 that it would shut down the Friends data... Read more
Google Turns On Google Now Cards For 70 New Apps Google Now has been expanding the range and variety of its Google Now cards, with 40 third-party partners unveiled in January. 70 more are being added to the Google app on Android today, bringing the total pool of Now partners up to 110. Some marquee partners from the new... Read more
Mode Media Combines Its Websites Under A New Social News App The digital media company formerly known as Glam is launching a new product today for finding curated stories in topics like entertainment, food and fashion. The website (namely, and the mobile app (called Mode Stories) will allow users to follow more than 10,000 “editors, critics journalists, video producers... Read more
Announcing The Finals Judges For Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield Disrupt NY kicks off next week and we are happy to announce the judges for the final round of Startup Battlefield, which takes place on May 6. There are 23 companies in Startup Battlefield and two will be selected from Startup Alley. The finals judges include the best from... Read more
HashiCorp Attacks Credentials Security With Open Source Secrets Manager Once upon a time, when you wanted to secure something of value, you put it in a vault and distributed the keys. Today, when you want to secure software credentials especially as you move across services, you can use a digital secrets manager and distribute the virtual keys. HashiCorp announced an... Read more
ERA Graduates Batch 8 At Demo Day In New York Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is wrapping up its eighth cohort today with presentations from 10 startups that range from “testing as a service” provider API Fortress to personal health assistant app uGO Health. Read More Read more
This Is The LG G4

This Is The LG G4

Tech April 28, 2015 0 The LG G4 is here, and as previewed, it does indeed feature a leather back, designed for comfort and durability according to the company. The smartphone has some serious bona fides when it comes to hardware specs, including a quad HD (1440 x 2560) 5.5-inch screen which uses new... Read more
Announcing the Disrupt NY Hackathon Judges, API Workshops And Last Round Of Tickets The Disrupt NY 2015 Hackathon kicks off Saturday at noon and we’re excited to announce the judges and API workshops for the event. Tarikh Korula is returning to reprise his role as the Hackathon MC, along with TechCrunch’s own Samantha O’Keefe. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Seen, a... Read more
Tracxn, Which Aspires To Be The “Gartner Of Startup Data,” Grabs $3.5M Series A Tracxn, an analytics firm co-founded by Sequoia and Accel alumni to track data from startups, has raised a $3.5 million series A round from SAIF Ventures. Read More Read more
How To Break Through Online Video Clutter Every day, there are press announcements about traditional content brands making their information available to consumers online in over-the-top models. In addition to traditional distributors like Dish Networks, there are new upstart programming brands that are emerging everyday attracting consumer attention by offering viewers a unique value proposition. Allen... Read more
SoundCloud Opens Its Podcasting Features To Everyone SoundCloud has been beta testing its podcasting features with a private group since 2011, but today it’s finally letting everyone in. The SoundCloud podcasting features come in multiple tiers, including one free and two paid options, and challenge existing industry leaders including Libsyn, as well as providing the RSS... Read more
PayPal Brings Its Instant Checkout Service “One Touch” To The Web PayPal today is making a change to its online payment service on the web, which will now allow customers to checkout from a merchant’s website without having to enter in their user ID and password to complete a transaction, after their initial login. The system, called One Touch for... Read more
Apple Patents Using iPhones And iPads As Input Devices For Creative Desktop Apps Apple has a new patent, granted today by the USPTO, that details how wireless devices like iPhones and iPads might become context-specific remote input gadgets for use with creative desktop apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic, or even Photoshop. Using the tech described, your iPhone 6 Plus could become... Read more
Amazon’s Digital Distribution Platform Whispercast Updated To Include Better Admin Tools, Premium Support Amazon is today updating Whispercast, its self-service platform which allows schools and other organizations the ability to deliver digital content including books, textbooks and apps to Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle apps on other platforms. With the release of Whispercast 3.0, the company is making it easier for... Read more
Marketing Startup Signpost Raises $20.5M More Signpost is announcing that it has raised $20.5 million in Series C funding. The company offers consumer marketing tools — it manages customers’ presence on sites like Yelp, and it uses data from things like credit card transactions and social media to send targeted marketing messages that drive sales,... Read more
Music Startup Jukely Pulls In $8 Million To Expand Its Concert Subscription Service Monthly concert subscription service Jukely has raised $8 million in a seed extension round from existing investors to expand into at least 20 more cities in the next year. The round was led by previous investors Northzone and former Warner Music executive Alex Zubillaga’s 14W, with additional participation from Larry Marcus,... Read more
Maple Launches In NYC With A Fresh Approach To Food Delivery I’ve got a pretty bad addiction to restaurant delivery service Seamless, but even I’ll admit that it’s not perfect — sometimes there’s a long wait for food that shows up cold, and sometimes I get stuck in a rut, wanting to try something different but unwilling to gamble on... Read more
New Materials Could Make Star Wars-Style 3D Screens Everyone’s favorite wonder material, graphene, could soon create realistic 3D screens for mobile devices and smartphones. Whereas most 3D displays have thus far depended on fancy glasses or, in a last resort, parallax barriers that simulate 3D in the same way those gaudy pictures of waterfalls and winking ladies... Read more
Mashape Open-Sources Its Kong API Management Platform Mashape, the increasingly popular management platform and marketplace for APIs, today open-sourced one of the core technologies that power its service. The platform, called Kong, allows Mashape to power the API requests of the more than 140,000 developers who currently use its service. The company describes Kong as a... Read more
Gett Plans Move Beyond Transportation To Offer Food, Beauty & Home Maintenance Services On Demand Just as it simplifies the process of ordering a car on mobile, with a flat, non-surge pricing structure for rides, Gett hopes to make it ultra-simple to order products or services without having to do a whole lot of searching online. The hope is that it can reduce the... Read more
Loop Commerce Raises $16 Million For Its “E-Gifting” Checkout Service For Online Retailers Loop Commerce, a company that has developed an alternative checkout technology for e-commerce sites that allows customers to more easily buy gifts for friends without having to worry with product details like size or color – or even recipient’s shipping address – is today announcing an additional $16 million in new funding.... Read more
SimplyCook Is A Recipe-Kit Startup That Avoids Being In The Fresh Food Delivery Business U.K. startup SimplyCook is another recipe kit service. However, unlike competitors HelloFresh, Gousto, Marley Spoon, and Shuttlecook, the company doesn’t send you all of the fresh ingredients required to turn its recipes into food on your table. Read More Read more
Tencent Introduces An Operating System For Smart Devices And Wearables Tencent today unveiled an operating system for smartwatches, TVs and other internet-connected devices today. The system, which was first discussed last year, leverages Tencent’s hugely population social services, which includes QQ and mobile messaging app WeChat. Read More Read more
Ticket Booking Startup Beijing Weiying Raises $105M From Investors Including Tencent Beijing Weiying Technology, the maker of a movie ticket booking platform that is embedded in WeChat, China’s largest messaging app, has raised a $105 million series B. Investors include WeChat owner Tencent and Wanda Group, one of China’s largest movie theater operators. Read More Read more
Vivaldi Browser Now Features Improved Support For Large Screens, Mouse Gestures And More Vivaldi, the browser project headed by former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner, continues on its march toward its 1.0 release. Today, the company is launching its third technical preview since the browser launched in January. The browser, which is aimed at power users, has come a long way since... Read more
2C2P Raises $7M To Bridge The Payment Gap In Southeast Asia Payments continue to be a huge issue in many parts of Asia and emerging markets. That’s why 2C2P, a Singapore-headquartered startup, has closed a $7 million Series C round to help solve the complexities across Southeast Asia. Read More Read more