Highly secure, low latency Internet anonymity

About Luminati

Luminati is the world's largest anonymity network. Use it to route your data through any of our millions of IPs that are located in every city around the world.

Luminati's enables you to crawl the web through millions of IPs located in every city around the world.

Luminati's anonymity network is a Peer to Peer network through which consumers browse the web anonymously by routing their requests through other Luminati users. The Luminati network has grown to millions of nodes and is rapidly growing larger.

"It's like Tor, only much larger, faster and more anonymous."

Integrating Luminati into your system is simple - route your HTTP, HTTPS or TLS requests to any one of our "Super Proxies", and it will route it through our millions of end nodes. You can insert headers into these requests that will instruct the Super Proxy through which country to route through.


Global number of nodes

Huge global network (Millions)


3 hops


Unidentifiable. Exit nodes are personal devices


Medium cost, simple & very fast

Scaling up

Scale up to millions of nodes immediately

Using Luminati

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Getting Started

How to start using Luminati for your business

  • Sign up to Luminati (only email and password required)
  • Get your account verified by Luminati sales (
  • Start your free 7 day trial before you subscribe to the service
  • After your 7 day trial, pay only for the traffic you route through Luminati
  • Contact us for more information at

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