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    These Miyazaki prints from Bill look so serene and beautiful. Immediately ordered.

  2. Made good progress yesterday. Today: more of the same, hopefully

  3. This morning’s workout: books

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    How To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes In The Media's Coverage Of Free Speech Controversies, via

  5. One more class in the bag!

  6. I swear, it has been easier to *buy a house* than it has been to switch ISPs.

  7. OH: “I always got Sigur Rós and Sugar Ray confused.”

  8. “The bees were involved! They’re the masterminds behind everything!”

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    We Made 3 Chicago Sommeliers Do a Malort Tasting

  10. OH: “We were younger then, and reality TV wasn’t the dumpster fire that it is now…”

  11. OH: “You don’t watch the Daily Show? What kind of a millennial are you?!”

  12. Tectonic Plates of Unhappiness (h/t )

  13. Next up on the list of + email address shame: !

  14. Hey ! Plus signs are legal in email addresses – please fix your web form!

  15. Six years later, turned off Twitter’s text notifications.

  16. Surreptitious Googling

  17. OH: “There’s a sign for a gluten-free wafer now!” “Wait, parts aren’t… glutinous? Is this like white vs dark meat?” “That’s snackreligious!”

  18. Colleges must have some magical sense for when you’re about to move. “Their address will change! Quick, send them return address labels!”

  19. Anyone know why there are fireworks in Ballard at 11:30pm on a Tuesday?

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