May 31 Climate March

We're marching on the Capitol!

Last week's community meetings were a resounding "NO" to airport expansion from a packed house of East Haven & New Haven residents. Mayor Harp refused to speak to us and her administration has changed their tone. Let's keep applying the heat in Hartford.

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New Haven & East Haven:

We don't need a bigger airport.

The current proposal for runway expansion is the latest in a long history of encroachment on our tidal wetlands and residential neighborhoods.

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Broken Promises:

Tweed wants to weasel out of a legal agreement.

In 2009, Tweed promised East Haven and New Haven that the runway "shall be limited to the existing paved runway length of 5,600 linear feet." What happened?

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Increased Health Risk:

More flights equals more carcinogens.

Jets pollute our air, water, and ecosystem. An increase of commercial flights at Tweed means an increased health risk for Greater New Haven.

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Field of (Pipe) Dreams:

If they build it, who will come?

Tweed has already spent millions of taxpayer dollars. All around the country, airlines are consolidating and reducing flights. Even if Tweed paves more wetlands, where will the extra business come from?

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What Can We Do?

Tweed is not our boss.

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Speak Up

We need to make our voices heard, loud and clear.

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There are good reasons to oppose airport expansion.

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We must take collective action to counter the Tweed PR campaign.

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Let's get started before it's too late.

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Results of Tweed Expansion


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Tweed may not listen, but we do.

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