Hey there, folks! We’ve been trying to keep on top of all the news lately, but in all honesty, it clogs up the process a bit around here, and it makes the site harder to use for all of our kind readers, so starting today we’re going to break it down for you guys so you can get all the information you need without digging through a dozen articles!

First off, we have a newly released soundtrack, and it’s a good one. Those of you who’ve been keeping up with AdvertCity already know that it has a fantastic aesthetic to it, and that cyberpunk look and feel transfers beautifully over to the music written for the game. Droning bass, piercing jazz samples, and trance-inducing beats make up what is one of the most unique and polished soundtracks we’ve seen in awhile. You can buy it on Bandcamp for £7 or stream it all you want for free on that same page. Isn’t BandCamp great?


We also have a game rising from the ashes after a failed Kickstarter! It’s always great to see studio push forward with good ideas, and the sequel to Data Hacker Initiation is not dead, even after a failed campaign. You can visit their new campaign page to continue the saga, but luckily for all of us, it’s already been funded! Congratulations to New Reality Games!

CognitionGOTY1For those of you who were intrigued by our coverage of Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, but weren’t persuaded to give it a try, the time has never been better, because the original adventure has been replaced by a Game of the Year Edition after winning the SIX 2013 Reader’s Choice award. This update will effect anyone who already has the game as well as anyone who buys it in the future, and it includes commentary, bonus artwork, and quite a few bug fixes, so if you were waiting to buy the game, the definitive version has arrived.

For those of you deeply rooted in Shadowrun Onlinea giant update just hit that balanced out some things and added a few new features. You can read the full update on the actual update page, but if you just need the footnotes, don’t touch any dials. Character customization was finally added, allowing players to differentiate themselves, which is good, because now you won’t get confused with your partner while playing some random co-op. For all you mages out there just spamming mega-spells, I have some bad news… You can’t do that anymore thanks to a new fatigue feature, so be a little careful or you’ll find yourself exhausted at the worst possible moment.

Wings: Remastered Edition has had some massive advances as well. First off, the beta has officially begun, so if you pledged $55 or more, check your email or get in contact with Cinemaware to get playing! Most importantly, though… They gave Colonel Farrah a mustache.


In other beta-related news, Project Maiden has also distributed a beta to their backers, and it’s a big one. The developer, Kevin Cole, believes that the beta is almost complete (as far as content goes), saying, “The idea of the beta is that everything will be in the correct place. All levels, bosses, and main story scenes will be complete or, like, super close to complete.”, and the beta was also distributed on a “share don’t leak” basis, so if you have a friend who’s in the beta, see if they’ll let you in on the fun!

Tactical war game Steam Squad outlined planned features for the final game in their latest update, including but not limited to features like vehicles, climbable obstacles, small destructible elements, multiplayer, loadouts, and much, much more that you can read about on the update page.

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?

If pointing and clicking is more your speed, then you’ll be pleased to know that City Quest’s developers have just finished the Lady/Lad of the Night storyline, the second of four, and this one will allow you to mingle with the dark side of society and fight oppressive pimp overlords. If that sounds dark, don’t worry, because there was some artwork released with the update as well, and it’s just… Jolly.

The developers of Coming Out on Top are also rocking a pretty good mood, because development for their game is going very well. Thanks in part to backer feedback and funding, Coming Out on Top is right on track to being a fun experience of far higher quality than the developers originally envisioned. At the end of August, backers who participated in the forums will be receiving a new beta build, and soon after, all backers will receive yet another build before the final release.

LacunaPassage1And, last but definitely not least, the developers over at Random Seed Games have graced us with an update regarding Lacuna Passage, an open-world exploration game taking place on an accurate depiction of Mars. How accurate? It’s based entirely off of satellite images. The insides of buildings look incredible, as illustrated in this work-in-progress screenshot. In addition to new artwork, the most recent update covers how every area is progressing. Several features, including the night and day cycles and photography, have been reworked and improved. Progress is certainly being made, so start getting excited for the final release!

Thanks for joining us for the first of our weekly updates, be sure to check back every Sunday for all the news you need to know, and while you’re at it, why don’t you leave a comment to let us know how we’re doing? We’ll be changing things around on the site, so let us know how you like the redesign!

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