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    Provides end-to-end optical network security solutions. Whether your mission is to defend or to command your "cyberspace", we can help you with expert consulting, design or research in the realm of optical networks and WAN application. Everis has proven technology that can be used to integrate optical security and control technologies into your network or monitoring system. Everis is ushering the next wave of trusted communication.
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    Everis provides expertise that yields a new paradigm for the utilization of the physical plant characteristics and protocol link layer management in optical network security.

    Our funded research programs have resulted in novel products and services that assist mission critical requirements not only for local but also global network defense and control.

    The company's "Total Integration" discipline can assist our customers not only at the optical bit stream but also with useable information displayed in real time and integrated into the end users intrusion or control systems. Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements for Optical Network Information Assurance and Control.
  • Cyber Operations for Optical Networks CyOON

    In todays global WAN community the Internet can no longer be considered an undefined cloud. Sophisticated attackers can exploit WAN physical and command layer vulnerabilities that will compromised your trusted path and cloak the location of their whereabouts.

    Increasingly the targets of such malicious activities are large enterprise relying on QoS based SLA's with little visibility into the Global WAN indicators of such attack modalities. Additionally cyber space has become a battlefield to be defended but still with little of the proper tools to track the WAN Internet Cloud.

    After six years of research and development, Everis has emerged with a solutions based Cyber Operations Optical Network platform (CYOON) that provides visibility into the cloud and geographical location of WAN entry and exit points.
Everis Inc.