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Hammerhead NSA

The Hammerhead NSA (Network Security Appliance):

“we cannot eliminate the bad guys there are too many opportunities and it is too easy to exploit”

So our argument is that we must be able to observe and react to items we define as unacceptable. Everis also believes in a holistic approach to mitigation meaning that there are 7 (OSI) layers and we have opportunity to affect a solution at any one, or any combination, but lets use all 7.

To accomplish this we have the greatest opportunity at the edge of the connection based network, this is where everything must pass and where the best correlation of information can be achieved. Everis has developed the ability to redefine the terminating elements at this point and as a result, can achieve mitigation capabilities that have never existed before.

The Hammerhead Platform is a multiuse Optical Network Security Appliance. Based on Everis’s LibSFCap Library and Patented Technologies this platform is capable of a defending the WAN at each of the 7 Layers of the OSI Reference Model.

The CyOON Hamerhead platform is capable in a single box configuration of monitoring/managing at speeds ranging from 155Mbps to 10Gbps. This allows for single box flexibility in situations where long/short term upgrades of network infrastructure are expected.

Some Hightlights Include:

- LibSFCap (The Only Optical Protocol Capture Library)
- Spoofed IP Detection and Correlation (Patent Pending)
- WAN Layer D-DoS Protection (Patent Pending)
- Passive OS Fingerprinting
- Next Generation NIDS Capability
With Backwards Support For SNORT (OISF Partnership)
- Network Flow Monitoring
- Deep Packet Inspection
- And A Host of Other Software, Including API Documentation For LibSFCap Allowing For Complete Integration Of New Software

For a Complete break down the the CyOON Hamerhead Platform please download the data sheet here. For additional information not found on our website feel free to contact us via the contact page.

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