Join Arundhati Roy at Socialism 2015!

Arundhati-Roy-narrowWe are pleased to announce that Arundhati Roy will do a reading at Socialism 2015. Roy is a world-renowned Indian author and global justice activist. From her celebrated Booker Prize-winning novel The God of Small Things, to her prolific output of writing on topics ranging from climate change and war, to the perils of free-market development in India and the defense of the poor, Roy’s voice has become indispensable to millions seeking a better world. She is the author of the Haymarket Books titles, Capitalism: A Ghost Story and Field Notes on Democracy: Listening to Grasshoppers.

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Speakers this year include:
 Ali Abunimah  Phillip Agnew  David Barsamian  Jack Bloom  Antonis Davanellos  Anand Gopal  Suzan Shown Harjo  Craig Hodges  Monica James   Remi Kanazi  Rania Khalek  Erica Violet Lee  Chris Maisano  Steven Salaita  Ahmed Shawki  Sharon Smith  Bhaskar Sunkara  Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor  Sherry Wolf  Gary Younge  Dave Zirin  and over a hundred others 

Some of the meetings you’ll find this year include: 
 From Black Lives Matter to Black liberation  Marxism and democracy The relevance of Lenin  Slavery and the origins of racism  SYRIZA’s victory and the future of the Left  Families of police brutality victims speak out  Hands up, Don’t test: Standardized testing and the struggle for Black education  The Russian Revolution: The Bolsheviks come to power  Capitalism and policing  Addicted to oil: Why capitalism won’t abandon fossil fuels  Why are abortion rights under attack?  Women in the Civil Rights Movement  Understanding the crisis in the Middle East  $15 and a union  The fight for queer and trans liberation  The future socialist society  The rise of Podemos  Mexico after Ayotzinapa  Zionism and Palestinian liberation  Teamster Rebellion: How socialists organized the 1934 strike  Labor, racism, and climate justice  Rosa Luxemburg’s Reform or Revolution  Postmodernism, identity politics, and solidarity  Capitalism and disability 

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